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Taxon author: Sheviak

ITIS records citing taxon author "Sheviak"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Cypripedium parviflorum var. makasin (Farw.) Sheviak -- accepted -- greater yellow lady's slipper
  Cypripedium X columbianum Sheviak -- accepted
  Cypripedium X herae Ewacha & Sheviak -- accepted -- Queen Hera's hybrid lady's slipper
  Habenaria leucophaea var. praeclara (Sheviak & M.L. Bowles) Cronquist -- not accepted
  Platanthera aquilonis Sheviak -- accepted -- northern green orchid
  Platanthera praeclara Sheviak & M.L. Bowles -- accepted -- Great Plains white fringed orchid, western prairie fringed orchid
  Platanthera purpurascens (Rydb.) Sheviak & W.F. Jenn. -- accepted -- purple-petal bog orchid
  Platanthera tescamnis Sheviak & W.F. Jenn. -- accepted
  Platanthera yosemitensis Colwell, Sheviak & P.E. Moore -- accepted -- Yosemite bog orchid
  Spiranthes delitescens Sheviak -- accepted -- Canelo Hills ladies'-tresses, delightful ladiestresses, reclusive lady's tresses
  Spiranthes diluvialis Sheviak -- accepted -- diluvium ladies'-tresses, Ute ladies' tresses, Ute ladies'-tresses, Ute lady's tresses
  Spiranthes infernalis Sheviak -- accepted -- Ash Meadows ladies'-tresses, Ash Meadows lady's tresses
  Spiranthes magnicamporum Sheviak -- accepted -- Great Plains ladies'-tresses, Great Plains ladiestresses, Great Plains lady's tresses
  Spiranthes romanzoffiana var. diluvialis (Sheviak) S.L. Welsh -- not accepted
  Spiranthes X simpsonii Catling & Sheviak -- accepted

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