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 Kingdom Animalia
  Chrysanthrax petalonyx Tabet and Hall, 1987 – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Petalonyx A. Gray – accepted – sandpaperplant, sandpaper plant
  Petalonyx gilmanii Munz – not accepted
  Petalonyx linearis Greene – accepted – narrow-leaf sandpaper plant, narrowleaf sandpaper plant
  Petalonyx nitidus S. Watson – accepted – shinyleaf sandpaperplant, smooth sandpaper plant, shinyleaf sandpaper plant
  Petalonyx parryi A. Gray – accepted – Parry's sandpaperplant, Parry's sandpaper plant
  Petalonyx thurberi A. Gray – accepted – sandpaper plant, Thurber's sandpaperplant, Thurber's sandpaper plant
  Petalonyx thurberi ssp. gilmanii (Munz) Davis & H.J. Thomps. – accepted – Death Valley sandpaper plant, Death Valley sandpaperplant
  Petalonyx thurberi ssp. thurberi A. Gray – accepted – Thurber's sandpaper plant, Thurber's sandpaperplant
  Petalonyx thurberi var. gilmanii (Munz) L.D. Benson – not accepted

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