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Etheostoma  Rafinesque, 1819
Taxonomic Serial No.: 168357

 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s): smoothbelly darters [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: partial   
  Latest Record Review: 2004   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderPerciformes  – perch-like fishes  
                                  FamilyPercidae  – true perches, perches, percas, perches et dards, perches  
                                     GenusEtheostoma Rafinesque, 1819 – smoothbelly darters  
    Direct Children:  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma acuticeps Bailey, 1959 – sharphead darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma akatulo Layman & Mayden, 2009 – bluemask darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma aquali Williams and Etnier, 1978 – coppercheek darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma artesiae (Hay, 1881) – redspot darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma asprigene (Forbes in Jordan, 1878) – mud darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma atripinne (Jordan, 1877) – Cumberland snubnose darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma australe Jordan, 1889 – Conchos darter, perca del Conchos 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma baileyi Page and Burr, 1982 – emerald darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma barbouri Kuehne and Small, 1971 – teardrop darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma barrenense Burr and Page in Page and Burr, 1982 – splendid darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma bellator Suttkus and Bailey, 1993 – Warrior darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma bellum Zorach, 1968 – orangefin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma bison Ceas and Page, 1997 – Buffalo darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma blennioides Rafinesque, 1819 – greenside darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma blennius Gilbert and Swain in Gilbert, 1887 – blenny darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma boschungi Wall and Williams, 1974 – slackwater darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma brevirostrum Suttkus and Etnier, 1991 – holiday darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma brevispinum (Coker, 1926)  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma burri Ceas and Page, 1997 – brook darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma caeruleum Storer, 1845 – rainbow darter, dard arc-en-ciel 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma camurum (Cope, 1870) – bluebreast darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma cervus Powers and Mayden, 2003  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma chermocki Boschung, Mayden and Tomelleri, 1992 – vermilion darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma chienense Page and Ceas in Page, Ceas, Swofford and Buth, 1992 – relict darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma chlorobranchium Zorach, 1972 – greenfin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma chlorosomum (Hay, 1881) – bluntnose darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma chuckwachatte Mayden and Wood in Wood and Mayden, 1993 – lipstick darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma cinereum Storer, 1845 – ashy darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma collettei Birdsong and Knapp, 1969 – creole darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma collis (Hubbs and Cannon, 1935) – Carolina darter, saluda darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma colorosum Suttkus and Bailey, 1993 – coastal darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma coosae (Fowler, 1945) – Coosa darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma corona Page and Ceas in Page, Ceas, Swofford and Buth, 1992 – crown darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma cragini Gilbert, 1885 – Arkansas darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma crossopterum Braasch and Mayden, 1985 – fringed darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma davisoni Hay, 1885 – Choctawhatchee darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma denoncourti Stauffer and van Snik, 1997 – golden darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma derivativum Page, Hardman and Near, 2003  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma ditrema Ramsey and Suttkus, 1965 – coldwater darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma douglasi Wood and Mayden, 1993 – Tuskalusa darter, Tuskaloosa darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma duryi Henshall, 1889 – black darter, blackside snubnose darter, blackside darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma edwini (Hubbs and Cannon, 1935) – brown darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma etnieri Bouchard, 1977 – cherry darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma etowahae Wood and Mayden, 1993 – Etowah darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma euzonum (Hubbs and Black, 1940) – Arkansas saddled darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma exile (Girard, 1859) – Iowa darter, dard à ventre jaune 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma flabellare Rafinesque, 1819 – fantail darter, dard barré 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma flavum Etnier and Bailey, 1989 – saffron darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma fonticola (Jordan and Gilbert, 1886) – fountain darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma forbesi Page and Ceas in Page, Ceas, Swofford and Buth, 1992 – Barrens darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma fragi Distler, 1968 – Strawberry darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma fricksium Hildebrand, 1923 – Savannah darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma fusiforme (Girard, 1854) – swamp darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma gracile (Girard, 1859) – slough darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma grahami (Girard, 1859) – Rio Grande darter, perca del Bravo 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma gutselli (Hildebrand, 1932)  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma histrio Jordan and Gilbert in Gilbert, 1887 – harlequin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma hopkinsi (Fowler, 1945) – Christmas darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma inscriptum (Jordan and Brayton, 1878) – turquoise darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma jessiae (Jordan and Brayton in Jordan, 1878) – blueside darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma jordani Gilbert, 1891 – greenbreast darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma juliae Meek, 1891 – yoke darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma kanawhae (Raney, 1941) – Kanawha darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma kantuckeense Ceas and Page, 1997 – Highland Rim darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma kennicotti (Putnam, 1863) – stripetail darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma lachneri Suttkus and Bailey in Suttkus, Bailey and Bart, 1994 – Tombigbee darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma lawrencei Ceas and Burr, 2002 – headwater darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma lemniscatum Blanton & Jenkins, 2008  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma lepidum (Baird and Girard, 1853) – greenthroat darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma longimanum Jordan, 1888 – longfin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma lugoi Norris and Minckley, 1997 – perca de toba, tufa darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma luteovinctum Gilbert and Swain in Gilbert, 1887 – redband darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma lynceum Hay in Jordan, 1885 – brighteye darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma maculatum Kirtland, 1840 – spotted darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma mariae (Fowler, 1947) – pinewoods darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma marmorpinnum Blanton & Jenkins, 2008  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma meridianum (Williams, 1975) – southern sand darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma microlepidum Raney and Zorach, 1967 – smallscale darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma microperca Jordan and Gilbert in Jordan, 1888 – least darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma moorei Raney and Suttkus, 1964 – yellowcheek darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma neopterum Howell and Dingerkus, 1978 – lollipop darter, lollypop darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma nianguae Gilbert and Meek in Gilbert, 1887 – Niangua darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma nigripinne Braasch and Mayden, 1985 – blackfin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma nigrum Rafinesque, 1820 – johnny darter, raseux-de-terre noir 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma nuchale Howell and Caldwell, 1965 – watercress darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma obeyense Kirsch, 1892 – barcheek darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma okaloosae (Fowler, 1941) – Okaloosa darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma olivaceum Braasch and Page, 1979 – sooty darter, dirty darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma olmstedi Storer, 1842 – tessellated darter, raseux-de-terre gris 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma oophylax Ceas and Page in Page, Ceas, Swofford and Buth, 1992 – guardian darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma osburni (Hubbs and Trautman, 1932) – candy darter, finescale saddled darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma pallididorsum Distler and Metcalf, 1962 – paleback darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma parvipinne Gilbert and Swain in Gilbert, 1887 – goldstripe darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma percnurum Jenkins in Jenkins and Burkhead, 1994 – duskytail darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma perlongum (Hubbs and Raney, 1946) – Waccamaw darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma phytophilum Bart and Taylor, 1999 – rush darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma podostemone Jordan and Jenkins in Jordan, 1889 – riverweed darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma pottsii (Girard, 1859) – Mexican darter, perca mexicana 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma proeliare (Hay, 1881) – cypress darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma pseudovulatum Page and Ceas in Page, Ceas, Swofford and Buth, 1992 – egg-mimic darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma punctulatum (Agassiz, 1854) – stippled darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma pyrrhogaster Bailey and Etnier, 1988 – firebelly darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma radiosum (Hubbs and Black, 1941) – orangebelly darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma rafinesquei Burr and Page in Page and Burr, 1982 – Kentucky darter, Kentucky snubnose darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma ramseyi Suttkus and Bailey in Suttkus, Bailey and Bart, 1994 – Alabama darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma raneyi Suttkus and Bart in Suttkus, Bailey and Bart, 1994 – Yazoo darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma rubrum Raney and Suttkus, 1966 – bayou darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma rufilineatum (Cope, 1870) – redline darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma rupestre Gilbert and Swain in Gilbert, 1887 – rock darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma sagitta (Jordan and Swain, 1883) – arrow darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma saludae (Hubbs and Cannon, 1935)  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma sanguifluum (Cope, 1870) – bloodfin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma scotti Bauer, Etnier and Burkhead, 1995 – Cherokee darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma segrex Norris and Minckley, 1997 – perca del Salado, Salado darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma sellare (Radcliffe and Welsh, 1913) – Maryland darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma sequatchiense Burr, 1979  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma serrifer (Hubbs and Cannon, 1935) – sawcheek darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma simoterum (Cope, 1868) – snubnose darter, Tennessee snubnose darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma sitikuense Blanton & Jenkins, 2008  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma smithi Page and Braasch, 1976 – slabrock darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma spectabile (Agassiz, 1854) – orangethroat darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma spilotum Gilbert, 1887  
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma squamiceps Jordan, 1877 – spottail darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma stigmaeum (Jordan, 1877) – speckled darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma striatulum Page and Braasch, 1977 – striated darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma susanae (Jordan and Swain, 1883) – Cumberland darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma swaini (Jordan, 1884) – Gulf darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma swannanoa Jordan and Evermann in Jordan, 1889 – Swannanoa darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma tallapoosae Suttkus and Etnier, 1991 – Tallapoosa darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma tecumsehi Ceas and Page, 1997 – Shawnee darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma tetrazonum (Hubbs and Black, 1940) – Missouri saddled darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma thalassinum (Jordan and Brayton, 1878) – seagreen darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma tippecanoe Jordan and Evermann, 1890 – Tippecanoe darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma trisella Bailey and Richards, 1963 – trispot darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma tuscumbia Gilbert and Swain in Gilbert, 1887 – Tuscumbia darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma uniporum Distler, 1968 – current darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma variatum Kirtland, 1840 – variegate darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma virgatum (Jordan, 1880) – striped darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma vitreum (Cope, 1870) – glassy darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma vulneratum (Cope, 1870) – wounded darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma wapiti Etnier and Williams, 1989 – boulder darter, Elk River darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma whipplei (Girard, 1859) – redfin darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma zonale (Cope, 1868) – banded darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma zonifer (Hubbs and Cannon, 1935) – backwater darter 
                                        SpeciesEtheostoma zonistium Bailey and Etnier, 1988 – bandfin darter 

  Expert: Wayne C. Starnes   
  Notes: Research Curator of Fishes, North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences, Research Laboratory, 4301 Reedy Creek Rd., Raleigh, NC, 27607, USA   
  Reference for: Etheostoma    
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