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Haplochromis  Hilgendorf, 1888
Taxonomic Serial No.: 169852

 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Prognathochromis Greenwood, 1980
    Psammochromis Greenwood, 1980
    Ptyochromis Greenwood, 1980
    Enterochromis Greenwood, 1980
    Harpagochromis Greenwood, 1980
    Lipochromis Regan, 1920
    Tridontochromis Greenwood, 1980
    Xystichromis Greenwood, 1980
  Common Name(s): mouth brooders
    mouth brooders [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2004   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderPerciformes  – perch-like fishes  
                               SuborderLabroidei  – parrotfishes, rainbowfishes, wrasses, labres, poissons-perroquets  
                                  FamilyCichlidae  – cichlids, cichlidés, tilapias y mojarras de agua dulce  
                                     GenusHaplochromis Hilgendorf, 1888 – mouth brooders, mouth brooders  
    Direct Children:  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis acidens Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis adolphifrederici (Boulenger, 1914)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis aelocephalus Greenwood, 1959  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis aeneocolor Greenwood, 1973  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis akika Lippitsch, 2003  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis albertianus Regan, 1929  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis altigenis Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis angustifrons Boulenger, 1914  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis annectidens Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis apogonoides Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis arcanus Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis argenteus Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis artaxerxes Greenwood, 1962  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis astatodon Regan, 1921  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis avium Regan, 1929  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis bakongo Thys van den Audenaerde, 1964  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis barbarae Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis bareli van Oijen, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis bartoni Greenwood, 1962  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis bayoni (Boulenger, 1909)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis beadlei Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis bloyeti (Sauvage, 1883)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis boops Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis brownae Greenwood, 1962  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis bullatus Trewavas, 1938  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cassius Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cavifrons (Hilgendorf, 1888)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis chilotes (Boulenger, 1911)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis chlorochrous Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis chromogynos Greenwood, 1959  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis chrysogynaion van Oijen, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cinctus Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cinereus (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cnester Witte and Witte-Maas, 1981  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis crassilabris Boulenger, 1906  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis crebridens Snoeks, de Vos, Coenen and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1990  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis crocopeplus Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cronus Greenwood, 1959  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cryptodon Greenwood, 1959  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis cryptogramma Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis decticostoma Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis demeusii (Boulenger, 1899)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis dentex Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis desfontainii (Lacepède, 1802)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis dichrourus Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis diplotaenia Regan and Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis dolichorhynchus Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis dolorosus Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis eduardii Regan, 1921  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis elegans Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis empodisma Greenwood, 1960  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis engystoma Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis erythrocephalus Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis erythromaculatus De Vos, Snoeks and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis estor Regan, 1929  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis eutaenia Regan and Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis fasciatus (Perugia, 1892)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis flavipinnis (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis flavus Seehausen, Zwennes and Lippitsch in Seehausen et al., 1998  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis fuelleborni (Hilgendorf and Pappenheim, 1903)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis fuscus Regan, 1925  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis gigliolii (Pfeffer, 1896)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis gilberti Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis gowersii Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis gracilior Boulenger, 1914  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis granti Boulenger, 1906  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis graueri Boulenger, 1914  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis guiarti (Pellegrin, 1904)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis harpakteridion van Oijen, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis heusinkveldi Witte and Witte-Maas, 1987  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis hiatus Hoogerhoud and Witte, 1981  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis howesi van Oijen, 1992  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis humilior (Boulenger, 1911)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis humilis (Steindachner, 1866)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis insidiae Snoeks, 1994  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis iris Hoogerhoud and Witte, 1981  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis ishmaeli Boulenger, 1906  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis kamiranzovu Snoeks, Coenen and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1984  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis katavi Seegers, 1996  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis kujunjui van Oijen, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis labiatus Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis labriformis (Nichols and La Monte, 1938)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis lacrimosus (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis laparogramma Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis latifasciatus Regan, 1929  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis limax Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis lividus Greenwood, 1956  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis loati Greenwood, 1971  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis longirostris (Hilgendorf, 1888)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis lucullae (Boulenger, 1913)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis luluae (Fowler, 1930)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis macconneli Greenwood, 1974  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis macrognathus Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis macrops (Boulenger, 1911)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis macropsoides Greenwood, 1973  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis maculipinna (Pellegrin, 1913)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis mahagiensis David and Poll, 1937  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis maisomei van Oijen, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis malacophagus Poll and Damas, 1939  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis mandibularis Greenwood, 1962  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis martini (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis maxillaris Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis megalops Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis melanopterus Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis melanopus Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis melichrous Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis mentatus Regan, 1925  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis mento Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis michaeli Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis microchrysomelas Snoeks, 1994  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis microdon (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis moeruensis (Boulenger, 1899)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis multiocellatus (Boulenger, 1913)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis mylergates Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis mylodon Greenwood, 1973  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nanoserranus Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nigrescens (Pellegrin, 1909)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nigripinnis Regan, 1921  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nigroides (Pellegrin, 1928)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis niloticus Greenwood, 1960  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nubilus (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nuchisquamulatus (Hilgendorf, 1888)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nyanzae Greenwood, 1962  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis nyererei Witte-Maas and Witte, 1985  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis obesus (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis obliquidens (Hilgendorf, 1888)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis occultidens Snoeks, 1988  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis oligacanthus Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis oligolepis Lippitsch, 2003  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis olivaceus Snoeks, de Vos, Coenen and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1990  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis oregosoma Greenwood, 1973  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pachycephalus Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pallidus (Boulenger, 1911)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pappenheimi (Boulenger, 1914)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis paraguiarti Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis paraplagiostoma Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis paropius Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis parvidens (Boulenger, 1911)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis paucidens Regan, 1921  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pectoralis (Pfeffer, 1893)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pellegrini Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis percoides Boulenger, 1906  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis perrieri (Pellegrin, 1909)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis petronius Greenwood, 1973  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pharyngalis Poll and Damas, 1939  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pharyngomylus Regan, 1929  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis phenochilus Trewavas, 1935  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis phytophagus Greenwood, 1966  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis piceatus Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pitmani Fowler, 1936  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis placodus Poll and Damas, 1939  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis plagiodon Regan and Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis plagiostoma Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis plutonius Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis polli Thys van den Audenaerde, 1964  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis prodromus Trewavas, 1935  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis prognathus (Pellegrin, 1904)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pseudopellegrini Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis ptistes Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pyrrhocephalus Witte and Witte-Maas, 1987  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis pyrrhopteryx van Oijen, 1991  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis riponianus (Boulenger, 1911)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis rubescens Snoeks, 1994  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis rudolfianus Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis sauvagei (Pfeffer, 1896)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis saxicola Greenwood, 1960  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis scheffersi Snoeks, de Vos and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1987  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis schubotzi Boulenger, 1914  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis schubotziellus Greenwood, 1973  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis schwetzi Poll, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis serranus (Pfeffer, 1896)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis serridens Regan, 1925  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis simpsoni Greenwood, 1965  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis smithii (Castelnau, 1861)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis spekii (Boulenger, 1906)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis squamipinnis Regan, 1921  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis squamulatus Regan, 1922  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis stigmatogenys (Boulenger, 1913)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis sulphureus Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis swynnertoni (Boulenger, 1907)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis tanaos van Oijen and Witte, 1996  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis taurinus Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis teegelaari Greenwood and Barel, 1978  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis teunisrasi Witte and Witte-Maas, 1981  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis theliodon Greenwood, 1960  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis thereuterion van Oijen and Witte, 1996  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis thuragnathus Greenwood, 1967  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis tridens Regan and Trewavas, 1928  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis turkanae Greenwood, 1974  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis tweddlei (Jackson, 1985)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis tyrianthinus Greenwood and Gee, 1969  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis velifer Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis venator Greenwood, 1965  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis vicarius Trewavas, 1933  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis victorianus (Pellegrin, 1904)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis vittatus (Boulenger, 1901)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis wingatii (Boulenger, 1902)  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis worthingtoni Regan, 1929  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis xenognathus Greenwood, 1957  
                                        SpeciesHaplochromis xenostoma Regan, 1922  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Catalog of Fishes, 13-May-2004, website (version 10-May-04)  
  Acquired: 2004   
  Reference for: Haplochromis   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Haplochromis   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Shiino, Sueo M.   
  Publication Date: 1976   
  Article/Chapter Title: List of Common Names of Fishes of the World, Those Prevailing among English-speaking Nations   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Science Report of Shima Marineland, no. 4   
  Page(s): 262   
  Publisher: Shima Marineland   
  Publication Place: Kashikojima, Shima, Mie, Japan   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0385-1109   
  Reference for: Haplochromis, mouth brooders   

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