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Curculionidae  Latreille, 1802
Taxonomic Serial No.: 114666

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Family  
  Common Name(s): snout beetles [English]
    weevils [English]
    charançons [French]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: partial   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptères, besouro  
                                  SuborderPolyphaga Emery, 1886  
                                     InfraorderCucujiformia Lameere, 1938  
                                        SuperfamilyCurculionoidea Latreille, 1802  
                                           FamilyCurculionidae Latreille, 1802 – snout beetles, weevils, charançons  
    Direct Children:  
                                              Genus Acalles Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Acallodes LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Acalyptus Schönherr, 1833  
                                              Genus Acamptus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Acanthoscelidius Hustache, 1930  
                                              Genus Acentrinops Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Achrastenus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Acmaegenius LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Acoptus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Adaleres Casey, 1895  
                                              Genus Agasphaerops Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Agraphus Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Agronus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Amalus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Amercedes Casey, 1894  
                                              Genus Amotus Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Ampeloglypter LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Anaballus Blanchard, 1849  
                                              Genus Anacentrinus Buchanan, 1932  
                                              Genus Anametis Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Anchitelus Van Dyke, 1936  
                                              Genus Anchonus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Anotheorus Blackburn, 1877  
                                              Genus Anthonomopsis Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Anthonomus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Aphrastus Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Apleurus Chevrolat, 1873  
                                              Genus Apotrepus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Apteromechus Faust, 1896  
                                              Genus Aracanthus Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Aragnomus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Archarias Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Artipus Sahlberg, 1823  
                                              Genus Athesapeuta Faust, 1894  
                                              Genus Atrichonotus Buchanan, 1939  
                                              Genus Auleutes Dietz, 1896  
                                              Genus Aulobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Bagous Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Barilepis Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Barilepton LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Barinus Casey, 1887  
                                              Genus Baris Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Barynotus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Barypeithes Jacquelin du Val, 1854  
                                              Genus Brachyogmus Linell, 1897  
                                              Genus Brachysomus Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Brachystylus Schönherr, 1845  
                                              Genus Bradyrhynchoides Pierce, 1913  
                                              Genus Buchananius Kissinger, 1957  
                                              Genus Caecossonus Gilbert, 1955  
                                              Genus Calandrinus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Calles Kissinger, 1964  
                                              Genus Callirhopalus Hochhuth, 1851  
                                              Genus Calomycterus Roelofs, 1873  
                                              Genus Calyptillus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Campylirhynchus Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Canistes Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Carphonotus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Catapastus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Caulophilus Wollaston, 1854  
                                              Genus Centrinaspis Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Centrinites Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Centrinogyna Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Centrinopus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Centrinus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Cercopedius Sleeper, 1955  
                                              Genus Cercopeus Schönherr, 1842  
                                              Genus Ceutorhynchus Germar, 1824  
                                              Genus Chaenosternum Blackburn, 1885  
                                              Genus Chaetechidius Sleeper, 1955  
                                              Genus Chalcodermus Dejean, 1835  
                                              Genus Chaleponotus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Chelonychus Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Cholinobaris Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Cimbocera Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Cionomimus Marshall, 1939  
                                              Genus Cionopsis Champion, 1903  
                                              Genus Cionus Clairville, 1798  
                                              Genus Cleonidius Casey, 1891  
                                              Genus Cleonis Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Cnemogonus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Coccotorus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Colecerus Schönherr, 1840  
                                              Genus Compsus Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Conotrachelus Dejean, 1835  
                                              Genus Cophes Champion, 1905  
                                              Genus Copturus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Cosmobaris Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Cossonus Clairville, 1798  
                                              Genus Craponius LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Crocidema Van Dyke, 1934  
                                              Genus Cryptolepidus Van Dyke, 1936  
                                              Genus Cryptorhynchus Illiger, 1807  
                                              Genus Curculio Linnaeus, 1758  
                                              Genus Cylindridia Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Cylindrocopturinus Sleeper, 1963  
                                              Genus Cylindrocopturus Heller, 1895  
                                              Genus Cyrtepistomus Marshall, 1913  
                                              Genus Deinocossonus Perkins, 1900  
                                              Genus Derelomus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Desmoglyptus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Diamimus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Diaprepes Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Dichoxenus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Dietzella Champion, 1907  
                                              Genus Dietzianus Sleeper, 1953  
                                              Genus Diorymeropsis Champion, 1908  
                                              Genus Dirabius Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Dirotognathus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Dolichotelus   
                                              Genus Dorytomus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Dryotribodes Zimmerman, 1942  
                                              Genus Dryotribus Horn, 1873  
                                              Genus Dynatopechus Marshall, 1931  
                                              Genus Dysticheus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Eisonyx LeConte, 1880  
                                              Genus Elassoptes Horn, 1873  
                                              Genus Ellescus Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Elytroteinus Marshall, 1920  
                                              Genus Emphyastes Mannerheim, 1852  
                                              Genus Epacalles Kissinger, 1964  
                                              Genus Ephelops Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Epicaerus Schönherr, 1834  
                                              Genus Epimechus Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Episcirrus Kuschel, 1958  
                                              Genus Ericydeus Pascoe, 1880  
                                              Genus Eubrychius C. G. Thomson, 1859  
                                              Genus Eubulus Kirsch, 1870  
                                              Genus Eucilinus Buchanan, 1926  
                                              Genus Eucoptus Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Eucyllus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Eudiagogus Schönherr, 1840  
                                              Genus Eudociminus Leng, 1918  
                                              Genus Euhrychiopsis Dietz, 1896  
                                              Genus Eulechriops Faust, 1896  
                                              Genus Eurhoptus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Euscepes Schönherr, 1844  
                                              Genus Evotus LeConte, 1874  
                                              Genus Faustinus Berg, 1898  
                                              Genus Gastrotaphrus Buchanan, 1936  
                                              Genus Geoderces Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Geodercodes Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Geraeus Pascoe, 1889  
                                              Genus Gerstaeckeria Champion, 1905  
                                              Genus Glaphyrometopus Pierce, 1913  
                                              Genus Glyptobaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Gononotus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Graphognathus Buchanan, 1939  
                                              Genus Graphorhinus Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Gymnetron Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Hadromeropsis Pierce, 1913  
                                              Genus Haplostethops Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Heilipus Germar, 1824  
                                              Genus Hesperobaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Heteramphus Sharp, 1885  
                                              Genus Hexarthrum Wollaston, 1860  
                                              Genus Hilipinus Champion, 1902  
                                              Genus Himatium Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Hohonus Kissinger, 1964  
                                              Genus Homorosoma Frivaldszky, 1894  
                                              Genus Hormops LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Hormorus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Huaca Clark, 1993  
                                              Genus Hylobius Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Hypera Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Hypocoeliodes Faust, 1896  
                                              Genus Hypoleschus Fall, 1907  
                                              Genus Hypurus Rey, 1882  
                                              Genus Idiostethus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Isodacrys Sharp, 1911  
                                              Genus Laemosaccus Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Larinus Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Lechriops Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Lembodes Schönherr, 1844  
                                              Genus Lepesoma Motschulsky, 1845  
                                              Genus Lepidophorus W. Kirby, 1837  
                                              Genus Leptopinara O'Brien, 1981  
                                              Genus Lepyrus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Lignyodes Dejean, 1835  
                                              Genus Liometophilus Fall, 1912  
                                              Genus Liophloeus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Listroderes Schönherr, 1826  
                                              Genus Listronotus Jekel, 1865  
                                              Genus Lixellus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Lixus Fabricius, 1801  
                                              Genus Lupinocolus Van Dyke, 1936  
                                              Genus Lymantes Schönherr, 1838  
                                              Genus Macrancylus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Macrorhoptus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Madarellus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Maemactes Schönherr, 1837  
                                              Genus Magdalinops Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Magdalis Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Mecinus Germar, 1821  
                                              Genus Melanolemma Van Dyke, 1935  
                                              Genus Menoetius Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Mesagroicus Schönherr, 1840  
                                              Genus Mesites Schönherr, 1838  
                                              Genus Metopotoma Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Miarus Schönherr, 1826  
                                              Genus Micralcinus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Microbaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Microcholus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Microhyus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Microlarinus Hochhuth, 1847  
                                              Genus Micromastus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Micromimus Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Micromyrmex Sleeper, 1953  
                                              Genus Miloderes Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Miloderoides Van Dyke, 1936  
                                              Genus Minyomerus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Mitostylus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Mitrastethus Redtenbacher, 1868  
                                              Genus Mononychus Germar, 1824  
                                              Genus Myllocerus Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Myrmex Sturm, 1826  
                                              Genus Nanops Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Nanus Schönherr, 1844  
                                              Genus Narberdia Burke, 1976  
                                              Genus Naupactus Dejean, 1821  
                                              Genus Nedyus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Neoerethistes O'Brien and Wibmer, 1982  
                                              Genus Neomastix Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Neophycocoetes O'Brien and Wibmer, 1982  
                                              Genus Neophytobius Wagner, 1936  
                                              Genus Neoptochus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Neoulosomus O'Brien and Wibmer, 1982  
                                              Genus Nesotocus Perkins, 1900  
                                              Genus Nicentrus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Nothoperissops Heller, 1916  
                                              Genus Notolomus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Nyssonotus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Ochyromera Pascoe, 1874  
                                              Genus Odontocorynus Schönherr, 1844  
                                              Genus Odontopus Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Oligolochus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Omias Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Omileus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Onychobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Oodemas Boheman, 1859  
                                              Genus Oomorphidius Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Oopterinus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Ophryastes Germar, 1829  
                                              Genus Orchidophilus Buchanan, 1935  
                                              Genus Orimodema Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Orothreptes Perkins, 1900  
                                              Genus Orthoptochus Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Orthorhinus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Orthoris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Otiorhynchus Germar, 1822  
                                              Genus Oxydema Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Pachnaeus Schönherr, 1826  
                                              Genus Pachybaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Pachygeraeus Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Pachylobius LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Pachyrhinus Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Pachytychius Jekel, 1861  
                                              Genus Pactorrhinus Ancey, 1881  
                                              Genus Pandeleteinus Champion, 1911  
                                              Genus Pandeleteius Schönherr, 1834  
                                              Genus Panscopus Schönherr, 1842  
                                              Genus Pantomorus Schönherr, 1840  
                                              Genus Paracamptus Casey, 1895  
                                              Genus Paracimbocera Van Dyke, 1938  
                                              Genus Paragraphus Blatchley, 1916  
                                              Genus Paranametis Burke, 1960  
                                              Genus Paraptochus Seidlitz, 1868  
                                              Genus Parenthis Dietz, 1896  
                                              Genus Pelenosomus Dietz, 1896  
                                              Genus Peltophorus Schönherr, 1845  
                                              Genus Pentarthrinus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Pentarthrum Wollaston, 1854  
                                              Genus Peracalles Kissinger, 1964  
                                              Genus Perigaster Dietz, 1896  
                                              Genus Peritaxia Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Peritelinus Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Peritelodes Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Peritelopsis Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Pheloconus Roelofs, 1875  
                                              Genus Philopedon Schönherr, 1826  
                                              Genus Phloeophagosoma Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Phloeophagus Schönherr, 1838  
                                              Genus Pholidoforus Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Phrydiuchus Gozis, 1885  
                                              Genus Phyllobius Germar, 1824  
                                              Genus Phyllotrox Schönherr, 1843  
                                              Genus Phyrdenus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Phytobius Schönherr, 1833  
                                              Genus Phyxelis Schönherr, 1842  
                                              Genus Piazorhinus Schönherr, 1835  
                                              Genus Piscatopus Sleeper, 1960  
                                              Genus Pissodes Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Plesiobaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Plinthodes LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Plocamus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Plocetes LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Pnigodes LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Polydacrys Schönherr, 1834  
                                              Genus Polydrusus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Poophagus Schönherr, 1837  
                                              Genus Proctorus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Promecotarsus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Pselactus Broun, 1886  
                                              Genus Pseudanthonomus Dietz, 1891  
                                              Genus Pseudoacalles Blatchley, 1916  
                                              Genus Pseudobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Pseudocentrinus Champion, 1908  
                                              Genus Pseudocercopeus Sleeper, 1955  
                                              Genus Pseudocyphus Schaeffer, 1905  
                                              Genus Pseudomopsis Champion, 1905  
                                              Genus Pseudomus Schönherr, 1837  
                                              Genus Pseudopentarthrum Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Pseudorimus Van Dyke, 1934  
                                              Genus Psomus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Pycnobaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Pycnogeraeus Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Rhamphocolus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Rhigopsis LeConte, 1874  
                                              Genus Rhinanisus Broun, 1883  
                                              Genus Rhinocyllus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Rhinoncus Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Genus Rhoptobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Rhynchus Kissinger, 1964  
                                              Genus Rhyncogonus Sharp, 1885  
                                              Genus Rhyncolus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Rhypodillus Cockerell, 1906  
                                              Genus Rhyssomatus Schönherr, 1837  
                                              Genus Rileyonymus Dietz, 1896  
                                              Genus Rutidosoma Stephens, 1831  
                                              Genus Rynchaenus Clairville, 1798  
                                              Genus Sapotes Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Sciaphilus Schönherr, 1823  
                                              Genus Sciopithes Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Seenomma Alonso-Zarazaga and Lyal, 1999  
                                              Genus Sibariops Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Sibinia Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Sicoderus Vanin, 1986  
                                              Genus Sirocalodes Voss, 1958  
                                              Genus Sitona Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Smicraulax Pierce, 1908  
                                              Genus Smicronyx Schönherr, 1843  
                                              Genus Stamoderes Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Stenancylus Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Stenobaris Linell, 1897  
                                              Genus Stenomimus Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Stenoptochus Casey, 1888  
                                              Genus Stenoscelis Wollaston, 1861  
                                              Genus Stenotrupis Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Stephanocleonus Motschulsky, 1860  
                                              Genus Steremnius Schönherr, 1835  
                                              Genus Stereogaster Van Dyke, 1936  
                                              Genus Sternechus Schönherr, 1826  
                                              Genus Sternochetus Pierce, 1917  
                                              Genus Stethobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Sthereus Motschulsky, 1845  
                                              Genus Stictobaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Stomodes Schönherr, 1826  
                                              Genus Strongylotes Schönherr, 1836  
                                              Genus Strophosoma Billberg, 1820  
                                              Genus Sudus Kissinger, 1964  
                                              Genus Syagrius Pascoe, 1875  
                                              Genus Tachygonus Guérin-Ménéville, 1833  
                                              Genus Tanymecus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Thecesternus Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Thinoxenus Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Thricolepis Horn, 1876  
                                              Genus Thylacites Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Tomolips Wollaston, 1873  
                                              Genus Trachodes Germar, 1824  
                                              Genus Trachyphloeosoma Wollaston, 1869  
                                              Genus Trachyphloeus Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Tranes Schönherr, 1843  
                                              Genus Trepobaris Casey, 1892  
                                              Genus Trichacorynus Blatchley, 1916  
                                              Genus Trichalophus LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Trichobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Trichodirabius Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Trichomagdalis Fall, 1913  
                                              Genus Trichosirocalus Colonnelli, 1979  
                                              Genus Triglyphulus Cockerell, 1906  
                                              Genus Trigonoscuta Motschulsky, 1853  
                                              Genus Trigonoscutoides O'Brien, 1977  
                                              Genus Tropiphorus Schönherr, 1842  
                                              Genus Tychius Germar, 1817  
                                              Genus Tyloderma Say, 1831  
                                              Genus Vitavitus Kissinger, 1974  
                                              Genus Zascelis LeConte, 1876  
                                              Genus Zygobarella Casey, 1920  
                                              Genus Zygobarinus Pierce, 1907  
                                              Genus Zygobaris LeConte, 1876  
                                              Subfamily Brachycerinae Billberg, 1820  
                                              Subfamily Cossoninae Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Subfamily Curculioninae Latreille, 1802  
                                              Subfamily Dryophthorinae Schönherr, 1825  
                                              Subfamily Phylloplatypodinae Kato, 1998  
                                              Subfamily Platypodinae Shuckard, 1820  
                                              Subfamily Scolytinae Latreille, 1804  

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  Reference for: Curculionidae   

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