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Barbus  Cuvier and Cloquet, 1816
Taxonomic Serial No.: 163618

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Afropuntio Karaman, 1971
    Agrammobarbus Pellegrin, 1935
    Enteromius Cope, 1867
    Messinobarbus Bianco, 1998
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderCypriniformes  – cyprins, meuniers, minnows, suckers  
                                  FamilyCyprinidae  – carps, minnows, carpas y carpitas, carpes et ménés, carps and minnows, carpes, ménés, carpitas, carpas  
                                     GenusBarbus Cuvier and Cloquet, 1816  
    Direct Children:  
                                        Species Barbus ablabes (Bleeker, 1863)  
                                        Species Barbus aboinensis Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus acuticeps Matthes, 1959  
                                        Species Barbus acutirostris Bini, 1940  
                                        Species Barbus afrohamiltoni Crass, 1960  
                                        Species Barbus afrovernayi Nichols and Boulton, 1927  
                                        Species Barbus albanicus Steindachner, 1870  
                                        Species Barbus aliciae Bigorne and Lévêque, 1993  
                                        Species Barbus alluaudi Pellegrin, 1909  
                                        Species Barbus aloyi Roman, 1970  
                                        Species Barbus altianalis Boulenger, 1900  
                                        Species Barbus altidorsalis Boulenger, 1908  
                                        Species Barbus amanpoae Lambert, 1961  
                                        Species Barbus amatolicus Skelton, 1990  
                                        Species Barbus andrewi Barnard, 1937  
                                        Species Barbus anema Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus annectens Gilchrist and Thompson, 1917  
                                        Species Barbus anniae Lévêque, 1983  
                                        Species Barbus anoplus Weber, 1897  
                                        Species Barbus ansorgii Boulenger, 1904  
                                        Species Barbus apleurogramma Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus apoensis Banister and Clarke, 1977  
                                        Species Barbus arabicus Trewavas, 1941  
                                        Species Barbus arambourgi Pellegrin, 1935  
                                        Species Barbus arcislongae Keilhack, 1908  
                                        Species Barbus argenteus Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Barbus aspilus Boulenger, 1907  
                                        Species Barbus aspius Boulenger, 1912  
                                        Species Barbus atakorensis Daget, 1957  
                                        Species Barbus atkinsoni Bailey, 1969  
                                        Species Barbus atromaculatus Nichols and Griscom, 1917  
                                        Species Barbus bagbwensis Norman, 1932  
                                        Species Barbus balcanicus Kotlík, Tsigenopoulos, Ráb and Berrebi, 2002  
                                        Species Barbus barbulus Heckel, 1847  
                                        Species Barbus barbus (Linnaeus, 1758)  
                                        Species Barbus barnardi Jubb, 1965  
                                        Species Barbus barotseensis Pellegrin, 1920  
                                        Species Barbus batesii Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus baudoni Boulenger, 1918  
                                        Species Barbus bawkuensis Hopson, 1965  
                                        Species Barbus bellcrossi Jubb, 1965  
                                        Species Barbus bifrenatus Fowler, 1935  
                                        Species Barbus bigornei Lévêque, Teugels and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1988  
                                        Species Barbus boboi Schultz, 1942  
                                        Species Barbus bocagei Steindachner, 1864  
                                        Species Barbus borysthenicus Dybowski, 1862  
                                        Species Barbus bourdariei Pellegrin, 1928  
                                        Species Barbus brachycephalus Kessler, 1872  
                                        Species Barbus brachygramma Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus brazzai Pellegrin, 1901  
                                        Species Barbus brevicephalus Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus breviceps Trewavas, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus brevidorsalis Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus brevilateralis Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus brevipinnis Jubb, 1966  
                                        Species Barbus brevispinis Holly, 1927  
                                        Species Barbus brichardi Poll and Lambert, 1959  
                                        Species Barbus bynni (Forsskål, 1775)  
                                        Species Barbus cadenati Daget, 1962  
                                        Species Barbus calidus Barnard, 1938  
                                        Species Barbus callensis Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842  
                                        Species Barbus callipterus Boulenger, 1907 – clipper barb 
                                        Species Barbus camptacanthus (Bleeker, 1863)  
                                        Species Barbus candens Nichols and Griscom, 1917  
                                        Species Barbus caninus Bonaparte, 1839  
                                        Species Barbus canis Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842  
                                        Species Barbus capito (Güldenstädt, 1773)  
                                        Species Barbus carcharhinoides Stiassny, 1991  
                                        Species Barbus cardozoi Boulenger, 1912  
                                        Species Barbus carens Boulenger, 1912  
                                        Species Barbus carottae (Bianco, 1998)  
                                        Species Barbus carpathicus Kotlík, Tsigenopoulos, Ráb and Berrebi, 2002  
                                        Species Barbus castrasibutum Fowler, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus catenarius Poll and Lambert, 1959  
                                        Species Barbus caudosignatus Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus caudovittatus Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus cercops Whitehead, 1960  
                                        Species Barbus chicapaensis Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus chiumbeensis Pellegrin, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus chlorotaenia Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus choloensis Norman, 1925  
                                        Species Barbus ciscaucasicus Kessler, 1877  
                                        Species Barbus citrinus Boulenger, 1920  
                                        Species Barbus claudinae De Vos and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1990  
                                        Species Barbus clauseni Thys van den Audenaerde, 1976  
                                        Species Barbus collarti Poll, 1945  
                                        Species Barbus comizo Steindachner, 1864  
                                        Species Barbus compiniei (Sauvage, 1879)  
                                        Species Barbus condei Mahnert and Géry, 1982  
                                        Species Barbus congicus Boulenger, 1899  
                                        Species Barbus crassibarbis Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus cyclolepis Heckel, 1837  
                                        Species Barbus dainellii Bini, 1940  
                                        Species Barbus dartevellei Poll, 1945  
                                        Species Barbus deguidei Matthes, 1964  
                                        Species Barbus deserti Pellegrin, 1909  
                                        Species Barbus dialonensis Daget, 1962  
                                        Species Barbus diamouanganai Teugels and Mamonekene, 1992  
                                        Species Barbus ditinensis Daget, 1962  
                                        Species Barbus dorsolineatus Trewavas, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus eburneensis Poll, 1941  
                                        Species Barbus elephantis Boulenger, 1907  
                                        Species Barbus ensis Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus erubescens Skelton, 1974  
                                        Species Barbus erythrozonus Poll and Lambert, 1959  
                                        Species Barbus ethiopicus Zolezzi, 1939  
                                        Species Barbus euboicus Stephanidis, 1950  
                                        Species Barbus eurystomus Keilhack, 1908  
                                        Species Barbus eutaenia Boulenger, 1904  
                                        Species Barbus evansi Fowler, 1930  
                                        Species Barbus fasciolatus Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Barbus fasolt Pappenheim in Pappenheim and Boulenger, 1914  
                                        Species Barbus figuigensis Pellegrin, 1913  
                                        Species Barbus foutensis Lévêque, Teugels and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1988  
                                        Species Barbus fritschii Günther, 1874  
                                        Species Barbus gananensis Vinciguerra, 1895  
                                        Species Barbus gestetneri Banister and Bailey, 1979  
                                        Species Barbus girardi Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus goktschaicus Kessler, 1877  
                                        Species Barbus gorgorensis Bini, 1940  
                                        Species Barbus gorguari Rüppell, 1835  
                                        Species Barbus graecus Steindachner, 1895  
                                        Species Barbus graellsii Steindachner, 1866  
                                        Species Barbus greenwoodi Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus gruveli Pellegrin, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus grypus Heckel, 1843  
                                        Species Barbus guildi Loiselle, 1973  
                                        Species Barbus guineensis Pellegrin, 1913  
                                        Species Barbus guirali Thominot, 1886  
                                        Species Barbus guiraonis Steindachner, 1866  
                                        Species Barbus gulielmi Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus gurneyi Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Barbus haasi Mertens, 1925  
                                        Species Barbus haasianus David, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus habereri Steindachner, 1912  
                                        Species Barbus harterti Günther, 1901  
                                        Species Barbus holotaenia Boulenger, 1904  
                                        Species Barbus hospes Barnard, 1938  
                                        Species Barbus huguenyi Bigorne and Lévêque, 1993  
                                        Species Barbus huloti Banister, 1976  
                                        Species Barbus hulstaerti Poll, 1945  
                                        Species Barbus humeralis Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus humilis Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus humphri Banister, 1976  
                                        Species Barbus hypsolepis Daget, 1959  
                                        Species Barbus inaequalis Lévêque, Teugels and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1988  
                                        Species Barbus innocens Pfeffer, 1896  
                                        Species Barbus intermedius Rüppell, 1835  
                                        Species Barbus issenensis Pellegrin, 1922  
                                        Species Barbus iturii Holly, 1929  
                                        Species Barbus jacksoni Günther, 1889  
                                        Species Barbus jae Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus janssensi Poll, 1976  
                                        Species Barbus jubbi Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus kamolondoensis Poll, 1938  
                                        Species Barbus kersin Heckel, 1843  
                                        Species Barbus kerstenii Peters, 1868  
                                        Species Barbus kessleri (Steindachner, 1866)  
                                        Species Barbus kissiensis Daget, 1954  
                                        Species Barbus ksibi Boulenger, 1905  
                                        Species Barbus kuiluensis Pellegrin, 1930  
                                        Species Barbus lacerta Heckel, 1843  
                                        Species Barbus lagensis (Günther, 1868)  
                                        Species Barbus lamani Lönnberg and Rendahl, 1920  
                                        Species Barbus laticeps Pfeffer, 1889  
                                        Species Barbus lauzannei Lévêque and Paugy, 1982  
                                        Species Barbus leonensis Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus lepineyi Pellegrin, 1939  
                                        Species Barbus leptopogon Schimper, 1834  
                                        Species Barbus liberiensis Steindachner, 1894  
                                        Species Barbus lineomaculatus Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus longiceps Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842  
                                        Species Barbus longifilis Pellegrin, 1935  
                                        Species Barbus longissimus Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus lornae Ricardo-Bertram, 1943  
                                        Species Barbus lorteti Sauvage, 1882  
                                        Species Barbus loveridgii Boulenger, 1916  
                                        Species Barbus luapulae Fowler, 1958  
                                        Species Barbus lucius Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus lufukiensis Boulenger, 1917  
                                        Species Barbus luikae Ricardo, 1939  
                                        Species Barbus lujae Boulenger, 1913  
                                        Species Barbus lukindae Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus lukusiensis David and Poll, 1937  
                                        Species Barbus luluae Fowler, 1930  
                                        Species Barbus luteus (Heckel, 1843)  
                                        Species Barbus macedonicus Karaman, 1928  
                                        Species Barbus machadoi Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus macinensis Daget, 1954  
                                        Species Barbus macroceps Fowler, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus macrolepis Pfeffer, 1889  
                                        Species Barbus macrophtalmus Bini, 1940  
                                        Species Barbus macrops Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus macrotaenia Worthington, 1933  
                                        Species Barbus magdalenae Boulenger, 1906  
                                        Species Barbus magniatlantis Pellegrin, 1919  
                                        Species Barbus malacanthus Pappenheim, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus manicensis Pellegrin, 1919  
                                        Species Barbus mariae Holly, 1929  
                                        Species Barbus marmoratus David and Poll, 1937  
                                        Species Barbus martorelli Roman, 1970  
                                        Species Barbus massaensis Pellegrin, 1922  
                                        Species Barbus matthesi Poll and Gosse, 1963  
                                        Species Barbus mattozi Guimarães, 1884  
                                        Species Barbus mawambi Pappenheim in Pappenheim and Boulenger, 1914  
                                        Species Barbus mawambiensis Steindachner, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus mbami Holly, 1927  
                                        Species Barbus mediosquamatus Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus megastoma Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus melanotaenia Stiassny, 1991  
                                        Species Barbus meridionalis Risso, 1827  
                                        Species Barbus microbarbis David and Poll, 1937  
                                        Species Barbus microcephalus Almaça, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus micronema Boulenger, 1904  
                                        Species Barbus microterolepis Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus mimus Boulenger, 1912  
                                        Species Barbus miolepis Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus mirabilis Pappenheim in Pappenheim and Boulenger, 1914  
                                        Species Barbus mocoensis Trewavas, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus mohasicus Pappenheim in Pappenheim and Boulenger, 1914  
                                        Species Barbus motebensis Steindachner, 1894  
                                        Species Barbus moulouyensis Pellegrin, 1924  
                                        Species Barbus multilineatus Worthington, 1933  
                                        Species Barbus mungoensis Trewavas, 1974  
                                        Species Barbus mursa (Güldenstädt, 1773)  
                                        Species Barbus musumbi Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus myersi Poll, 1939  
                                        Species Barbus nanningsi (de Beaufort, 1933)  
                                        Species Barbus nasus Günther, 1874  
                                        Species Barbus neefi Greenwood, 1962  
                                        Species Barbus neumayeri Fischer, 1884  
                                        Species Barbus nigeriensis Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus nigrifilis Nichols, 1928  
                                        Species Barbus nigroluteus Pellegrin, 1930  
                                        Species Barbus niokoloensis Daget, 1959  
                                        Species Barbus nounensis Van den Bergh and Teugels, 1998  
                                        Species Barbus nyanzae Whitehead, 1960  
                                        Species Barbus oligogrammus David, 1937  
                                        Species Barbus olivaceus Seegers, 1996  
                                        Species Barbus osseensis Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 2000  
                                        Species Barbus owenae Ricardo-Bertram, 1943  
                                        Species Barbus oxyrhynchus Pfeffer, 1889  
                                        Species Barbus pagenstecheri Fischer, 1884  
                                        Species Barbus pallaryi Pellegrin, 1919  
                                        Species Barbus pallidus Smith, 1841  
                                        Species Barbus paludinosus Peters, 1852  
                                        Species Barbus papilio Banister and Bailey, 1979  
                                        Species Barbus parablabes Daget, 1957  
                                        Species Barbus parajae Van den Bergh and Teugels, 1998  
                                        Species Barbus parawaldroni Lévêque, Thys van den Audenaerde and Traoré, 1987  
                                        Species Barbus paytonii Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus pellegrini Poll, 1939  
                                        Species Barbus peloponnesius Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842  
                                        Species Barbus perince Rüppell, 1835  
                                        Species Barbus petchkovskyi Poll, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus petitjeani Daget, 1962  
                                        Species Barbus platydorsus Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus platyrhinus Boulenger, 1900  
                                        Species Barbus plebejus Bonaparte, 1839  
                                        Species Barbus pleurogramma Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus pleuropholis Boulenger, 1899  
                                        Species Barbus pobeguini Pellegrin, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus poechii Steindachner, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus prespensis Karaman, 1924  
                                        Species Barbus prionacanthus Mahnert and Géry, 1982  
                                        Species Barbus profundus Greenwood, 1970  
                                        Species Barbus progenys Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus pseudognathodon Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus pseudotoppini Seegers, 1996  
                                        Species Barbus puellus Nichols and Boulton, 1927  
                                        Species Barbus pumilus Boulenger, 1901  
                                        Species Barbus punctitaeniatus Daget, 1954  
                                        Species Barbus pygmaeus Poll and Gosse, 1963  
                                        Species Barbus quadrilineatus David, 1937  
                                        Species Barbus quadripunctatus Pfeffer, 1896  
                                        Species Barbus radiatus Peters, 1853  
                                        Species Barbus raimbaulti Daget, 1962  
                                        Species Barbus reinii Günther, 1874  
                                        Species Barbus rhinophorus Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus rocadasi Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus rohani Pellegrin, 1921  
                                        Species Barbus rosae Boulenger, 1910  
                                        Species Barbus roussellei Ladiges and Voelker, 1961  
                                        Species Barbus rouxi Daget, 1961  
                                        Species Barbus roylii Boulenger, 1912  
                                        Species Barbus ruasae Pappenheim in Pappenheim and Boulenger, 1914  
                                        Species Barbus rubrostigma Poll and Lambert, 1964  
                                        Species Barbus sacratus Daget, 1963  
                                        Species Barbus salessei Pellegrin, 1908  
                                        Species Barbus schoutedeni Poll and Lambert, 1961  
                                        Species Barbus sclateri Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Barbus serengetiensis Farm, 2000  
                                        Species Barbus serra Peters, 1864  
                                        Species Barbus sexradiatus Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus somereni Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus stanleyi Poll and Gosse, 1974  
                                        Species Barbus stappersii Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus stauchi Daget, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus steindachneri Almaça, 1967  
                                        Species Barbus stigmasemion Fowler, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus stigmatopygus Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus subinensis Hopson, 1965  
                                        Species Barbus sublimus Coad and Najafpour, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus sublineatus Daget, 1954  
                                        Species Barbus subquincunciatus Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Barbus surkis Rüppell, 1835  
                                        Species Barbus sylvaticus Loiselle and Welcomme, 1971  
                                        Species Barbus syntrechalepis (Fowler, 1949)  
                                        Species Barbus taeniopleura Boulenger, 1917  
                                        Species Barbus taeniurus Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Barbus tanapelagius Graaf, Dejen, Sibbing and Osse, 2000  
                                        Species Barbus tangandensis Jubb, 1954  
                                        Species Barbus tauricus Kessler, 1877  
                                        Species Barbus tegulifer Fowler, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus tetrastigma Boulenger, 1913  
                                        Species Barbus thamalakanensis Fowler, 1935  
                                        Species Barbus thessalus Stephanidis, 1971  
                                        Species Barbus thysi Trewavas, 1974  
                                        Species Barbus tiekoroi Lévêque, Teugels and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1987  
                                        Species Barbus tomiensis Fowler, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus tongaensis Rendahl, 1935  
                                        Species Barbus toppini Boulenger, 1916  
                                        Species Barbus trachypterus Boulenger, 1915  
                                        Species Barbus traorei Lévêque, Teugels and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1987  
                                        Species Barbus treurensis Groenewald, 1958  
                                        Species Barbus trevelyani Günther, 1877  
                                        Species Barbus trimaculatus Peters, 1852  
                                        Species Barbus trinotatus Fowler, 1936  
                                        Species Barbus trispiloides Lévêque, Teugels and Thys van den Audenaerde, 1987  
                                        Species Barbus trispilomimus Boulenger, 1907  
                                        Species Barbus trispilopleura Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Barbus trispilos (Bleeker, 1863)  
                                        Species Barbus tropidolepis Boulenger, 1900  
                                        Species Barbus truttiformis Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus tsanensis Nagelkerke and Sibbing, 1997  
                                        Species Barbus turkanae Hopson and Hopson, 1982  
                                        Species Barbus tyberinus Bonaparte, 1839  
                                        Species Barbus umbeluziensis Groenewald, 1958  
                                        Species Barbus unitaeniatus Günther, 1866  
                                        Species Barbus urostigma Boulenger, 1917  
                                        Species Barbus urotaenia Boulenger, 1913  
                                        Species Barbus usambarae Lönnberg, 1907  
                                        Species Barbus vanderysti Poll, 1945  
                                        Species Barbus venustus Bailey, 1980  
                                        Species Barbus viktorianus Lohberger, 1929  
                                        Species Barbus viviparus Weber, 1897  
                                        Species Barbus walkeri Boulenger, 1904  
                                        Species Barbus wellmani Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Barbus wurtzi Pellegrin, 1908  
                                        Species Barbus xanthopterus (Heckel, 1843)  
                                        Species Barbus yeiensis Johnsen, 1926  
                                        Species Barbus yongei Whitehead, 1960  
                                        Species Barbus zalbiensis Blache and Miton, 1960  
                                        Species Barbus zanzibaricus Peters, 1868  

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  Source: Catalog of Fishes, 08-Apr-2005, website (version 05-Apr-05)  
  Acquired: 2005   
  Reference for: Barbus   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Barbus   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Eschmeyer, William N., ed.  
  Publication Date: 1998   
  Article/Chapter Title: Catalog of Fishes   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Special Publication of the Center for Biodiversity Research and Information, no. 1, vol 1-3   
  Page(s): 2905   
  Publisher: California Academy of Sciences   
  Publication Place: San Francisco, California, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-940228-47-5   
  Reference for: Barbus   

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