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Hebrus  Curtis, 1831
Taxonomic Serial No.: 103965

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Naeogeus Laporte, 1833
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2018   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHemiptera Linnaeus, 1758 – true bugs, hemipterans  
                                  SuborderHeteroptera Latreille, 1810 – true bugs, barbeiro, maria fedida, percevejo, heteropterans  
                                     InfraorderGerromorpha  – semiaquatic bugs, shore-inhabiting bugs  
                                        SuperfamilyHebroidea Amyot and Serville, 1843  
                                           FamilyHebridae Amyot and Serville, 1843 – velvet water bugs  
                                              SubfamilyHebrinae Amyot and Serville, 1843  
                                                 GenusHebrus Curtis, 1831  
    Direct Children:  
                                                    Species Hebrus acutiscutatus Brown, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus adrienneaebrasili Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus africanus Poisson, 1934  
                                                    Species Hebrus alaotranus Poisson, 1949  
                                                    Species Hebrus alluaudi Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus alvearensis Stella and Pall, 2018  
                                                    Species Hebrus angolensis Hoberlandt, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus anjouani Poisson, 1959  
                                                    Species Hebrus antinous Linnavuori, 1981  
                                                    Species Hebrus aristomides Linnavuori, 1981  
                                                    Species Hebrus arkhippe Cobben and Linnavuori, 1983  
                                                    Species Hebrus atlas Kment, Jindra and Berchi, 2016  
                                                    Species Hebrus atratus (Distant, 1909)  
                                                    Species Hebrus axillaris Horváth, 1902  
                                                    Species Hebrus baigomi Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus balnearis Bergroth, 1918  
                                                    Species Hebrus beameri Porter, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus bengalensis Distant, 1909  
                                                    Species Hebrus bergrothi Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus berononoi Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus bertrandi Poisson, 1960  
                                                    Species Hebrus bilineatus Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Hebrus bimaculatus Cobben, 1982  
                                                    Species Hebrus birmensis Zettel, 2011  
                                                    Species Hebrus bituberculatus Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus bombayensis Paiva, 1919  
                                                    Species Hebrus boukali Zettel, 2000  
                                                    Species Hebrus browni Poisson, 1956  
                                                    Species Hebrus buenoi Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus burmeisteri Lethierry and Severin, 1896  
                                                    Species Hebrus caeruleus Poisson, 1934  
                                                    Species Hebrus campestris Linnavuori, 1971  
                                                    Species Hebrus camposi Drake and Chapman, 1954  
                                                    Species Hebrus carayoni Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus catus Drake and Chapman, 1958  
                                                    Species Hebrus cebuensis Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus chappuisi Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus comatus Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus concinnus Uhler, 1894  
                                                    Species Hebrus consolidus Uhler, 1894  
                                                    Species Hebrus cruciatus (Distant, 1910)  
                                                    Species Hebrus dartevellei Poisson, 1957  
                                                    Species Hebrus drakei Porter, 1959  
                                                    Species Hebrus dubius Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus eckerleini (Jordan, 1954)  
                                                    Species Hebrus ecuadoris Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus elegans Lundblad, 1933  
                                                    Species Hebrus elimatus Drake and Cobben, 1960  
                                                    Species Hebrus engaeus Drake and Chapman, 1958  
                                                    Species Hebrus fischeri Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus franzi (Wagner, 1957)  
                                                    Species Hebrus fulvinervis Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus gembuanus Linnavuori, 1981  
                                                    Species Hebrus gerardi Poisson, 1950  
                                                    Species Hebrus gidshaensis Cobben, 1982  
                                                    Species Hebrus gloriosus Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus haddeni Porter, 1954  
                                                    Species Hebrus hamdoumi Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus harrisi Porter, 1959  
                                                    Species Hebrus hasegawai Miyamoto, 1964  
                                                    Species Hebrus hirsutulus Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus hirsutus Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Hebrus hissarensis Kanyukova, 1997  
                                                    Species Hebrus hoberlandti Porter, 1959  
                                                    Species Hebrus houti Poisson, 1956  
                                                    Species Hebrus hubbardi Porter, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus humeralis Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus hungerfordi Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus ifellus Linnavuori, 1973  
                                                    Species Hebrus iheriri Poisson, 1953  
                                                    Species Hebrus ilaira Cobben and Linnavuori, 1983  
                                                    Species Hebrus ilocanus Zettel, 2014  
                                                    Species Hebrus isaloi Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus jeanneli Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus judithae Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus kanseniae Poisson, 1950  
                                                    Species Hebrus kasompii Poisson, 1964  
                                                    Species Hebrus katompei Poisson, 1950  
                                                    Species Hebrus kheiron Linnavuori, 1981  
                                                    Species Hebrus kiritshenkoi Kanyukova, 1997  
                                                    Species Hebrus kundelungui Poisson, 1957  
                                                    Species Hebrus lacunatus Drake and Chapman, 1958  
                                                    Species Hebrus lacustris Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus laeviventris Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Hebrus latensis (Hale, 1926)  
                                                    Species Hebrus leleupi Cobben, 1982  
                                                    Species Hebrus liliimacula Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus limnaeus Drake and Chapman, 1958  
                                                    Species Hebrus linnavuorii J. Polhemus, 1989  
                                                    Species Hebrus lokobei Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus longicornis Linnavuori, 1981  
                                                    Species Hebrus longipilosus Zettel, 2002  
                                                    Species Hebrus longisetosus Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus longivillus J. Polhemus and McKinnon, 1983  
                                                    Species Hebrus lucidus Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus machadoi Hoberlandt, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus major Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Hebrus manamboloi Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus mancinii Poisson, 1955  
                                                    Species Hebrus mangrovensis J. Polhemus and D. Polhemus, 1989  
                                                    Species Hebrus megacephalus Miyamoto, 1965  
                                                    Species Hebrus mizae Hoberlandt, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus modestus Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus montanus Kolenati, 1857  
                                                    Species Hebrus monteithii Lansbury, 1990  
                                                    Species Hebrus murphyi Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus nasus Zettel, 2000  
                                                    Species Hebrus nereis J. Polhemus and D. Polhemus, 1989  
                                                    Species Hebrus nieseri Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus nipponicus Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus nkoupi Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus nourlangiei Lansbury, 1990  
                                                    Species Hebrus nubilis Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus obscurus J. Polhemus and Chapman, 1966  
                                                    Species Hebrus orientalis Distant, 1904  
                                                    Species Hebrus oxianus Kanyukova, 1997  
                                                    Species Hebrus palawanensis Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus pamanzii Poisson, 1959  
                                                    Species Hebrus pangantihoni Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus papuanus Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus parameralis Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus parvulus Stĺl, 1858  
                                                    Species Hebrus paulus Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus peculiaris Horváth, 1929  
                                                    Species Hebrus perplexus Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus philippinus Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus pictipennis Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus pilipes Kanyukova, 1997  
                                                    Species Hebrus pilosellus Kanyukova, 1997  
                                                    Species Hebrus pilosidorsus J. Polhemus and Chapman, 1970  
                                                    Species Hebrus pilosus Andersen and Weir, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus plaumanni Porter, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus polysetosus Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus priscus Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus pseudocruciatus Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus pseudopusillus Cobben, 1982  
                                                    Species Hebrus pudoris Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus pusillus (Fallén, 1807)  
                                                    Species Hebrus rhodesiana Poisson, 1964  
                                                    Species Hebrus rogbanei Poisson, 1960  
                                                    Species Hebrus rufescens Bergroth, 1918  
                                                    Species Hebrus ruficeps Thomson, 1871  
                                                    Species Hebrus saxatilis Linnavuori, 1971  
                                                    Species Hebrus schillhammeri Zettel, 2011  
                                                    Species Hebrus scutelloacutus Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Hebrus seychellensis D. Polhemus, 1992  
                                                    Species Hebrus seyferti Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus sobrinus Uhler, 1877  
                                                    Species Hebrus spiculus J. Polhemus and McKinnon, 1983  
                                                    Species Hebrus spinitibialis Cobben, 1982  
                                                    Species Hebrus sulcatus Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Hebrus syriacus Horváth, 1896  
                                                    Species Hebrus thymoma Cobben and Linnavuori, 1983  
                                                    Species Hebrus timasiformis Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus tsimbazazae Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Hebrus tuberculifer Zettel, 2006  
                                                    Species Hebrus tuckahoanus Drake and Chapman, 1954  
                                                    Species Hebrus ullrichi Zettel, 2004  
                                                    Species Hebrus ulului Poisson, 1960  
                                                    Species Hebrus usingeri Drake and Harris, 1943  
                                                    Species Hebrus vaillanti Poisson, 1953  
                                                    Species Hebrus vietnamensis Zettel and Tran, 2016  
                                                    Species Hebrus violaceus Poisson, 1944  
                                                    Species Hebrus wygodzinskyi Hoberlandt, 1951  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Hebrus   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Andersen, N. Mřller  
  Publication Date: 1981   
  Article/Chapter Title: Semiaquatic bugs: phylogeny and classification of the Hebridae (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha) with revisions of Timasius, Neotimasius and Hyrcanus   
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  Page(s): 377-412   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 0307-6970   
  Reference for: Hebrus   
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  Reference for: Hebrus   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Menke, Arnold S., ed.  
  Publication Date: 1979   
  Article/Chapter Title: The semiaquatic and aquatic Hemiptera of California (Heteroptera: Hemiptera)   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Bulletin of the California Insect Survey, vol. 21   
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  Notes: with contributions by Harold C. Chapman, David R. Lauck, Arnold S. Menke, John T. Polhemus, and Fred S. Truxal   
  Reference for: Hebrus   

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