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Compare Taxonomy/Nomenclature

The Taxon Compare tool is used to compare a list of scientific names that you provide to the scientific names in ITIS.

Taxon Compare can be run as a simple name compare, or using the FGDC Biological Profile with optional SGML output.

Please review the following documents for guidance on using this tool.

Compare taxonomy/nomenclature import format provides information about the input file format.

Compare Taxonomy/Nomenclature Use Guidelines for more information about the simple name compare tool.

ITIS Taxonomic Metadata Tool Use Guidelines for more information about FGDC comparison and SGML output.

Step 1 - Identify and Upload File

  • Choose the comparison file to upload from your system to the ITIS server:

    File Name:
  • Confirm this file name is the correct file to be matched against ITIS. Update the name here only if it doesn't match the name you uploaded (this entry is case-sensitive, please enter the name exactly as you transferred it):

    Compare File Name:

  • Select the character delimiter used to separate the fields within the file:

  • Click Next to continue or Reset to start over.

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