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Bactrocera (Bactrocera)  Macquart, 1835
Taxonomic Serial No.: 669539

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Subgenus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderDiptera  – mosca, mosquito, gnats, mosquitoes, true flies  
                                  SuborderBrachycera  – circular-seamed flies, muscoid flies, short-horned flies, mouches muscoïdes  
                                        FamilyTephritidae Newman, 1834 – fruit flies, téphrites, fruit flies  
                                           GenusBactrocera Macquart, 1835  
                                              SubgenusBactrocera (Bactrocera) Macquart, 1835  
    Direct Children:  
                                                 Species Bactrocera abdofuscata (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera abdolonginqua (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera abdonigella (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera abscondita (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera absidata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera abundans Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aculeus (Hardy, 1973)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aemula Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aeroginosa (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aethriobasis (Hardy, 1973)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera affinidorsalis (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera affinis (Hardy, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aithogaster Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera albistrigata (Meijere, 1911)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera allwoodi (Drew, 1979)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera alyxiae (May, 1953)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera ampla (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera amplexiseta (May, 1962)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera andamanensis (Kapoor, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera anfracta Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera angustifasciata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera anomala (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera anthracina (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera antigone (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aquilonis (May, 1965)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera arecae (Hardy & Adachi, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera armillata (Hering, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera assita Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aterrima (Drew, 1972)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera atra (Malloch, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera atrifemur Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera atriliniellata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera aurantiaca (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera bancroftii (Tryon, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera barringtoniae (Tryon, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera batemani Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera beckerae (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera biarcuata (Walker, 1865)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera bidentata (May, 1963)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera bifasciata (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera bimaculata Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera breviaculeus (Hardy, 1951)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera brevistriata (Drew, 1968)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera bryoniae (Tryon, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera buinensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera buloloensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera cacuminata (Hering, 1941)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera caledoniensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera caliginosa (Hardy, 1970)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera carambolae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera carbonaria (Hendel, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera caryeae (Kapoor, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera cheesmanae (Perkins, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera cibodasae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera cinnamea Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera circamusae Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera citima (Hardy, 1973)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera cognata (Hardy & Adachi, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera collita Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera commina Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera confluens (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera congener Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera consectorata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera contermina Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera contigua Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera continua (Bezzi, 1919)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi, 1916)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera costalis (Shiraki, 1933)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera curreyi Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera curvifera (Walker, 1864)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera curvipennis (Froggatt, 1909)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera dapsiles Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera daruensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera decumana (Drew, 1972)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera decurtans (May, 1965)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera diallagma Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera diaphana (Hering, 1953)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera diospyri Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera dispar (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera distincta (Malloch, 1931)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel, 1912) – oriental fruit fly 
                                                 Species Bactrocera dorsaloides (Hardy & Adachi, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera dyscrita (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera ebenea (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera elegantula (Hardy, 1974)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera endiandrae (Perkins & May, 1949)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera enigmatica (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera enochra (Drew, 1972)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera epicharis (Hardy, 1970)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera erubescentis (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera exspoliata (Hering, 1941)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera facialis (Coquillett, 1909)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera fagraea (Tryon, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera fergussoniensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera finitima Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera flavipennis (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera floresiae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera frauenfeldi (Schiner, 1868)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera froggatti (Bezzi, 1919)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera fuliginus (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera fulvicauda (Perkins, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera fulvifemur Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera furfurosa Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera furvescens Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera furvilineata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera fuscitibia Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera gombokensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera halfordiae (Tryon, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera hispidula (May, 1958)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera holtmanni (Hardy, 1974)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera honiarae Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera hsui (Tseng, Chen & Chu, 1992)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera humilis (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera hyalina (Shiraki, 1933)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera impunctata (Meijere, 1914)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera incisa (Walker, 1861)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera inconstans Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera indecora (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera indonesiae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera infulata Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera involuta (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera irvingiae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera ismayi Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera kanchanaburi Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera kandiensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera kelaena Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera kinabalu Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera kirki (Froggatt, 1911)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera kraussi (Hardy, 1951)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera lampabilis (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera lata (Perkins, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera lateritaenia Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera laticaudus (Hardy, 1950)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera laticosta Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera latifrons (Hendel, 1915)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera latilineata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera latilineola Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera latissima Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera limbifera (Bezzi, 1919)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera lineata (Perkins, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera lombokensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera longicornis Macquart, 1835  
                                                 Species Bactrocera luteola (Malloch, 1931)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera luzonae (Hardy & Adachi, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera makilingensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera malaysiensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera manskii (Perkins & May, 1949)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera mayi (Hardy, 1951)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera megaspilus (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera melanogaster Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera melanotus (Coquillett, 1909)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera melas (Perkins & May, 1949)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera melastomatos Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera mendosa (May, 1958)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera merapiensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera mimulus Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera miniscula Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera moluccensis (Perkins, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera montyana (Munro, 1984)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera morobiensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera morula Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera mucronis (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera muiri (Hardy & Adachi, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera mulyonoi (Hardy, 1983)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera murrayi (Perkins, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera musae (Tryon, 1927)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera mutabilis (May, 1952)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera neocheesmanae Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera neocongnata Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera neohumeralis (Hardy, 1951)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera neonigrita Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera neopropinqua Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera nesiotes (Munro, 1984)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera nigella (Drew, 1968)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera nigrescens (Drew, 1968)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera nigrescentis (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera nigrotibialis (Perkins, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera nigrovittata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera notatagena (May, 1953)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera obfuscata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera oblineata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera obliqua (Malloch, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera obscura (Malloch, 1931)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera obscurata (Meijere, 1911)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera occipitalis (Bezzi, 1919)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera ochromarginis (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera ochrosiae (Malloch, 1942)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera opiliae (Drew & Hardy, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera osbeckiae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pallida (Perkins & May, 1949)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera papayae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera parafrauenfeldi Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera paramusae Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera paratappana (Tseng, Chen & Chu, 1992)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera passiflorae (Froggatt, 1911)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pectoralis (Walker, 1859)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pedestris (Bezzi, 1914)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera penecognata Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera peninsularis (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pepisalae (Froggatt, 1911)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera perfusca (Aubertin, 1929)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera perkinsi (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pernigra Ito, 1983  
                                                 Species Bactrocera phaea (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera phaleriae (May, 1956)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera philippinensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera picea (Drew, 1972)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pisinna Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera popondettiensis Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera prolixa Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera propedistincta Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera propinqua (Hardy & Adachi, 1954)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pseudodistincta (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera psidii (Froggatt, 1899)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pulchra Tryon, 1927  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pusilla (Hardy, 1983)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera pyrifoliae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera quadrata (May, 1963)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera quadrisetosa (Bezzi, 1928)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera quasipropinqua Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera quasisilvicola Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera raiensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera reclinata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera recurrens (Hering, 1941)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera redunca (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera repanda Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera resima (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera retrorsa Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera rhabdota Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera robertsi Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera robiginosa (May, 1958)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera romigae (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera rubigina (Wang & Zhao, 1989)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera rufescens (May, 1967)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera rufofuscula (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera rufula (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera russeola (Drew & Hancock, 1981)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera rutila (Hering, 1941)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera samoae Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera scutellaria (Bezzi, 1916)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera seguyi (Hering, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera sembaliensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera semifemoralis (Tseng, Chen & Chu, 1992)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera setinervis (Malloch, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera silvatica (Hardy, 1983)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera silvicola (May, 1962)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera simulata (Malloch, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera strigata (Perkins, 1934)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera sulawesiae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera sumatrana (Hardy, 1983)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera sumbawaensis Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tappanus (Shiraki, 1933)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tenuifascia (May, 1965)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tenuivittata (Tseng, Chen & Chu, 1992)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera terminaliae Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera thailandica Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera thistletoni Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tillyardi (Perkins, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tinomiscii Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera transtillum (Hering, 1952)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera trifaria (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera trifasciata (Hardy, 1982)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera trilineola Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera trivialis (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt, 1897)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera tuberculata (Bezzi, 1916)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera turneri Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera umbrosa (Fabricius, 1805)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera unifasciata (Malloch, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera unilineata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera unimacula Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera unipunctata (Malloch, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera unistriata (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera usitata Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera ustulata Drew, 1989  
                                                 Species Bactrocera varipes (Malloch, 1939)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera venefica (Hering, 1938)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera verbascifoliae Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera versicolor (Bezzi, 1916)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera vishnu Drew & Hancock, 1994  
                                                 Species Bactrocera vulgaris (Drew, 1971)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera yilanensis (Tseng, Chen & Chu, 1992)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera yoshimotoi (Hardy, 1973)  
                                                 Species Bactrocera zonata (Saunders, 1842)  

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  Other Source(s):    
  Source: BioSystematic Database of World Diptera, website (version 22-Feb-02)  
  Acquired: 2002   
  Reference for: Bactrocera (Bactrocera)   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Norrbom, A. L., L. E. Carroll, F. C. Thompson, I. M. White and A. Freidberg / F. C. Thompson, ed.  
  Publication Date: 1999   
  Article/Chapter Title: Systematic database of names   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Fruit Fly Expert Identification System and Systematic Information Database. Myia, vol. 9   
  Page(s): 65-251   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 90-5782-013-7   
  Reference for: Bactrocera (Bactrocera)   

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