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 Kingdom Animalia
  Syacium Ranzani, 1842 – valid
  Syacium aethalion Jordan, 1886 – invalid
  Syacium guineensis (Bleeker in GŁnther, 1862) – valid
  Syacium gunteri Ginsburg, 1933 – valid – shoal flounder, lenguado arenoso, Shoal Flounder
  Syacium latifrons (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882) – valid – beach flounder, lenguado playero, Beach Flounder
  Syacium longidorsale Murakami & Amaoka, 1992 – valid – lenguado copetůn, pompadour flounder, Pompadour Flounder
  Syacium longleyi Norman, 1933 – invalid
  Syacium maculiferum (Garman, 1899) – valid
  Syacium micrurum Ranzani, 1842 – valid – channel flounder, lenguado anillado, Channel Flounder, fausse limande p‚tť
  Syacium ovale (GŁnther, 1864) – valid – lenguado ovalado, oval flounder, Oval Flounder
  Syacium papillosum (Linnaeus, 1758) – valid – dusky flounder, lenguado moreno, Dusky Flounder

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