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Taxonomic Serial No.: 174034

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Family  
  Common Name(s): Geckos [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2011   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                      ClassReptilia Laurenti, 1768 – répteis, reptiles, Reptiles  
                         OrderSquamata Oppel, 1811 – Amphisbaenians, Lizards, Snakes, amphisbènes, lézards, serpents  
                               FamilyGekkonidae  – Geckos  
    Direct Children:  
                                  GenusAfroedura Loveridge, 1944  
                                  GenusAfrogecko Bauer, Good and Branch, 1997  
                                  GenusAgamura Blanford, 1874  
                                  GenusAiluronyx Fitzinger, 1843  
                                  GenusAlsophylax Fitzinger, 1843  
                                  GenusAsiocolotes Golubev , 1984  
                                  GenusBlaesodactylus Boettger, 1893  
                                  GenusBunopus Blanford, 1874  
                                  GenusCalodactylodes Strand, 1926  
                                  GenusChondrodactylus W. Peters, 1870 – Sand Geckos 
                                  GenusChristinus Wells and Wellington, 1984  
                                  GenusCnemaspis Strauch, 1887  
                                  GenusColopus W. Peters, 1869  
                                  GenusCrossobamon Boettger, 1888  
                                  GenusCryptactites Bauer, Good and Branch, 1997  
                                  GenusCyrtodactylus Gray, 1827 – Curve-toed Geckos 
                                  GenusCyrtopodion Fitzinger, 1843 – Bowfoot Geckos, Bow-footed Geckos, Bow-fingered Geckos 
                                  GenusDixonius Bauer, Good and Branch, 1997  
                                  GenusEbenavia Boettger, 1877  
                                  GenusElasmodactylus Boulenger, 1895  
                                  GenusGeckoella Gray, 1867  
                                  GenusGeckolepis Grandidier, 1867  
                                  GenusGehyra Gray, 1834 – Web-toed Geckos, Dtellas 
                                  GenusGekko Laurenti, 1768 – Gekkos, Tropical Asian Geckos, Typical Geckos 
                                  GenusGoggia Bauer, Good and Branch, 1997  
                                  GenusHemidactylus Gray, 1825 – House Geckos, Half-toed Geckos 
                                  GenusHemiphyllodactylus Bleeker, 1860 – Small Tree Geckos, Gypsy Geckos, Tree Geckos 
                                  GenusHeteronotia Wermuth, 1965  
                                  GenusHomopholis Boulenger, 1885  
                                  GenusLepidodactylus Fitzinger, 1843 – Scaly-toed Geckos, Indo-Pacific Geckos 
                                  GenusLuperosaurus Gray, 1845  
                                  GenusLygodactylus Gray, 1864  
                                  GenusMatoatoa Nussbaum, Raxworthy and Pronk, 1998  
                                  GenusMediodactylus Szczerbak and Golubev, 1977  
                                  GenusMicrogecko Nikolsky, 1907  
                                  GenusMicroscalabotes Boulenger, 1883  
                                  GenusNactus Kluge, 1983 – Hook-toed Geckos 
                                  GenusNarudasia Methuen and Hewitt, 1914  
                                  GenusPachydactylus Wiegmann, 1834 – Thick-toed Geckos 
                                  GenusParagehyra Angel, 1929  
                                  GenusParoedura Günther, 1879  
                                  GenusPerochirus Boulenger, 1885 – Polynesian Geckos, Micronesian Geckos 
                                  GenusPhelsuma Gray, 1825 – Day Geckos 
                                  GenusPseudoceramodactylus Haas, 1957  
                                  GenusPseudogekko Taylor, 1922  
                                  GenusPtenopus Gray, 1866  
                                  GenusPtychozoon Kuhl and Van Hasselt, 1822  
                                  GenusRhoptropus W. Peters, 1869  
                                  GenusStenodactylus Fitzinger, 1826  
                                  GenusTropiocolotes W. Peters, 1880  
                                  GenusUrocotyledon Kluge, 1983  
                                  GenusUroplatus Dumeril, 1806  

  Expert: Aaron Bauer, Ph.D.   
  Notes: Professor, Gerald M. Lemole Endowed Chair in Integrative Biology   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae    
  Expert: Roy W. McDiarmid   
  Notes: U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad, database (version undefined)  
  Acquired: 2000   
  Notes: CONABIO: (   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Banks, R. C., R. W. McDiarmid, A. L. Gardner, and W. C. Starnes   
  Publication Date: 2004   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Checklist of Vertebrates of the United States, the U.S. Territories, and Canada, draft (2004)   
  Publication Place:    
  Notes: As-yet (2004) unpublished manuscript from 1998   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Banks, R. C., R. W. McDiarmid, and A. L. Gardner   
  Publication Date: 1987   
  Article/Chapter Title: Checklist of Vertebrates of the United States, the U.S. Territories, and Canada   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Resource Publication, no. 166   
  Page(s): 79   
  Publisher: United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service   
  Publication Place: Washington, D.C., USA   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Flores-Villela, Oscar / McCoy, C. J., ed.   
  Publication Date: 1993   
  Article/Chapter Title: Herpetofauna Mexicana: Lista anotada de las especies de anfibios y reptiles de México, cambios taxonómicos recientes, y nuevas especies   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Carnegie Museum of Natural History Special Publication, no. 17   
  Page(s): iv + 73   
  Publisher: Carnegie Museum of Natural History   
  Publication Place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-911239-42-1   
  Reference for: Gekkonidae   

 Geographic Information
  Geographic Division:    






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