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 Kingdom Animalia
  Stathmonotus Bean, 1885 – valid
  Stathmonotus culebrai Seale, 1940 – valid
  Stathmonotus gymnodermis Springer, 1955 – valid – naked blenny, naked blenny, sapito esperanza, tubÝcola esperanza
  Stathmonotus hemphilli Bean, 1885 – invalid – blackbelly blenny, sapito morenita
  Stathmonotus hemphillii Bean, 1885 – valid – blackbelly blenny, sapito morenita
  Stathmonotus lugubris B÷hlke, 1953 – valid – Mexican worm blenny, tubÝcola lombrÝz
  Stathmonotus sinuscalifornici (Chabanaud, 1942) – valid – Gulf worm blenny, tubÝcola gusano
  Stathmonotus stahli (Evermann and Marsh, 1899) – valid – eelgrass blenny, sapito anguila, tubÝcola anguila
  Stathmonotus tekla Nichols, 1910 – invalid

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