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Isohypsibius  Thulin, 1928
Taxonomic Serial No.: 710226

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumTardigrada  – tardigrades, water bears, tardigrades, tardÝgrado  
                ClassEutardigrada Richters, 1926 – eutardigrades  
                   OrderParachela Schuster, Nelson, Grigarick and Christenberry, 1980  
                      FamilyHypsibiidae Pilato, 1969  
                         SubfamilyHypsibiinae Pilato, 1969  
                            GenusIsohypsibius Thulin, 1928  
    Direct Children:  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius altai Kaczmarek and Michalczyk, 2006  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius annulatus (Murray, 1905)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius arbiter Binda, 1980  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius archangajensis Kaczmarek and Michalczyk, 2004  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius arcuatus (Bartos, 1934)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius asper (Murray, 1906)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius austriacus (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius baicalensis (Ramazzotti, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius baldii (Ramazzotti, 1945)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius baldiioides Tumanov, 2003  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius barbarae Pilato and Binda, 2002  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius bartosi (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius basalovoi (Durante and Maucci, 1972)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius belliformis (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius bellus (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius borkini Tumanov, 2003  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius brevispinosus (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius brulloi Pilato and Pennini, 1976  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius bulbifer (Mihelcic, 1957)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius cameruni (Iharos, 1969)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius campbellensis Pilato, 1996  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius canadensis (Murray, 1910)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius ceciliae Pilato and Binda, 1987  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius changbaiensis Yang, 1999  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius chiarae Maucci, 1987  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius costatus (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius cyrilli (Mihelcic, 1942)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius dastychi Pilato, Bertolani and Binda, 1982  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius deconincki Pilato, 1971  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius deflexus (Mihelcic, 1960)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius dudichi (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius duranteae (Maucci, 1978)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius effusus (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius elegans (Binda and Pilato, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius eplenyiensis (Iharos, 1970)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius franzi (Mihelcic, 1949)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius fuscus (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius gibbus (Marcus, 1928)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius gilvus Biserov, 1986  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius glaber (Durante Pasa and Maucci, 1979)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius glazovi Biserov, 1999  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius gracilis (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius granditintinus Chang and Rho, 1996  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius granulifer Thulin, 1928  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius gyulai (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius hadzii (Mihelcic, 1938)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius helenae (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius hydrogogianus Ito and Tagami, 1993  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius hypostomoides (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius improvisus Dastych, 1984  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius indicus (Murray, 1907)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius irregibilis Biserov, 1992  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius itoi (Tsurusaki, 1980)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius jakieli Dastych, 1984  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius jingshanensis Yang, 2003  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius josephi (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius kenodontis Kendall-Fite and Nelson, 1996  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius kotovae Tumanov, 2003  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius kristenseni Pilato, Catanzaro and Binda, 1989  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius ladogensis Tumanov, 2003  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius laevis McInnes, 1995  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius landalti (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius latiunguis (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius leithaicus (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius liae Li and Wang, 2006  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius lineatus (Mihelcic, 1969)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius longiunguis Pilato, 1974  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius lunulatus (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius macrodactylus (Maucci, 1978)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius malawiensis J°rgensen, 2002  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius mammillosus (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius marcellinoi (Binda and Pilato, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius marii Bertolani, 1982  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius mihelcici (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius monoicus Bertolani, 1982  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius monstruosus Maucci, 1991  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius montanus (Mihelcic, 1938)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius myrops (Du Bois-Reymond Marcus, 1944)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius neoundulatus (Durante Pasa and Maucci, 1975)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius nipponicus Sudzuki, 1975  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius nodosus (Murray, 1907)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius novaeguineae (Iharos, 1967)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius palmai Pilato, 1996  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius panovi Tumanov, 2005  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius papillifer (Murray, 1905)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pappi (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pauper (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pilatoi (Durante Pasa and Maucci, 1979)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pratensis (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius prosostomus Thulin, 1928  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pseudoundulatus (da Cunha and do Nascimento Ribeiro, 1946)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pulcher (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius pushkini Tumanov, 2003  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius qinlingensis Li , Wang and Yu, 2005  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius rahmi Li and Wang, 2006  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius reticulatus Pilato, 1973  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius roberti Biserov, 1996  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius ronsisvallei Binda and Pilato, 1969  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius rudescui (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius rugosus Guidi and Grabowski, 1996  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius sabellai Pilato, Binda, Napolitano and Moncada, 2004  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius saltursus Schuster, Toftner and Grigarick, 1978  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius sattleri (Richters, 1902)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius schaudinni (Richters, 1909)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius sculptus (Ramazzotti, 1962)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius sellnicki (Mihelcic, 1962)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius septentrionalis Thulin, 1928  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius silvicola (Iharos, 1966)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius sismicus (Maucci, 1978)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius solidus (Mihelcic, 1971)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius taibaiensis Li and Wang, 2005  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius tetradactyloides (Richters, 1907)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius theresiae (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius torulosus (Mihelcic, 1959)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius truncorum (Iharos, 1964)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius tuberculatus (Plate, 1889)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius tuberculoides (Mihelcic, 1949)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius tubereticulatus Pilato and Catanzaro, 1990  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius tucumanensis Claps and Rossi, 1984  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius undulatus Thulin, 1928  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius vejdovskyi (Bartos, 1939)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius verae Pilato and Catanzaro, 1990  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius vietnamensis (Iharos, 1969)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius wilsoni (Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978)  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius woodsae Kathman, 1990  
                               SpeciesIsohypsibius zierhofferi Dastych, 1979  

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 Geographic Information
  Geographic Division:    






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