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Polycentropus  Curtis, 1835
Taxonomic Serial No.: 117044

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2001   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderTrichoptera  – caddisflies, tricóptero, phryganes, porte-bois  
                                  SuperfamilyHydropsychoidea Curtis, 1835  
                                     FamilyPolycentropodidae Ulmer, 1903  
                                        SubfamilyPolycentropodinae Ulmer, 1903  
                                           GenusPolycentropus Curtis, 1835  
    Direct Children:  
                                              Species Polycentropus acanthogaster Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus africanus Marlier, 1956  
                                              Species Polycentropus alabamensis Hamilton, Harris & Lago, 1990  
                                              Species Polycentropus alatus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus albipunctus (Banks, 1930)  
                                              Species Polycentropus almanzor Schmid, 1952  
                                              Species Polycentropus altmani Yamamoto, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus apsyrtos Malicky, 1999  
                                              Species Polycentropus aquilonius Martynov, 1926  
                                              Species Polycentropus ariensis Denning & Sykora, 1966  
                                              Species Polycentropus arizonensis Banks, 1905  
                                              Species Polycentropus armeniacus Martynov, 1934  
                                              Species Polycentropus aspinosus Schmid, 1964  
                                              Species Polycentropus auricollis Kimmins, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus auriculatus Martynov, 1926  
                                              Species Polycentropus australis Ulmer, 1915  
                                              Species Polycentropus aztecus Flint, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus azulus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus barri Ross & Yamamoto  
                                              Species Polycentropus bartolus Denning, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus bellus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus biappendiculatus Flint, 1974  
                                              Species Polycentropus blicklei Ross & Yamamoto  
                                              Species Polycentropus bonus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus brongus Gibbs, 1973  
                                              Species Polycentropus carlsoni Morse, 1971  
                                              Species Polycentropus carolinensis Banks, 1905  
                                              Species Polycentropus casicus Denning in Denning & Sykora, 1966  
                                              Species Polycentropus ceciliae Flint, 1991  
                                              Species Polycentropus centralis Banks, 1914  
                                              Species Polycentropus chelatus Ross & Yamamoto  
                                              Species Polycentropus chellus Denning, 1964  
                                              Species Polycentropus chilensis Yamamoto, 1966  
                                              Species Polycentropus cianficconiae De Pietro, 2000  
                                              Species Polycentropus clarus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus colei Ross, 1941  
                                              Species Polycentropus confusus Hagen, 1861  
                                              Species Polycentropus connatus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus corniger McLachlan, 1884  
                                              Species Polycentropus corsicus Mosely, 1931  
                                              Species Polycentropus costaricensis Flint, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus criollo Botosaneanu, 1980  
                                              Species Polycentropus cuspidatus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus deltoides Yamamoto, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus denningi Smith, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus devetaki Krusnik & Malicky, 1992  
                                              Species Polycentropus digitus Yamamoto, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus divergens Mosely, 1930  
                                              Species Polycentropus djaman Martynov, 1927  
                                              Species Polycentropus domingensis Banks, 1941  
                                              Species Polycentropus doronca Denning & Sykora, 1966  
                                              Species Polycentropus drahamensis Malicky, 1982  
                                              Species Polycentropus elarus Ross, 1944  
                                              Species Polycentropus elegans Kumanski, 1979  
                                              Species Polycentropus encera Denning, 1968  
                                              Species Polycentropus excisus Klapalek, 1894  
                                              Species Polycentropus exsertus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus fasthi Holzenthal & Hamilton, 1988  
                                              Species Polycentropus flavomaculatus (Pictet, 1834)  
                                              Species Polycentropus flavostictus Hagen, 1865  
                                              Species Polycentropus flavus   
                                              Species Polycentropus floridensis Lago & Harris, 1983  
                                              Species Polycentropus fortispinus Holzenthal & Hamilton, 1988  
                                              Species Polycentropus fortunus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus francavillensis Malicky, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus gertschi Denning, 1950  
                                              Species Polycentropus grandis Kimmins, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus guatemalensis Flint, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus halidus Milne, 1936  
                                              Species Polycentropus hamiferus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus harpi Moulton & Stewart, 1993  
                                              Species Polycentropus hebraeus Botosaneanu & Gasith, 1971  
                                              Species Polycentropus holzenthali Bueno-Soria & Hamilton, 1986  
                                              Species Polycentropus ichnusa Malicky, 1974  
                                              Species Polycentropus iculus Ross, 1941  
                                              Species Polycentropus ierapetra Malicky, 1972  
                                              Species Polycentropus insularis Banks, 1938  
                                              Species Polycentropus interruptus (Banks, 1914)  
                                              Species Polycentropus intricatus Morton, 1910  
                                              Species Polycentropus jamaicensis Flint, 1968  
                                              Species Polycentropus jeldesi Flint, 1976  
                                              Species Polycentropus jenula Denning in Denning & Sykora, 1966  
                                              Species Polycentropus joergenseni Ulmer, 1909  
                                              Species Polycentropus kapchajalaja Schmid, 1975  
                                              Species Polycentropus kenampi (Korboot, 1964)  
                                              Species Polycentropus kingi McLachlan, 1881  
                                              Species Polycentropus lepidius Navas, 1920  
                                              Species Polycentropus lingulatus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus longispinosus Schmid, 1958  
                                              Species Polycentropus maculatus Banks, 1908  
                                              Species Polycentropus malickyi Moretti, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus marcanoi Flint, 1976  
                                              Species Polycentropus masi Navas, 1916  
                                              Species Polycentropus mathisi Hamilton, 1986  
                                              Species Polycentropus mayanus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus mazdacus Schmid, 1959  
                                              Species Polycentropus meridiensis Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus metirensis Malicky, 1982  
                                              Species Polycentropus mexicanus (Banks, 1901)  
                                              Species Polycentropus milaca Etnier, 1968  
                                              Species Polycentropus milikuri Malicky, 1975  
                                              Species Polycentropus morettii Malicky, 1977  
                                              Species Polycentropus mortoni Mosely, 1930  
                                              Species Polycentropus moselyi Kimmins, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus mounthageni Kumanski, 1979  
                                              Species Polycentropus nascotius Ross, 1941  
                                              Species Polycentropus nebulosus Holzenthal & Hamilton, 1988  
                                              Species Polycentropus neiswanderi Ross, 1947  
                                              Species Polycentropus nigriceps Banks, 1938  
                                              Species Polycentropus nigrospinus Hsu & Chen, 1996  
                                              Species Polycentropus obtusus (Schmid, 1955)  
                                              Species Polycentropus palmitus Flint, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus pentus Ross, 1941  
                                              Species Polycentropus picana Ross, 1947  
                                              Species Polycentropus piceus Kimmins, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus pirisinui Malicky, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus pixi Ross, 1944  
                                              Species Polycentropus plicatus Navas, 1916  
                                              Species Polycentropus quadriappendiculatus Schmid, 1964  
                                              Species Polycentropus quadrispinosus Schmid, 1964  
                                              Species Polycentropus radaukles Malicky, 1977  
                                              Species Polycentropus rickeri Yamamoto, 1966  
                                              Species Polycentropus rosselinus Navas, 1924  
                                              Species Polycentropus sabulosus Leonard & Leonard, 1949  
                                              Species Polycentropus sarandi Angrisano, 1994  
                                              Species Polycentropus sardous Moretti, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus schmidi Novak & Botosaneanu, 1965  
                                              Species Polycentropus segregatus Mey & Joost, 1982  
                                              Species Polycentropus similis Kimmins, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus sinuosus Kimmins, 1962  
                                              Species Polycentropus smithae Denning, 1949  
                                              Species Polycentropus spicatus Yamamoto, 1967  
                                              Species Polycentropus stephani Bowles, Mathis, & Hamilton, 1993  
                                              Species Polycentropus surinamensis Flint, 1974  
                                              Species Polycentropus telifer McLachlan, 1884  
                                              Species Polycentropus tenerifensis Malicky, 1999  
                                              Species Polycentropus terrai Malicky, 1980  
                                              Species Polycentropus thaxtoni Hamilton & Holzenthal, 1986  
                                              Species Polycentropus timesis (Denning, 1948)  
                                              Species Polycentropus tuberculatus Flint, 1983  
                                              Species Polycentropus turquino Botosaneanu, 1980  
                                              Species Polycentropus unicus Hsu & Chen, 1996  
                                              Species Polycentropus unispina Flint, 1991  
                                              Species Polycentropus valdiviensis Flint, 1983  
                                              Species Polycentropus vanachakuni Schmid & Denning, 1979  
                                              Species Polycentropus vanderpooli Flint, 1976  
                                              Species Polycentropus variatus Navas, 1917  
                                              Species Polycentropus veracruzensis Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus vernus Hamilton, Harris & Lago, 1990  
                                              Species Polycentropus volcanus Holzenthal & Hamilton, 1988  
                                              Species Polycentropus weedi Blickle & Morse, 1955  
                                              Species Polycentropus yuecelcaglari Sipahiler, 1999  
                                              Species Polycentropus zanclus Flint, 1981  
                                              Species Polycentropus zaneta Denning, 1948  
                                              Species Polycentropus zurqui Holzenthal & Hamilton, 1988  

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  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Polycentropus   
  Source: Trichoptera World Checklist, 08-Jan-2001, website (version 1)  
  Acquired: 2001   
  Reference for: Polycentropus   
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  Comment: Type species: Polycentropus irroratus J Curtis (original designation)  



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