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Taxon author: Mansf.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Mansf."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Allium cepa var. viviparum (Metz) Mansf. -- not accepted -- garden onion
  Alloplectus affinis Mansf. -- not accepted
  Alloplectus altescandens Mansf. -- not accepted
  Alloplectus crenatilobus Mansf. -- not accepted
  Alloplectus dielsii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Alloplectus herthae Mansf. -- not accepted
  Alloplectus hoppii Mansf. -- not accepted
  Alloplectus schultzei Mansf. -- not accepted
  Alloplectus tessmannii Mansf. -- accepted
  Alloplectus tetragonoides Mansf. -- not accepted
  Anodiscus xanthophyllus (Poepp.) Mansf. -- not accepted
  Anthriscus scandicina Mansf. -- not accepted
  Armeria pseudarmeria (Murray) Mansf. -- accepted
  Avena nuda ssp. strigosa (Schreb.) Mansf. -- not accepted
  Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. -- accepted -- rotund boesenbergia
  Citrullus lanatus var. citroides (L.H. Bailey) Mansf. -- accepted -- watermelon
  Codonanthe ulei (Mansf.) H.E. Moore -- not accepted
  Codonanthopsis Mansf. -- accepted
  Codonanthopsis hubneri Mansf. -- accepted
  Codonanthopsis ulei Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea dielsii Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea ericae Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea eubracteata Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea herthae Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea inaequilatera var. rhonhofiae Mansf. -- not accepted
  Columnea lehmannii Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea lophophora Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea schimpffii Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea spathulata Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea tessmannii Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea trollii Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea ulei Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea villosissima Mansf. -- accepted
  Columnea weberbaueri Mansf. -- not accepted
  Croton tessmannii Mansf. -- accepted
  Dalbergaria ericae (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Dalbergaria eubracteata (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Dalbergaria schimpffii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Dalbergaria tessmannii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Dalbergaria villosissima (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus stolzii var. minor Mansf. -- not accepted
  Drymonia affinis (Mansf.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Drymonia crenatiloba (Mansf.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Drymonia hoppii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Episcia buchtienii Mansf. -- not accepted
  Episcia hansteiniana Mansf. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia weberbaueri Mansf. -- accepted
  Gasteranthus crispus (Mansf.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Glossoloma altescandens (Mansf.) J.L. Clark -- accepted
  Glossoloma herthae (Mansf.) J.L. Clark -- accepted
  Glossoloma schultzei (Mansf.) J.L. Clark -- accepted
  Glossoloma tetragonoides (Mansf.) J.L. Clark -- accepted
  Halphophyllum crispum Mansf. -- not accepted
  Koellikeria erinoides (DC.) Mansf. -- not accepted
  Monopyle subdimidiata (Klotzsch & Hanst.) Mansf. -- accepted
  Nicotiana quadrivalvis var. wallacei (A. Gray) Mansf. -- accepted -- Wallace's tobacco
  Ortholoma dielsii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Ortholoma herthae (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Ortholoma lehmannii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Ortholoma ulei (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Paliavana tenuiflora Mansf. -- accepted
  Paliavana werdermannii Mansf. -- accepted
  Paradrymonia buchtienii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Paradrymonia hansteiniana (Mansf.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Parakohleria schimpfii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Pearcea schimpfii Mansf. -- accepted
  Pentadenia lophophora (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Pentadenia spathulata (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Pentadenia trollii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Pentadenia weberbaueri (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Potentilla gracilis var. owyheensis Ertter & D.H. Mansfield -- accepted -- Owyhee cinquefoil
  Streptocarpus bullatus Mansf. -- accepted
  Streptocarpus comptonii Mansf. -- not accepted
  Streptocarpus euanthus Mansf. -- accepted
  Streptocarpus glandulossisimus var. longiflorus Mansf. -- not accepted
  Streptocarpus minutiflorus Mansf. -- not accepted
  Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp. comptonii (Mansf.) Hilliard -- accepted
  Streptocarpus schliebenii Mansf. -- accepted
  Streptocarpus solenanthus Mansf. -- accepted
  Trichantha dielsii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Trichantha herthae (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Trichantha lehmannii (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  Trichantha ulei (Mansf.) Wiehler -- not accepted
  X Elyhordeum Mansf. ex Tsitsin & K.A. Petrova -- accepted -- barley

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