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Taxon author: T. Wendt

ITIS records citing taxon author "T. Wendt"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Ephedra torreyana var. powelliorum T. Wendt -- accepted -- Torrey's jointfir
  Pleopeltis polylepis var. erythrolepis (Weath.) T. Wendt -- accepted -- redscale scaly polypody
  Pleopeltis riograndensis (T. Wendt) E.G. Andrews & Windham -- accepted -- Rio Grande scaly polypody
  Polygala heterorhyncha (Barneby) T. Wendt -- accepted -- beaked spiny polygala, desert milkwort
  Polygala intermontana T. Wendt -- accepted -- Intermountain milkwort
  Polygala nitida var. goliadensis T. Wendt -- accepted -- shining milkwort
  Polygala nitida var. tamaulipana T. Wendt -- accepted -- shining milkwort
  Polygala rimulicola var. mescalerorum T. Wendt & Todsen -- not accepted -- Mescalero milkwort
  Polypodium thyssanolepis var. riograndense T. Wendt -- not accepted
  Rhinotropis rimulicola var. mescalerorum (T. Wendt & T.K. Todsen) J.R. Abbott -- accepted

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