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Taxon author: Greville

ITIS records citing taxon author "Greville"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Catenella Greville -- accepted
  Delesseria hilliae Greville -- not accepted
  Dumontia filiformis (Hornemann) Greville -- not accepted
  Enteromorpha clathrata (Roth) Greville -- accepted
  Enteromorpha compressa (Linnaeus) Greville -- accepted
  Enteromorpha compressa var. compressa (Linnaeus) Greville -- accepted
  Gelidium latifolium (Greville) Bornet and Thuret -- accepted
  Gracilaria confervoides (Linnaeus) Greville -- accepted
  Hymenena fissa Greville, 1830 -- accepted
  Laurencia papillosa (C. Agardh) Greville -- accepted
  Micrasterias rotata (Greville) Ralfs -- accepted
  Micrasterias rotata var. rotata (Greville) Ralfs -- accepted
  Nitophyllum punctatum (Stackhouse) Greville -- accepted
  Phyllophora Greville, 1930 -- accepted
  Phyllophora rubens Greville -- accepted
  Polysiphonia fibrillosa Greville -- accepted
  Polysiphonia urceolata (Dillwyn) Greville -- accepted
  Rhodomenia Greville, 1830 -- not accepted
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Oscillatoria prolifica (Greville) Gomont -- valid
 Kingdom Chromista
  Asterolampra dallasiana Greville, 1860 -- accepted
  Asterolampra exima Greville, 1859 -- accepted
  Asterolampra grevillei (Wallich) Greville -- accepted
  Asteromphalus elegans Greville, 1859 -- accepted
  Asteromphalus flabellatus (Brebisson) Greville -- accepted
  Asteromphalus moronensis (Greville, 1863) Rattray, 1876 -- accepted
  Asteromphalus roperianus (Greville, 1860) Ralfs in Prichard, 1861 -- accepted
  Berkeleya Greville -- accepted
  Biddulphia chinensis (Greville) Grunow -- not accepted
  Biddulphia longicruris Greville -- not accepted
  Biddulphia longicruris var. longicruris Greville, 1859 -- not accepted
  Campylodiscus undulatus Greville, 1863 -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus griseus Greville, 1863 -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus lewisianus Greville, 1866 -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus stokesianus (Greville, 1866) Grunow, 1886 -- accepted
  Costaria turneri Greville, 1830 -- accepted
  Cymbellaceae Greville -- accepted
  Diatomella Greville -- accepted
  Dictyota linearis (C. Agardh) Greville -- accepted
  Fallacia forcipata (Greville) Stickle and D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fragilariaceae Greville -- accepted
  Glyphodesmis Greville -- accepted
  Lyrella approximata (Greville) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Lyrella irrorata (Greville) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Myrionema strangulans Greville -- accepted
  Navicula approximata Greville -- not accepted
  Navicula forcipata Greville -- not accepted
  Navicula irrorata Greville -- not accepted
  Odontella longicruris (Greville) Hoban -- accepted
  Plagiogramma Greville -- accepted
  Skeletonema Greville -- accepted
  Skeletonema barbadense Greville, 1865 -- accepted
  Stictodiscus Greville -- accepted

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