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 Kingdom Animalia
  Coryphopterus personatus (Jordan and Thompson, 1905) – valid – masked goby, gobio enmascarado, gobio mapache
  Etelides Jordan and Thompson, 1905 – invalid
  Execestides egregius Jordan and Thompson, 1905 – invalid
  Gnathagnus egregius (Jordan and Thompson, 1905) – invalid – freckled stargazer
  Holocentrus tortugae Jordan and Thompson, 1905 – invalid – West Indian squirrelfish
  Opistognathus aurifrons (Jordan and Thompson, 1905) – valid – yellowhead jawfish, guardian cabeziamarillo, bocón cabeza amarilla
  Xenocephalus egregius (Jordan and Thompson, 1905) – valid – freckled stargazer

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