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Castilleja  Mutis ex L. f.
Taxonomic Serial No.: 33049

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Plantae  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s): castilléjie [French]
    Indian paintbrush [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: accepted  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: partial   
  Latest Record Review: 2011   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomPlantae  – plantes, Planta, Vegetal, plants  
    SubkingdomViridiplantae  – green plants  
       InfrakingdomStreptophyta  – land plants  
             DivisionTracheophyta  – vascular plants, tracheophytes  
                SubdivisionSpermatophytina  – spermatophytes, seed plants, phanérogames  
                            FamilyOrobanchaceae  – broomrape  
                               GenusCastilleja Mutis ex L. f. – castilléjie, Indian paintbrush  
    Direct Children:  
                                  SpeciesCastilleja affinis Hook. & Arn. – coast Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja ambigua Hook. & Arn. – johnny-nip 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja angustifolia (Nutt.) G. Don – northwestern paintbrush, northwestern Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja annua Pennell – Fairbanks annual Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja applegatei Fernald – pine Indian paintbrush, wavyleaf paintbrush, wavyleaf Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja aquariensis N.H. Holmgren – Aquarius Plateau Indian paintbrush, Aquarius paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja arachnoidea Greenm. – cobweb paintbrush, cobwebby Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja arvensis Cham. & Schltdl. – field Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja attenuata (A. Gray) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – Indian paintbrush, attenuate Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja austromontana Standl. & Blumer – Rincon Indian paintbrush, Rincon Mountain Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja brevistyla (Hoover) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – shortstyle Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja campestris (Benth.) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – vernal pool Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja caudata (Pennell) Rebrist. – Port Clarence Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja cervina Greenm. – deer Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja chambersii M. Egger & Meinke – Chambers' paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja chlorotica Piper – green-tinged paintbrush, greentinge Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja christii N.H. Holmgren – Christ's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja chrymactis Pennell – green Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja chrysantha Greenm. – yellow Wallowa Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja cinerea A. Gray – ash-gray Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja coccinea (L.) Spreng. – Indian paintbrush, scarlet Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja covilleana L.F. Hend. – Coville's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja crista-galli Rydb. – mountainside Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja cryptantha Pennell & G.N. Jones – obscure Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja cusickii Greenm. – Cusick's paintbrush, Cusick's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja densiflora (Benth.) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – denseflower Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja dissitiflora N.H. Holmgren – Mount Hamilton paintbrush, Mt. Hamilton Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja elegans Malte – elegant Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja elmeri Fernald – Wenatchee Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja exserta (A. Heller) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – Indian paintbrush, exserted Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja flava S. Watson – yellow paintbrush, yellow Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja foliolosa Hook. & Arn. – Texas Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja fraterna Greenm. – fraternal Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja fulva Pennell – Elko Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja genevievana G.L. Nesom – Genevieve's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja glandulifera Pennell – gland Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja grisea Dunkle – San Clemente Island Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja haydenii (A. Gray) Cockerell – Hayden's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja hispida Benth. – harsh Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja hyetophila Pennell – coastal red Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja hyperborea Pennell – northern Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja indivisa Engelm. – Texas paintbrush, entireleaf Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja integra A. Gray – squawfeather, wholeleaf Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja kaibabensis N.H. Holmgren – Kaibab Indian paintbrush, Kaibab Plateau Indian paintbrush, Kaibab paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja kraliana J.R. Allison – Cahaba Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja kuschei Eastw. – Kusche's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lacera (Benth.) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – cutleaf Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lanata A. Gray – Sierran woolly Indian paintbrush, woolly paintbrush, Sierra woolly Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lasiorhyncha (A. Gray) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – San Bernardino Mountains Indian paintbrush, San Bernardino Mountains orthocarpus 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja latifolia Hook. & Arn. – Monterey Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lemmonii A. Gray – Lemmon's paintbrush, Lemmon's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja levisecta Greenm. – golden paintbrush, golden Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja linariifolia Benth. – Wyoming paintbrush, Wyoming Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lineariiloba (Benth.) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – sagebrush Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lineata Greene – marsh-meadow Indian paintbrush, marshmeadow Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja lutescens (Greenm.) Rydb. – stiff yellow Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja mendocinensis (Eastw.) Pennell – Mendocino Coast Indian paintbrush, Mendocino coast paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja mexicana (Hemsl.) A. Gray – Mexican Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja miniata Douglas ex Hook. – great red Indian paintbrush, great red Indian-paintbrush, scarlet Indian paintbrush, scarlet paintbrush, giant red Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja minor (A. Gray) A. Gray – lesser Indian paintbrush, alkali Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja mollis Pennell – softleaf Indian paintbrush, soft-leaved paintbrush, soft-leaved Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja montigena Heckard – Heckard's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja nana Eastw. – dwarf alpine paintbrush, dwarf alpine Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja nervata Eastw. – Trans-Pecos Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja nivea Pennell & Ownbey – snow Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja occidentalis Torr. – western Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja oresbia Greenm. – pale Wallowa Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja organorum Standl. – Organ Mountain Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja ornata Eastw. – glowing Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja pallescens (A. Gray) Greenm. – pale paintbrush, pale Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja pallida (L.) Kunth – boreal Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja parviflora Bong. – mountain Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja parvula Rydb. – Tushar Plateau Indian paintbrush, Tushar Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja patriotica Fernald – Huachuca Indian paintbrush, Huachuca Mountain Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja peckiana Pennell – Peck's Indian paintbrush, peakpaintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja pilosa (S. Watson) Rydb. – parrothead Indian paintbrush, hairy paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja plagiotoma A. Gray – Mojave Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja X porterae Cockerell – Porter's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja praeterita Heckard & Bacig. – Salmon Creek Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja pruinosa Fernald – frosted Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja puberula Rydb. – shortflower Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja pulchella Rydb. – beautiful Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja purpurea (Nutt.) G. Don – Indian paintbrush, downy Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja raupii Pennell – Raup's Indian paintbrush, castilléjie de Raup 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja revealii N.H. Holmgren – Bryce Canyon Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja rhexiifolia Rydb. – splitleaf Indian paintbrush, rhexialeaf paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja rigida Eastw. – rigid Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja rubicundula (Jeps.) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – cream sacs 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja rubida Piper – little reddish Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja rupicola Piper ex Fernald – cliff Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja salsuginosa N.H. Holmgren – Monte Neva Indian paintbrush, Monte Neva paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja scabrida Eastw. – rough paintbrush, rough Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja schizotricha Greenm. – splithair Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja septentrionalis Lindl. – Labrador Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja sessiliflora Pursh – downy paintedcup, Great Plains Indian paintbrush, Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja setosa Pennell  
                                  SpeciesCastilleja subinclusa Greene – longleaf Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja suksdorfii A. Gray – Suksdorf's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja sulphurea Rydb. – sulphur Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja tenuiflora Benth. – Santa Catalina Indian paintbrush, Catalina Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja tenuis (A. Heller) T.I. Chuang & Heckard – hairy Indian paintbrush, slender paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja thompsonii Pennell – Thompson's Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja unalaschcensis (Cham. & Schltdl.) Malte – Alaska Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja viscidula A. Gray – sticky Indian paintbrush, sticky paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja wallowensis Pennell – Wallowa Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja wootonii Standl. – Sacramento Mountain Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja xanthotricha Pennell – yellowhair Indian paintbrush 
                                  SpeciesCastilleja yukonis Pennell – Yukon Indian paintbrush 

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  Acquired: 2003   
  Reference for: castilléjie[French]   
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