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 Kingdom Plantae
  Tabebuia Gomes ex DC. – accepted – trumpet-tree
  Tabebuia argentea (Bureau & K. Schum.) Britton – not accepted
  Tabebuia aurea (Silva Manso) Benth. & Hook. f. ex S. Moore – accepted – Caribbean trumpet-tree
  Tabebuia capitata (Bureau & K. Schum.) Sandwith – not accepted – arawnig
  Tabebuia caraiba (Mart.) Bureau – not accepted
  Tabebuia chrysantha (Jacq.) G. Nicholson – not accepted – roble amarillo
  Tabebuia donnell-smithii Rose – not accepted – primavera
  Tabebuia glomerata Urb. – not accepted
  Tabebuia haemantha (Bertol. ex Spreng.) DC. – accepted – roble cimarron
  Tabebuia heterophylla (DC.) Britton – accepted – white cedar
  Tabebuia heterophylla ssp. pallida auct. non (Miers) Stehlé – not accepted
  Tabebuia karsoana Trejo – accepted
  Tabebuia lucida Britton – not accepted
  Tabebuia pallida sensu Liogier & Martorell, non Miers – not accepted – white cedar
  Tabebuia pentaphylla (DC.) Hemsl. – not accepted
  Tabebuia rigida Urb. – accepted – roble de sierra
  Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) DC. – accepted – pink poui, pink trumpet-tree
  Tabebuia rufescens J.R. Johnst. – accepted – black poui, cogwood, greenheart
  Tabebuia schumanniana Urb. – accepted – roble colorado
  Tabebuia serratifolia (Vahl) G. Nicholson – not accepted – yellow poui
  Tabebuia triphylla DC. – not accepted

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