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Taxon author: Bacig.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Bacig."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Bensonia oregona Abrams & Bacig. -- not accepted
  Bensoniella oregana (Abrams & Bacig.) C.V. Morton -- not accepted -- Oregon bensoniella
  Bensoniella oregona (Abrams & Bacig.) C.V. Morton -- accepted -- bensoniella, Oregon bensoniella
  Castilleja affinis var. contentiosa (J.F. Macbr.) Bacig. -- not accepted
  Castilleja jepsonii Bacig. & Heckard -- not accepted
  Castilleja praeterita Heckard & Bacig. -- accepted -- Salmon Creek Indian paintbrush
  Cuphea wrightii var. nematopetala Bacig. -- not accepted
  Diodella sarmentosa (Sw.) Bacigalupo & E.L. Cabral -- accepted
  Eriogonum hirtellum J.T. Howell & Bacig. -- accepted -- Klamath Mountain buckwheat, Klamath Mountain wild buckwheat
  Euphorbia burkhartii Bacigalupo -- accepted
  Garrya flavescens var. pallida (Eastw.) Bacig. ex Ewan -- not accepted
  Gratiola heterosepala H. Mason & Bacig. -- accepted -- Boggs Lake hedge-hyssop
  Heuchera duranii Bacig. -- not accepted -- Duran's alumroot, Duran's heuchera, hard alumroot
  Lithophragma maximum Bacig. -- accepted -- San Clemente Island woodland-star
  Mimulus shevockii Heckard & Bacig. -- accepted -- Kelso Creek monkey-flower
  Saxifraga adscendens ssp. oregonensis (Raf.) Bacig. -- not accepted -- small saxifrage
  Saxifraga fragosa ssp. claytoniifolia (Canby ex Small) Bacig. -- not accepted
  Saxifraga occidentalis ssp. rufidula (Small) Bacig. -- not accepted
  Telesonix jamesii var. heucheriformis (Rydb.) Bacig. -- not accepted

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