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Taxon author: Ostenf.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Ostenf."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Antennaria subcanescens Ostenf. ex Malte -- not accepted
  Arenaria ciliata ssp. pseudofrigida Ostenf. & O.C. Dahl -- not accepted
  Arenaria ciliata var. pseudofrigida (Ostenf. & O.C. Dahl) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Arenaria multicaulis ssp. pseudofrigida (Ostenf. & O.C. Dahl) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- not accepted
  Arenaria pseudofrigida (Ostenf. & O.C. Dahl) Juz. ex Schischk. & Knorring -- accepted -- tundra sandwort
  Aster subintegerrimus (Trautv.) Ostenf. & Resvoll -- not accepted
  Braya pilosa ssp. thorild-wulffii (Ostenf.) V.V. Petrovsky -- not accepted
  Braya purpurascens ssp. thorild-wulffii (Ostenf.) Hultén -- not accepted
  Braya purpurascens var. thorild-wulffii (Ostenf.) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Braya thorild-wulffii Ostenf. -- accepted -- Greenland northern rockcress
  Braya thorild-wulffii ssp. thorild-wulffii Ostenf. -- accepted
  Carex dioica var. gynocrates (Wormsk. ex Drejer) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Cerastium regelii Ostenf. -- accepted -- Regel's chickweed
  Cerastium regelii ssp. regelii Ostenf. -- not accepted -- Regel's chickweed
  Deschampsia pumila (Griseb.) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Erigeron uniflorus var. unalaschkensis (DC.) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Halophila aschersonii Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Halophila decipiens Ostenf. -- accepted -- Caribbean seagrass
  Lupinus nootkatensis var. kiellmannii Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Lupinus nootkatensis var. kjellmannii Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Minuartia groenlandica (Retz.) Ostenf. -- accepted -- Greenland stitchwort
  Minuartia groenlandica auct. non (Retz.) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Minuartia macrocarpa (Pursh) Ostenf. -- accepted -- longpod stitchwort
  Oxytropis campestris ssp. roaldii (Ostenf.) Cody -- not accepted
  Oxytropis campestris var. roaldii (Ostenf.) S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Roald's locoweed
  Oxytropis roaldii Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Pachysphaera Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Ruppia anomala Ostenf. -- not accepted -- yerba de zanja
  Salix glauca var. seemanii (Rydb.) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Senecio lindstroemii (Ostenf.) A.E. Porsild -- not accepted
  Tephroseris lindstroemii (Ostenf.) A. Löve & D. Löve -- accepted -- fuscate groundsel
  Tephroseris tundricola var. lindstroemii (Ostenf.) V. Yu. -- not accepted
 Kingdom Chromista
  Aulacoseira agassizii (Ostenf.) Simonsen -- accepted
  Biddulphia regia (Schultze) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld and Schmidt) Schröder, 1906 -- accepted
  Ceratium dens Ostenfeld and Schmidt, 1901 -- accepted
  Ceratium tenue Ostenfeld and Schmidt -- accepted
  Chaetoceros ceratosporus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros ceratosporus var. ceratosporus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros delicatulus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros ingolfianum Ostenfeld -- not accepted
  Chaetoceros ingolfianus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros paulsenii Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros rigidus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros robustus (Cleve) Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros schmidtii Ostenfeld and Schmidt -- accepted
  Chaetoceros siamense Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Gonyaulax hyalina Ostenfeld and Schmidt -- accepted
  Melosira agassizii Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia clevei Ostenf. -- accepted
  Rhizosolenia hyalina Ostenfeld in Ostenfeld and Schmidt, 1901 -- accepted
  Thalassiosira delicatula Ostenfeld in Borgert, 1908 -- accepted
 Kingdom Protozoa
  Rhabdonella poculum (Ostenfeld and Schmidt, 1901) -- valid

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