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Labeo  Cuvier, 1816
Taxonomic Serial No.: 163680

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Habrostomus Agassiz, 1846
    Abrostomus Smith, 1841
    Morulius Hamilton, 1822
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderCypriniformes  – cyprins, meuniers, minnows, suckers  
                                  FamilyCyprinidae  – carps, minnows, carpas y carpitas, carpes et ménés, carps and minnows, carpes, ménés, carpitas, carpas  
                                     GenusLabeo Cuvier, 1816  
    Direct Children:  
                                        Species Labeo alluaudi Pellegrin, 1933  
                                        Species Labeo almorae Chaudhuri, 1912  
                                        Species Labeo alticentralis Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo altivelis Peters, 1852  
                                        Species Labeo angra (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo annectens Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Labeo ansorgii Boulenger, 1907  
                                        Species Labeo ariza (Hamilton, 1807)  
                                        Species Labeo baldasseronii Di Caporiacco, 1948  
                                        Species Labeo barbatulus (Sauvage, 1878)  
                                        Species Labeo barbatus Boulenger, 1898  
                                        Species Labeo bata (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo batesii Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Labeo boga (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo boggut (Sykes, 1839)  
                                        Species Labeo bottegi Vinciguerra, 1897  
                                        Species Labeo boulengeri Vinciguerra, 1912  
                                        Species Labeo brachypoma Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Labeo caeruleus Day, 1877  
                                        Species Labeo calbasu (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo camerunensis Trewavas, 1974  
                                        Species Labeo capensis (Smith, 1841)  
                                        Species Labeo chrysophekadion (Bleeker, 1850) – black labeo, black sharkminnow 
                                        Species Labeo congoro Peters, 1852  
                                        Species Labeo coubie Rüppell, 1832  
                                        Species Labeo curchius (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo curriei Fowler, 1919  
                                        Species Labeo cyclopinnis Nichols and Griscom, 1917  
                                        Species Labeo cyclorhynchus Boulenger, 1899  
                                        Species Labeo cylindricus Peters, 1852  
                                        Species Labeo degeni Boulenger, 1920  
                                        Species Labeo dero (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo devdevi Hora, 1936  
                                        Species Labeo dhonti Boulenger, 1920  
                                        Species Labeo djourae Blache and Miton, 1960  
                                        Species Labeo dussumieri (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842)  
                                        Species Labeo dyocheilus (McClelland, 1839)  
                                        Species Labeo erythropterus Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842  
                                        Species Labeo falcipinnis Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Labeo fimbriatus (Bloch, 1795)  
                                        Species Labeo fisheri Jordan and Starks, 1917  
                                        Species Labeo forskalii Rüppell, 1835  
                                        Species Labeo fuelleborni Hilgendorf and Pappenheim, 1903  
                                        Species Labeo gedrosicus Zugmayer, 1912  
                                        Species Labeo gonius (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo greenii Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Labeo gregorii Günther, 1894  
                                        Species Labeo horie Heckel, 1847  
                                        Species Labeo indramontri Smith, 1945  
                                        Species Labeo kawrus (Sykes, 1839)  
                                        Species Labeo kibimbi Poll, 1949  
                                        Species Labeo kirkii Boulenger, 1903  
                                        Species Labeo kontius (Jerdon, 1849)  
                                        Species Labeo lineatus Boulenger, 1898  
                                        Species Labeo longipinnis Boulenger, 1898  
                                        Species Labeo lualabaensis Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo lukulae Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Labeo luluae Fowler, 1930  
                                        Species Labeo lunatus Jubb, 1963  
                                        Species Labeo macmahoni Zugmayer, 1912  
                                        Species Labeo macrostoma Boulenger, 1898  
                                        Species Labeo maleboensis Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo mesops Günther, 1868  
                                        Species Labeo molybdinus Du Plessis, 1963  
                                        Species Labeo moszkowskii Ahl, 1922  
                                        Species Labeo nandina (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo nasus Boulenger, 1899  
                                        Species Labeo nigricans Boulenger, 1911  
                                        Species Labeo nigripinnis Day, 1877  
                                        Species Labeo nunensis Pellegrin, 1929  
                                        Species Labeo pangusia (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo parvus Boulenger, 1902  
                                        Species Labeo pellegrini Zolezzi, 1939  
                                        Species Labeo percivali Boulenger, 1912  
                                        Species Labeo pierrei (Sauvage, 1880)  
                                        Species Labeo pietschmanni Machan, 1930  
                                        Species Labeo polli Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo porcellus (Heckel, 1844)  
                                        Species Labeo potail (Sykes, 1839)  
                                        Species Labeo quadribarbis Poll and Gosse, 1963  
                                        Species Labeo rajasthanicus Datta and Majumdar, 1970  
                                        Species Labeo rectipinnis Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo reidi Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                        Species Labeo rosae Steindachner, 1894  
                                        Species Labeo roseopunctatus Paugy, Guégan and Agnèse, 1990  
                                        Species Labeo rouaneti Daget, 1962  
                                        Species Labeo rubromaculatus Gilchrist and Thompson, 1913  
                                        Species Labeo ruddi Boulenger, 1907  
                                        Species Labeo sanagaensis Tshibwabwa, 1997  
                                        Species Labeo seeberi Gilchrist and Thompson, 1911  
                                        Species Labeo senegalensis Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842  
                                        Species Labeo simpsoni Ricardo-Bertram, 1943  
                                        Species Labeo sorex Nichols and Griscom, 1917  
                                        Species Labeo stolizkae Steindachner, 1870  
                                        Species Labeo trigliceps Pellegrin, 1926  
                                        Species Labeo udaipurensis Tilak, 1968  
                                        Species Labeo umbratus (Smith, 1841)  
                                        Species Labeo victorianus Boulenger, 1901  
                                        Species Labeo weeksii Boulenger, 1909  
                                        Species Labeo werneri Lohberger, 1929  
                                        Species Labeo worthingtoni Fowler, 1958  
                                        Species Labeo yunnanensis Chaudhuri, 1911  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Catalog of Fishes, 08-Apr-2005, website (version 05-Apr-05)  
  Acquired: 2005   
  Reference for: Labeo   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Labeo   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Eschmeyer, William N.  
  Publication Date: 1990   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Genera of Recent Fishes   
  Page(s): iii + 697   
  Publisher: California Academy of Sciences   
  Publication Place: San Francisco, CA, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-940228-23-8   
  Reference for: Labeo   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Eschmeyer, William N., ed.  
  Publication Date: 1998   
  Article/Chapter Title: Catalog of Fishes   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Special Publication of the Center for Biodiversity Research and Information, no. 1, vol 1-3   
  Page(s): 2905   
  Publisher: California Academy of Sciences   
  Publication Place: San Francisco, California, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-940228-47-5   
  Reference for: Labeo   

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