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Taxon author: (L.) All.

ITIS records citing taxon author "(L.) All."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Pinjalo lewisi Randall, Allen and Anderson, 1987 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Bellardia trixago (L.) All. -- accepted -- Mediterranean lineseed
  Chamaemelum mixtum (L.) All. -- not accepted -- weedy dogfennel
  Chamaemelum nobile (L.) All. -- accepted -- Roman chamomile
  Cirsium canum (L.) All. -- accepted -- Queen Anne's thistle
  Dalbergia nigra (Vell.) Allemao ex Benth. -- accepted
  Epipactis latifolia (L.) All. -- not accepted
  Festuca glomerata (L.) All. -- not accepted
  Galium murale (L.) All. -- accepted -- yellow wall bedstraw
  Medicago ciliaris (L.) All. -- accepted
  Medicago rigidula (L.) All. -- accepted -- rigid medick, Tifton burclover
  Medicago turbinata (L.) All. -- accepted -- cogwheel burr medic, southern medick, tubercled medick
  Melilotus indica (L.) All. -- not accepted -- sourclover
  Melilotus indicus (L.) All. -- accepted -- annual yellow sweetclover, Indian sweet-clover
  Melilotus messanensis (L.) All. -- not accepted
  Polygonatum multiflorum (L.) All. -- accepted -- Eurasian Solomon's seal
  Rapistrum perenne (L.) All. -- accepted -- perennial bastardcabbage
  Rapistrum rugosum (L.) All. -- accepted -- annual bastardcabbage, wild rape
  Rapistrum rugosum ssp. rugosum (L.) All. -- not accepted -- annual bastardcabbage
  Rapistrum rugosum var. rugosum (L.) All. -- not accepted -- annual bastardcabbage
  Salvinia natans (L.) All. -- accepted -- eared watermoss, floating watermoss
  Salvinia natans auct. non (L.) All. -- not accepted
  Tragus racemosus (L.) All. -- accepted -- stalked burr grass

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