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Dendrocoelum  Ørsted, 1844
Taxonomic Serial No.: 204222

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Galeocephala Stimpson, 1857
    Palaeodendrocoelum Codreanu, 1949
    Polycladodes Steinmann, 1910
    Apodendrocoelum de Beauchamp, 1931
    Dendrocoelides de Beauchamp, 1919
    Paraeodendrocoelum Kenk, 1930
    Eudendrocoelum Komarek, 1925
    Bolbodendrocoelum de Beauchamp, 1932
    Paradendrocoelum Kenk, 1930
    Sorocelopsis Komarek, 1919
    Palaeodendrocoelum ingulensis Dyganova and Bortcevich, 1983
    Dendrocoelides archipannonicus Gelei, 1927
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2016   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumPlatyhelminthes Minot, 1876 – flatworms, plathelminthes, platodes, platelminte  
                SubphylumRhabditophora Ehlers, 1985  
                   ClassTrepaxonemata Ehlers, 1984  
                      OrderNeoophora Westblad, 1948  
                         SuborderEulecithophora de Beauchamp, 1961  
                            InfraorderAdiaphanida Norén and Jondelius, 2002  
                               SectionTricladida Lang, 1884 – triclads  
                                  SubsectionContinenticola Carranza, Littlewood, Clough, Ruiz-Trillo, Baguna and Riutort, 1998  
                                     SuperfamilyPlanarioidea Stimpson, 1857  
                                        FamilyDendrocoelidae Hallez, 1892  
                                           GenusDendrocoelum Ørsted, 1844  
    Direct Children:  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum abditum (Kenk, 1940)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum adenodactylosum (Stankovic and Komarek, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum affine Codreanu and Balcesco, 1970  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum agile de Beauchamp, 1932  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum albidum Kenk, 1978  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum album (Steinmann, 1910)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum alexandrinae Codreanu and Balcesco, 1970  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum amplum Harrath and Sluys, 2012  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum apodendrocoeloideum Dyganova, 1976  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum atriostrictum Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum banaticum Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum barbei de Beauchamp, 1956  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum beauchampi Del Papa, 1952  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum benazii Del Papa, 1973  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum boettgeri An der Lan, 1955  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum bohemicum Komarek and Kunst, 1956  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum botosaneanui Del Papa, 1970  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum brachyphallus (de Beauchamp, 1929)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum brandtii Böhmig, 1893  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum brunneomarginatum Böhmig, 1893  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum caecum (Komarek, 1926)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum carpathicum Komarek, 1926  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum caspicum Porfirieva and Dyganova, 1973  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum caucasicum Porfirieva, 1958  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum cavaticum (Fries, 1874)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum chappuisi de Beauchamp, 1932  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum clujanum Codreanu, 1943  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum codreanui Gourbault, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum coecum (Komarek, 1926)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum coiffaiti de Beauchamp, 1956  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum collini (de Beauchamp, 1919)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum constrictum Harrath and Sluys, 2012  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum cruciferum (Stankovic, 1969)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum dani Bromley, 1982  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum debeauchampianum Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum decemoculatum (Komarek, 1919)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum decoratum Kenk, 1978  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum dorsivittatum Kenk, 1978  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum dumitrescuae Gourbault, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum duplum Harrath and Sluys, 2012  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum findeneggi (Reisinger, 1971)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum fuscum (Pallas, 1774)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum geticum Codreanu and Balcesco, 1970  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum gineti de Beauchamp, 1954  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum graffi Wilhelmi, 1909  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum grimmi Dyganova, 1983  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum hankoi (Gelei, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum hercynicum Flossner, 1959  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum hussoni Sauber, 1970  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum inexspectatum Vila-Farré and Sluys, 2011  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum infernale (Steinmann, 1907)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum italicum Vialli, 1937  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum jablanicense (Stankovic and Komarek, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum kenki de Beauchamp, 1937  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum komareki (Stankovic, 1969)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum lactea (O. F. Müller, 1773)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum lacustre (Stankovic, 1938)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum lescherae Gourbault, 1970  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum lipophallus (de Beauchamp, 1929)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum longipenis Komarek, 1916  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum lychnidicum (Stankovic, 1969)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum maculatum (Stankovic and Komarek, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum magnum (Stankovic, 1969)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum minimum Kenk, 1978  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum mrazekii (Vejdovsky, 1895)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum nausicaae Schmidt, 1861  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum ochridense (Stankovic and Komarek, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum orghidani Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum oxyhidoni Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum pannonicum (Méhely, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum parvioculatum de Beauchamp, 1932  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum plesiophthalmum de Beauchamp, 1937  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum polymorphum Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum prespense (Stankovic, 1969)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum pulcherrimum Girard, 1850  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum puteale Kenk, 1930  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum quadrioculatum (Graff, 1875)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum racovitzae de Beauchamp, 1949  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum regnaudi (de Beauchamp, 1919)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum remyi de Beauchamp, 1926  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum romanodanubiale (Codreanu, 1949)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum romanovae Dyganova, 1976  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum sanctinaumae (Stankovic and Komarek, 1927)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum sinisae Kenk, 1978  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum sollaudi de Beauchamp, 1931  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum spatiosum Vila-Farré and Sluys, 2011  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum spelaeum (Kenk, 1924)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum sphaerophallus (de Beauchamp, 1929)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum stenophallous Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum subterraneum Komarek, 1919  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum superbum Girard, 1850  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum superficiale (Porfirieva, 1958)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum tismanae Codreanu and Balcesco, 1967  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum translucidum Kenk, 1978  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum truncatum (Leidy, 1851)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum tubuliferum de Beauchamp, 1919  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum tuzetae Gourbault, 1965  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum vaillanti de Beauchamp, 1954  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum vittatum Diesing, 1850  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum voinovi (Codreanu, 1929)  
                                              Species Dendrocoelum warnimonti Hoffmann, 1964  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Dendrocoelum   
  Source: Turbellarian taxonomic database, 1.7, database (version 1.7)  
  Acquired: 2016   
  Notes: Tyler S, Schilling S, Hooge M, and Bush LF (comp.) (2006-2016) Turbellarian taxonomic database. Version 1.7 (data licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0; material adapted: formatted and edited)   
  Reference for: Dendrocoelum   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Kenk, Roman  
  Publication Date: 1974   
  Article/Chapter Title: Index of the Genus and Species of the Freshwater Triclads (Turbellaria) of the World   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, no. 183   
  Page(s): 1-90   
  Publication Place:    
  Reference for: Dendrocoelum   

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