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 Kingdom Chromista
  Vaucheria orthocarpa Reinsch. – accepted
 Kingdom Fungi
  Blastocladia pringsheimi Reinsch – accepted
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Anabaena confervoides Reinsch. – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Micrasterias truncata var. crenata (Brebisson) Reinsch – accepted
  Micrasterias truncata var. quadrata Bulnh Reinsch – accepted
  Micrasterias truncata var. pusilla G. S. West Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium obsoletum (Hantz.) Reinsch – accepted
  Micrasterias truncata var. uralensis Krieger Reinsch – accepted
  Micrasterias truncata var. convexa Prescott Reinsch – accepted
  Ceraterias raphidioides Reinsch – accepted
  Characium coronatum Reinsch – accepted
  Chloreocolax mirabilis Reinsch – not accepted
  Choreocolax Reinsch – accepted
  Choreocolax polysiphoniae Reinsch – accepted
  Closterium braunii Reinsch – accepted
  Coelastrum sacbrum Reinsch – accepted
  Coelastrum sacbrum var. scabrum Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium auriculatum Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium circulare Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium circulare var. circulare Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium hammeri Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium hammeri var. hammeri Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium norimbergense Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium plicatum Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium regnesi Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium regnesi var. regnesi Reinsch – accepted
  Cosmarium trilobulatum Reinsch – accepted
  Cylindrocapsa involuta Reinsch – accepted
  Cylindrocapsa nuda Reinsch – accepted
  Goniotrichum cornu-cervi Reinsch – accepted
  Pediastrum boryanum var. longicorne Reinsch – accepted
  Pediastrum sturmii Reinsch – accepted
  Polysiphonia inconspicua Reinsch – not accepted
  Selanastrum Reinsch – accepted
  Selanastrum bibraianum var. gracile Reinsch – not accepted
  Selanastrum gracile Reinsch – accepted
  Selenastrum bibraianum Reinsch – accepted
  Selenastrum bibraianum var. bibraianum Reinsch – accepted
  Staurastrum hantzschii Reinsch – accepted
  Staurastrum meriani Reinsch – accepted
  Staurastrum sebaldi Reinsch – accepted
  Staurastrum sebaldi var. sebaldi Reinsch – accepted
  Stylonema Reinsch – accepted
  Tetraedron enorme var. minor Reinsch – accepted
  Characium debaryanum (Reinsch) De Toni – accepted
  Tetraedron armatus (Reinsch) De Toni – accepted
  Tetraedron trigonum var. gracile (Reinsch) Detoni – accepted
  Asterocytis smaragdina (Reinsch) Forti – accepted
  Scenedesmus bijuga var. alternans (Reinsch) Hansg. – accepted
  Trochiscia aspera (Reinsch) Hansg. – accepted
  Trochiscia granulata (Reinsch) Hansg. – accepted
  Trochiscia obtusa (Reinsch) Hansg. – accepted
  Trochiscia reticularis (Reinsch) Hansg. – accepted
  Tetraedron gracile var. gracile (Reinsch) Hansgirg – accepted
  Tetraedron hastatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg – accepted
  Tetraedron hastatum var. hastatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg – accepted
  Tetraedron quadricuspidatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg – accepted
  Tetraedron gracile (Reinsch) Hansgrig – accepted
  Tetraedron quadratum (Reinsch) Hansgrig – accepted
  Tetraedron trilobulatum (Reinsch) Hansgrig – accepted
  Pleurotaenium maximum (Reinsch) Lundell – accepted
  Cosmarium decedens (Reinsch) Raciborski – accepted
  Pleurotaenium trabecula var. maxima (Reinsch) Roll. – accepted
  Colacodasya inconspicua (Reinsch) Schmitz – accepted
  Harveyella mirabilis (Reinsch) Schmitz and Reinke – accepted
  Selenastrum bibraianum var. gracile (Reinsch) Tiffany and Ahlstrom – accepted
  Cosmarium cyclicum var. nordstedtianum (Reinsch) West and West – accepted
  Tetraedron lunula (Reinsch) Wille – accepted
  Characium heteromorphum (Reinsch) Wolle – accepted
  Tetrapedia Reinsch, 1866 – accepted
  Tetrapedia gothica Reinsch, 1866 – accepted
  Cylindrocapsa Reinsch, 1867 – accepted
  Mougeotia genuflexa var. gracilis Reinsch, 1867 – accepted
  Actidesmium Reinsch, 1875 – accepted
  Actidesmium hookeri Reinsch, 1875 – accepted
  Coelastrum verrucosum Reinsch. – accepted
  Tetraedron minimum var. tetralobulatum Reinsch. – accepted

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