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 Kingdom Animalia
  Asychis urceolata – valid
  Brachionus urceolaris Muller, 1773 – valid
  Brachionus urceolaris angularis – invalid
  Calligypona urceolata Dubovsky, 1966 – valid
  Campanularia urceolata Clark, 1877 – invalid
  Haliclona urceola (Rathke and Vahl, 1806) – valid
  Loligo urceolatus Risso, 1854 – invalid
  Macrostylis urceolata Mezhov, 1989B – valid
  Pheretima urceolata Horst, 1893 – valid
 Kingdom Chromista
  Pyxidicula urceolaris Ehrenberg – accepted
  Stipitococcus urceolatus – accepted
 Kingdom Fungi
  Caloplaca urceolata – accepted
  Dactylospora urceolata (Th. Fr.) Arnold – accepted
  Polysporina urceolata (Anzi) Brodo – accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Capanea urceolata Fritsch – not accepted
  Clermontia leptoclada var. urceolata Rock – not accepted
  Conferva urceolata Dillwyn – not accepted
  Croton urceolatus Desv. ex Baill. – not accepted
  Cuscuta approximata var. urceolata (Kunze) Yunck. – not accepted – alfalfa dodder
  Cyrtandra kealiae ssp. urceolata W.L. Wagner & Lorence – accepted
  Cyrtandra urceolata C.B. Clarke – accepted
  Dalea urceolata Greene – accepted – pineforest prairie clover, pine forest dalea, pineforest prairieclover
  Drepanolejeunea urceolata R.M. Schust. – accepted
  Drymonia urceolata Wiehler – accepted
  Galax urceolata (Poir.) Brummitt – accepted – beetleweed
  Melaleuca urceolaris F. Muell. ex Benth. – accepted
  Oedogonium urceolatum Nordstedt and Hirn In Hirn, 1900 – accepted
  Oreocharis urceolata (K.Y. Pan) Mich. Möller & A. Weber – accepted
  Pectis prostrata var. urceolata Fernald – not accepted
  Polysiphonia urceolata (Dillwyn) Greville – accepted
  Porella urceolata S. Hatt. – accepted
  Sphenochloris urceolata – accepted
  Splachnum urceolatum Hedw. – not accepted
  Tetraplasandra waialealae var. urceolata Sherff – not accepted
  Tetraplodon mnioides var. urceolatus (Hedw.) Steere – not accepted
  Tetraplodon urceolatus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. – accepted – urceolate nitrogen moss
  Tremacron urceolatum K.Y. Pan – not accepted
  Urceolaria chilensis Molina – not accepted
  Urceolaria exotica J.F. Gmel. – not accepted
  Urceolaria scandens J.D. Brandis – not accepted
 Kingdom Protozoa
  Difflugia urceolata Cart. – valid
  Strombomonas urceolata – valid

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