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Taxon author: Cochran, 1928

ITIS records citing taxon author "Cochran, 1928"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Amphisbaena caudalis Cochran, 1928 -- valid -- Cayemite Long-tailed Amphisbaena, Cayemite Long-tailed Worm Lizard
  Anolis bartschi (Cochran, 1928) -- valid -- West Cuban Anole, Western Cliff Anole
  Leiocephalus pratensis (Cochran, 1928) -- valid -- Atalaye Curlytail Lizard
  Leiocephalus pratensis pratensis (Cochran, 1928) -- valid
  Leiocephalus vinculum Cochran, 1928 -- valid -- Cochran's Curlytail Lizard

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