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Taxon author: (Greene) Small

ITIS records citing taxon author "(Greene) Small"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Cathartolinum neomexicanum (Greene) Small -- not accepted
  Hesperolinon clevelandii (Greene) Small -- accepted -- Allen Springs dwarf-flax
  Jepsonia malvifolia (Greene) Small -- accepted -- island jepsonia
  Micranthes aprica (Greene) Small -- accepted -- Sierra saxifrage
  Micranthes californica (Greene) Small -- accepted -- California saxifrage
  Micranthes howellii (Greene) Small -- accepted -- Howell's saxifrage
  Micranthes marshallii (Greene) Small -- accepted -- Marshall's saxifrage
  Micranthes nidifica (Greene) Small -- accepted -- peak saxifrage, swamp saxifrage
  Micranthes rhomboidea (Greene) Small -- accepted -- diamondleaf saxifrage
  Newberrya pumila (Greene) Small -- not accepted
  Saxifragopsis fragarioides (Greene) Small -- accepted -- strawberry saxifrage
  Tithymalopsis marilandica (Greene) Small -- not accepted

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