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Taxon author: Hoehnk

ITIS records citing taxon author "Hoehnk"
 Kingdom Fungi
  Arenariomyces Hoehnk, 1954 -- not accepted
  Arenariomyces cinctus Hoehnk -- not accepted
  Arenariomyces quadriremis (Hoehnk) Meyers -- not accepted
  Arenariomyces trifurcata Hoehnk -- not accepted
  Ceriosporopsis barbata Hoehnk -- not accepted
  Ceriosporopsis hamata Hoehnk -- not accepted
  Corollospora trifurcata (Hoehnk) Kohlm. -- accepted
  Halosphaeria hamata (Hoehnk) Kohlm. -- accepted
  Halosphaeria quadriremis (Hoehnk) Kohlm. -- accepted
  Halosphaeria trifurcata (Hoehnk) Cribb and Cribb -- not accepted
  Lignincola Hoehnk, 1955 -- accepted
  Lignincola laevis Hoehnk -- accepted
  Palomyces Hoehnk, 1955 -- not accepted
  Palomyces quadriremis Hoehnk -- not accepted
  Peritrichospora trifurcata (Hoehnk) Kohlm. -- not accepted
  Remispora hamata (Hoehnk) Kohlm. -- not accepted
  Remispora lobata Hoehnk -- not accepted
  Remispora quadriremis (Hoehnk) Kohlm. -- not accepted
  Speira litoralis Hoehnk. -- not accepted
  Trichosporum atlanticum Seipmann and Hoehnk -- not accepted

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