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Loxosomella  Mortensen, 1911
Taxonomic Serial No.: 708695

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Loxocalyx Mortensen, 1911
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2006   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
                      FamilyLoxosomatidae Hincks, 1880  
                         GenusLoxosomella Mortensen, 1911  
    Direct Children:  
                            Species Loxosomella akkeshiense (Yamada, 1956)  
                            Species Loxosomella alatum (Barrois, 1877)  
                            Species Loxosomella aloxiata Iseto, 2001  
                            Species Loxosomella antarctica Franzén, 1973  
                            Species Loxosomella antedonis Mortensen, 1911  
                            Species Loxosomella antis Krylova, 1985  
                            Species Loxosomella aripes Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella atkinsae Bobin and Prenant, 1953  
                            Species Loxosomella bifida Konno, 1972  
                            Species Loxosomella bilocata Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella bocki Franzén, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella breve (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella brucei Eggleston, 1965  
                            Species Loxosomella brumpti (Nilus, 1909)  
                            Species Loxosomella circulare (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella cirriferum (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella claviformis (Hincks, 1880)  
                            Species Loxosomella cochlear (Schmidt, 1876)  
                            Species Loxosomella compressa Nielsen and Ryland, 1961  
                            Species Loxosomella constrictum (O'Donoghue, 1924)  
                            Species Loxosomella crassicauda (Salensky, 1877)  
                            Species Loxosomella cricketae Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella diopatricola Williams, 2000  
                            Species Loxosomella discopoda Nielsen and Ryland, 1961  
                            Species Loxosomella ditadii Marcus and Marcus, 1968  
                            Species Loxosomella elegans Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella fagei Bobin and Prenant, 1953  
                            Species Loxosomella fauveli Bobin and Prenant, 1953  
                            Species Loxosomella follicola Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella gautieri Bobin and Prenant, 1953  
                            Species Loxosomella glandulifera Franzén, 1962  
                            Species Loxosomella globosa Bobin and Prenant, 1953  
                            Species Loxosomella harmeri (Schultz, 1895)  
                            Species Loxosomella hispida Marcus and Marcus, 1968  
                            Species Loxosomella illota Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella intragemmata Iseto, 2003  
                            Species Loxosomella kindal Krylova, 1985  
                            Species Loxosomella lappa Iseto, 2001  
                            Species Loxosomella lecythifera Iseto, 2003  
                            Species Loxosomella leptoclini (Harmer, 1885)  
                            Species Loxosomella lineata (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella macginitieorum Soule and Soule, 1965  
                            Species Loxosomella marisalbi Bagrov and Slyusarev, 2002  
                            Species Loxosomella marsypos Nielsen and Ryland, 1961  
                            Species Loxosomella minuta (Osburn, 1912)  
                            Species Loxosomella monocera Iseto, 2001  
                            Species Loxosomella mortenseni Marcus, 1950  
                            Species Loxosomella murmanica (Nilus, 1909)  
                            Species Loxosomella museriensis Bobin, 1968  
                            Species Loxosomella neapolitanum (Kowalewsky, 1866)  
                            Species Loxosomella nitschei (Vigelius, 1882)  
                            Species Loxosomella nordgaardi Ryland, 1961  
                            Species Loxosomella obesa (Atkins, 1932)  
                            Species Loxosomella olei Marcus, 1957  
                            Species Loxosomella ornata Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella parvipes Iseto, 2006  
                            Species Loxosomella pes (Schmidt, 1876)  
                            Species Loxosomella phascolosomata (Vogt, 1876)  
                            Species Loxosomella polita Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella prenanti Soule and Soule, 1965  
                            Species Loxosomella pusillum (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella raja (Schmidt, 1876)  
                            Species Loxosomella sawayai (Marcus, 1939)  
                            Species Loxosomella scaura Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella schizugawaense (Toriumi, 1949)  
                            Species Loxosomella seiryoini Emschermann, 1993  
                            Species Loxosomella similis Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella stomatophora Iseto, 2003  
                            Species Loxosomella studiosorum (Toriumi, 1951)  
                            Species Loxosomella subsessile (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella teissieri (Bobin and Prenant, 1953)  
                            Species Loxosomella tethyae (Salensky, 1877)  
                            Species Loxosomella tonsoria Emschermann, 1993  
                            Species Loxosomella triangularis Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella varians Nielsen, 1964  
                            Species Loxosomella velatum (Harmer, 1915)  
                            Species Loxosomella vivipara Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella worki Nielsen, 1966  
                            Species Loxosomella zima Marcus and Marcus, 1968  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Reference for:    
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Emschermann, Peter  
  Publication Date: 1993   
  Article/Chapter Title: On Antarctic Entoprocta: Nematocyst-like Organs in a Loxosomatid, adaptive developmental Strategies, Host Specificity, and Bipolar Occurrence of Species   
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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Iseto, Tohru  
  Publication Date: 2001   
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  Page(s): 1-20   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 0085-5812   
  Reference for: Loxosomella   

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