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Taxon author: Wallich

ITIS records citing taxon author "Wallich"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Cenchrus anjana Ham. ex Wallich -- not accepted
  Tetraedron cruciatum (Wallich) West and West -- accepted
  Tetraedron cruciatum var. cruciatum (Wallich) West and West -- accepted
  Tetraedron pusillum (Wallich) West and West -- accepted
  Vossia Wallich & Griffith -- accepted -- hippo grass
 Kingdom Chromista
  Asterolampra grevillei (Wallich) Greville -- accepted
  Asteromphalus sarcophagus Wallich -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis doliolus (G. C. Wallich) Medlin and Sims -- accepted
  Hemidiscus Wallich -- accepted
  Hemidiscus cuneiformis Wallich, 1860 -- accepted
  Hydrosera Wallich -- accepted
  Navicula taedia Wallich -- accepted
  Pseudoeunotia doliolus (Wallich) Grunow -- not accepted
  Stigmaphora Wallich -- accepted
 Kingdom Protozoa
  Trichamoeba villosa (Wallich, 1863) -- valid

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