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Taxon author: Kral

ITIS records citing taxon author "Kral"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Neonympha mitchellii francisci Parshall and Kral, 1989 -- valid -- Saint Francis' satyr Butterfly
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abildgaardia ovata (Burm. f.) Kral -- accepted -- flatspike sedge
  Arenaria cumberlandensis Wofford & Kral -- not accepted -- Cumberland sandwort
  Asimina longifolia Kral -- accepted -- slimleaf pawpaw
  Asimina longifolia var. longifolia Kral -- accepted -- slimleaf pawpaw
  Asimina longifolia var. spatulata Kral -- accepted -- slimleaf pawpaw
  Asimina spatula (Kral) D.B. Ward -- not accepted
  Asimina X nashii Kral -- accepted -- Nash's pawpaw
  Blephilia subnuda Simmers & Kral -- accepted -- Cumberland pagoda-plant
  Bulbostylis ciliatifolia var. coarctata (Elliott) Kral -- accepted -- capillary hairsedge
  Cacalia lanceolata var. elliottii (Harper) Kral & R.K. Godfrey -- not accepted
  Carex cumberlandensis Naczi, Kral & Bryson -- accepted -- Cumberland sedge
  Carex impressinervia Bryson, Kral & Manhart -- accepted -- ravine sedge
  Carex ouachitana Kral, Manhart & Bryson -- accepted -- Ouachita Mountain sedge
  Clematis morefieldii Kral -- accepted -- Huntsville vasevine, Morefield's leather flower
  Clematis socialis Kral -- accepted -- Alabama leather flower
  Conradina etonia Kral & McCartney -- accepted -- Eton rosemary, Etonia rosemary
  Coriflora morefieldii (Kral) W.A. Weber -- not accepted
  Delphinium alabamicum Kral -- accepted -- Alabama larkspur
  Euphorbia bupleuroides ssp. luteola (Kralik) Maire -- not accepted
  Euphorbia luteola Kralik -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis brevivaginata Kral -- accepted -- glade fimbry
  Fimbristylis decipiens Kral -- accepted -- southern fimbry
  Fimbristylis puberula var. interior (Britton) Kral -- accepted -- hairy fimbry
  Fuirena bushii Kral -- accepted -- Bush's umbrella-sedge, Bush's umbrellasedge
  Fuirena simplex var. aristulata (Torr.) Kral -- accepted -- western umbrella-sedge, western umbrellasedge
  Hydrophyllum brownei Kral & V.M. Bates -- accepted -- Brown's waterleaf
  Liatris savannensis Kral & G.L. Nesom -- accepted
  Minuartia cumberlandensis (Wofford & Kral) McNeill -- accepted -- Cumberland stitchwort
  Rhexia mariana var. interior (Pennell) Kral & Bostick -- accepted -- Maryland meadowbeauty
  Rhexia mariana var. ventricosa (Fernald & Griscom) Kral & Bostick -- accepted -- Maryland meadowbeauty
  Rhexia salicifolia Kral & Bostick -- accepted -- panhandle meadowbeauty
  Rhynchospora harveyi var. culixa (Gale) Kral -- accepted -- Georgia beaksedge
  Rhynchospora recognita (Gale) Kral -- accepted -- globe beaksedge
  Rhynchospora thornei Kral -- accepted -- Thorne's beaked-rush, Thorne's beaksedge
  Rudbeckia auriculata (Perdue) Kral -- accepted -- eared coneflower
  Sagittaria secundifolia Kral -- accepted -- Kral's water plantain, Kral's water-plantain, Little River arrowhead
  Solidago arenicola D.B. Keener & Kral -- accepted -- southern racemose goldenrod
  Vicia ocalensis R.K. Godfrey & Kral -- accepted -- Ocala vetch
  Xyris difformis var. curtissii (Malme) Kral -- accepted -- Curtiss' yelloweyed grass
  Xyris difformis var. floridana Kral -- accepted -- Florida yelloweyed grass
  Xyris floridana (Kral) E.L. Bridges & Orzell -- not accepted -- Florida yelloweyed grass
  Xyris isoetifolia Kral -- accepted -- quillwort yelloweyed grass
  Xyris laxifolia var. iridifolia (Chapm.) Kral -- accepted -- irisleaf yelloweyed grass, yelloweyegrass
  Xyris longisepala Kral -- accepted -- karst pond xyris, Kral's yelloweyed grass
  Xyris obscura Kral -- not accepted
  Xyris panacea L.C. Anderson & Kral -- accepted -- St. Marks yelloweyed grass
  Xyris stricta var. obscura Kral -- accepted -- Louisiana yelloweyed grass
  Xyris tennesseensis Kral -- accepted -- Tennessee yellow-eyed grass, Tennessee yelloweyed grass
 Kingdom Chromista
  Envekadea pseudocrassirostris (Hustedt) Van de Vijver, Gligora, Hinz, Kralj and Cocquyt -- accepted

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