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Taxon author: Aiton

ITIS records citing taxon author "Aiton"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acorus gramineus Sol. ex Aiton -- accepted -- grass-leaf sweet-flag, grassleaf sweet flag, slender sweet-flag
  Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. -- accepted -- red baneberry, western baneberry
  Actaea rubra ssp. rubra (Aiton) Willd. -- not accepted -- red baneberry
  Actaea spicata ssp. rubra (Aiton) Hultén -- not accepted
  Adenocarpus foliolosus (Aiton) DC. -- accepted -- Canary Island flatpod
  Adlumia fungosa (Aiton) Greene ex Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. -- accepted -- Allegheny vine, climbing fumitory, mountain-fringe
  Aesculus flava Aiton -- not accepted -- yellow buckeye
  Aethionema W.T. Aiton -- accepted
  Agrimonia parviflora Aiton -- accepted -- harvestlice, manyflowered groovebur
  Agrostis complanata Aiton -- not accepted
  Agrostis lenta Sol. ex Aiton -- not accepted
  Allium inodorum Aiton -- not accepted
  Allium inodorum auct. non Aiton -- not accepted
  Allium tricoccum Aiton -- accepted -- ail des bois, ramp, small white leek, wild leek
  Allium tricoccum var. tricoccum Aiton -- accepted -- ramp, wild leek
  Allocasuarina torulosa (Aiton) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- forest-oak
  Alnus crispa (Aiton) Pursh -- not accepted
  Alnus incana var. serrulata (Aiton) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Alnus serrulata (Aiton) Willd. -- accepted -- brook-side alder, hazel alder
  Alnus viridis ssp. crispa (Aiton) Turrill -- accepted -- mountain alder
  Alnus viridis var. crispa (Aiton) House -- not accepted
  Aloe humilis var. suberecta (Aiton) Baker -- not accepted
  Aloe lineata (Aiton) Haw. -- accepted -- lined red-spined aloe, red spined striped aloe
  Aloe lineata var. lineata (Aiton) Haw. -- accepted -- lined red-spined aloe, red spined striped aloe
  Aloe saponaria (Aiton) Baker -- not accepted
  Aloe saponaria var. saponaria (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Amphiglottis conopsea (W.T. Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Andromeda acuminata Aiton -- not accepted
  Andromeda polifolia var. latifolia Aiton -- accepted -- bog rosemary
  Andropogon pubescens Aiton -- not accepted
  Anisophyllum prostratum (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Aplarina prostrata (Aiton) Raf. -- not accepted
  Apocynum cannabinum var. hypericifolium (Aiton) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Apocynum hypericifolium Aiton -- not accepted
  Araucaria cunninghamii Aiton ex D. Don -- accepted -- Moreton Bay pine
  Arisaema atrorubens (Aiton) Blume -- not accepted
  Aristea Aiton -- accepted -- aristea
  Arum bicolor Aiton -- not accepted
  Arundo colorata Aiton -- not accepted
  Asclepias procera Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster junceus Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster junceus auct. non Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster lateriflorus var. pendulus (Aiton) Burgess -- not accepted
  Aster multiflorus Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster nemoralis Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster paludosus Aiton -- not accepted -- southern swamp aster
  Aster paludosus ssp. paludosus Aiton -- not accepted -- southern swamp aster
  Aster patens Aiton -- not accepted -- late purple aster
  Aster patens var. patens Aiton -- not accepted -- late purple aster
  Aster pendulus Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster radula Aiton -- not accepted -- low rough aster
  Aster radula var. radula Aiton -- not accepted -- low rough aster
  Aster salicifolius sensu Willd. non Lam. nec Aiton -- not accepted
  Aster salicifolius Aiton non Lam. -- not accepted
  Aster spectabilis Aiton -- not accepted -- western showy aster
  Azalea bicolor (Aiton) Pursh -- not accepted
  Azalea periclymenoides var. coccinea (Aiton) Pursh -- not accepted
  Barbarea W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- yellow rocket, yellowrocket
  Barbarea vulgaris W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- garden yellow rocket, garden yellowrocket, winter cress, yellow rocket
  Begonia humilis Aiton -- accepted
  Beta patula Aiton -- accepted -- beet
  Bidens aurea (Aiton) Sherff -- accepted -- Apache beggarticks, Arizona beggarticks
  Caladium bicolor (Aiton) Vent. -- accepted -- heart of Jesus
  Calamagrostis colorata (Aiton) Sibth. -- not accepted
  Calliprora ixioides (W.T. Aiton) Greene -- not accepted
  Calotropis gigantea (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- giant milkweed
  Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- mudar, roostertree
  Cassandra calyculata var. angustifolia (Aiton) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Cassandra calyculata var. angustifolia (Aiton) F. Seym. -- not accepted
  Cassandra calyculata var. latifolia (Aiton) F. Seym. -- not accepted
  Cassia stipulacea Aiton -- not accepted
  Castalia odorata (Aiton) Alph. Wood -- not accepted
  Castalis tragus (Aiton) Norl. -- not accepted -- Cape marigold, Cape-marigold
  Casuarina stricta Aiton -- not accepted
  Casuarina torulosa Aiton -- not accepted
  Centaurea diluta Aiton -- accepted -- North African knapweed
  Chamaedaphne calyculata var. angustifolia (Aiton) Rehder -- not accepted -- leatherleaf
  Chamaedaphne calyculata var. latifolia (Aiton) Fernald -- not accepted -- leatherleaf
  Chamaedaphne glauca (Aiton) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce prostrata (Aiton) Small -- not accepted -- blue weed, ground spurge, prostrate sandmat, prostrate spurge
  Clematis ochroleuca Aiton -- accepted -- curlyheads
  Clethra alnifolia var. paniculata (Aiton) Rehder -- not accepted
  Clethra alnifolia var. pubescens Aiton -- not accepted
  Clintonia borealis (Aiton) Raf. -- accepted -- bluebead
  Comptonia L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- sweet fern
  Coreopsis angustifolia Aiton non L. -- not accepted
  Coreopsis aurea Aiton -- not accepted
  Coreopsis crassifolia Aiton -- not accepted
  Coriflora ochroleuca (Aiton) W.A. Weber -- not accepted
  Corylus rostrata Aiton -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster tomentosus (Aiton) Lindl. -- not accepted
  Crataegus arbutifolia W.T. Aiton -- not accepted
  Crataegus cordata (Mill.) Aiton -- not accepted
  Crataegus crus-galli var. pyracanthifolia Aiton -- accepted -- cockspur hawthorn
  Crataegus flava Aiton -- accepted -- yellow hawthorn, yellowleaf hawthorn
  Crataegus punctata var. aurea Aiton -- not accepted
  Crotalaria pallida Aiton -- accepted -- salts rattlebox, smooth crotalaria, smooth rattlebox, striped crotalaria
  Crotalaria pallida var. pallida Aiton -- accepted -- smooth rattlebox
  Crypsis Aiton -- accepted -- prickle grass, pricklegrass
  Crypsis aculeata (L.) Aiton -- accepted
  Cyanococcus amoenus (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Cyanococcus fuscatus (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Cyanococcus pallidus (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Cyanococcus tenellus (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Cyanococcus virgatus (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Cyclamen hederifolium Aiton -- accepted
  Cyclamen hederifolium f. hederifolium Aiton -- not accepted
  Cyclamen hederifolium ssp. hederifolium Aiton -- accepted
  Cyclamen hederifolium var. hederifolium Aiton -- not accepted
  Cypripedium acaule Aiton -- accepted -- lady's-slipper orchid, moccasin flower, pink lady's-slipper, pink lady's-slipper orchid, pink ladyslipper, pink moccasin flower
  Cyrtospadix bicolor (Aiton) Britton & P. Wilson -- not accepted
  Cytiscus multiflorus (Aiton) Sweet -- not accepted
  Dactylanthes anacantha (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Dactylis patens Aiton -- not accepted
  Dalea leporina (Aiton) Bullock -- accepted -- fox-tail prairie-clover, foxtail dalea, foxtail prairie clover, foxtail prairieclover, hare's-foot dalea
  Delphinium exaltatum Aiton -- accepted -- tall larkspur
  Dimorphotheca tragus (Aiton) B. Nord. -- accepted -- Cape marigold
  Draba rupestris W.T. Aiton -- not accepted
  Dracaena borealis Aiton -- not accepted
  Dracocephalum denticulatum Aiton -- not accepted
  Echium fastuosum auct. non Aiton -- not accepted -- pride of Madeira
  Erigeron purpureus Aiton -- not accepted
  Erodium L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- filaree, stork's bill
  Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- alfilaree, alfilaria, California filaree, cutleaf filaree, filaree, redstem filaree, redstem stork's bill, stork's bill
  Erodium cicutarium ssp. cicutarium (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- alfilaree, alfilaria, filaree, redstem filaree, redstem stork's bill, stork's bill
  Erodium moschatum (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- musky stork's bill
  Erodium moschatum var. moschatum (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- musky stork's bill
  Euclidium W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- mustard
  Euclidium syriacum (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- Syria euclidium, Syrian mustard
  Euphorbia anacantha Aiton -- not accepted
  Euphorbia balsamifera Aiton -- accepted
  Euphorbia balsamifera ssp. balsamifera Aiton -- accepted
  Euphorbia caput-medusae var. geminata Aiton -- not accepted
  Euphorbia caput-medusae var. major Aiton -- not accepted
  Euphorbia emarginata Aiton -- not accepted
  Euphorbia geminata (Aiton) Marloth ex A.C. White, R.A. Dyer & B. Sloane -- not accepted
  Euphorbia juncea Aiton -- not accepted
  Euphorbia laeta Aiton -- not accepted
  Euphorbia mellifera Aiton -- accepted
  Euphorbia meloformis Aiton -- accepted
  Euphorbia meloformis ssp. meloformis Aiton -- accepted
  Euphorbia piscatoria Aiton -- accepted
  Euphorbia prostrata Aiton -- accepted -- blue weed, ground spurge, prostrate sandmat, prostrate spurge
  Eurybia paludosa (Aiton) G.L. Nesom -- accepted -- southern swamp aster
  Eurybia radula (Aiton) G.L. Nesom -- accepted -- low rough aster
  Eurybia spectabilis (Aiton) G.L. Nesom -- accepted -- eastern showy aster, western showy aster
  Fagus ferruginea Aiton -- not accepted
  Fissipes acaulis (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Flemingia Roxb. ex W.T. Aiton -- accepted
  Flemingia strobilifera (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- wildhops
  Furcraea tuberosa (Mill.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- female karata
  Galarhoeus junceus (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Galium pilosum Aiton -- accepted -- hairy bedstraw
  Galium pilosum var. pilosum Aiton -- accepted -- hairy bedstraw
  Galium puncticulosum var. pilosum (Aiton) DC. -- not accepted
  Geranium anemonifolium L'Hér. ex Aiton -- not accepted
  Geum aleppicum ssp. strictum (Aiton) R.T. Clausen -- not accepted
  Geum aleppicum var. strictum (Aiton) Fernald -- not accepted
  Geum strictum Aiton -- not accepted
  Gomphocarpus fruticosus (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- milkweed, narrow-leaf cotton bush, swan plant
  Habenaria fimbriata (Aiton) R. Br. -- not accepted
  Heritiera Aiton -- accepted
  Hippeastrum equestre (Aiton) Herb. -- not accepted
  Hutchinsia W.T. Aiton -- not accepted -- hutchinsia
  Hypericum ascyron ssp. pyramidatum (Aiton) N. Robson -- accepted -- great St. Johnswort
  Hypericum pyramidatum Aiton -- not accepted
  Ilex cassine var. latifolia Aiton -- not accepted -- dahoon
  Ilex opaca Aiton -- accepted -- American holly
  Ilex opaca var. opaca Aiton -- accepted -- American holly
  Ilex vomitoria Aiton -- accepted -- yaupon
  Inula viscosa (L.) Aiton -- not accepted
  Iris cristata Aiton -- accepted -- crested iris, dwarf crested iris
  Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton -- accepted -- Arabian jasmine, pikake
  Juniperus communis var. montana Aiton -- accepted -- common juniper
  Kalmia glauca Aiton -- not accepted
  Lacinaria pilosa auct. non (Aiton) A. Heller -- not accepted
  Lacinaria pilosa (Aiton) A. Heller -- not accepted
  Lasallea patens (Aiton) Semple & L. Brouillet -- not accepted
  Ledum decumbens (Aiton) Lodd. ex Steud. -- not accepted
  Ledum palustre ssp. decumbens (Aiton) Hultén -- not accepted -- marsh Labrador tea
  Ledum palustre var. decumbens Aiton -- not accepted
  Lepidium campestre (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- cream-anther field pepperwort, field pepperweed
  Leucas martinicensis (Jacq.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- whitewort
  Leucothoe acuminata (Aiton) G. Don -- not accepted
  Liatris pilosa (Aiton) Willd. -- accepted -- shaggy blazing star
  Liatris pilosa var. pilosa (Aiton) Willd. -- not accepted -- shaggy blazing star
  Ligustrum lucidum W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- glossy privet, tree privet
  Lonicera sempervirens var. minor Aiton -- not accepted
  Lotus glaucus Aiton -- accepted
  Lythrum vulneraria auct. non Aiton ex Schrank -- not accepted
  Lythrum vulneraria Aiton ex Schrank -- accepted
  Malcolmia W.T. Aiton -- accepted
  Malcolmia africana (L.) W.T. Aiton -- not accepted -- African addersmouth, African malcolmia, African mustard
  Malcolmia maritima (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- Virginia stock
  Malus angustifolia (Aiton) Michx. -- accepted -- southern crab apple, southern crabapple
  Malus angustifolia var. angustifolia (Aiton) Michx. -- not accepted -- southern crab apple, southern crabapple
  Malus coronaria var. angustifolia (Aiton) Likhonos -- not accepted -- sweet crab apple
  Malus spectabilis (Aiton) Borkh. -- accepted -- Asiatic apple, Chinese crab, Chinese flowering apple
  Matthiola W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- stock
  Matthiola incana (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- tenweeks stock
  Matthiola incana var. incana (L.) W.T. Aiton -- not accepted -- tenweeks stock
  Melocactus communis (W.T. Aiton) Link & Otto -- not accepted
  Mertensia paniculata (Aiton) G. Don -- accepted -- tall bluebells
  Mertensia paniculata var. paniculata (Aiton) G. Don -- accepted -- tall bluebells
  Mimulus alatus Aiton -- accepted -- sharpwing monkeyflower
  Monilistus monilifera (Aiton) Raf. ex B.D. Jacks. -- not accepted
  Morella faya (Aiton) Wilbur -- accepted -- firetree
  Myrica faya Aiton -- not accepted -- candleberry myrtle, firetree
  Nasturtium amphibium (L.) W.T. Aiton -- not accepted
  Nasturtium officinale W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- watercress
  Neubeckia cristata (Aiton) Alef. -- not accepted
  Nothoscordum gracile (Aiton) Stearn -- accepted -- slender false garlic
  Nothoscordum gracile Stearn, non (Aiton) Stearn -- not accepted
  Nothoscordum inodorum (Aiton) G. Nicholson -- not accepted -- false garlic
  Nothoscordum inodorum auct. non (Aiton) G. Nicholson -- not accepted
  Nuphar advena (Aiton) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- yellow pond-lily
  Nuphar advena ssp. advena (Aiton) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- yellow pond-lily
  Nuphar lutea ssp. advena (Aiton) Kartesz & Gandhi -- not accepted -- yellow pond-lily, yellow pondlily
  Nymphaea advena Aiton -- not accepted
  Nymphaea odorata Aiton -- accepted -- American waterlily, American white waterlily, white waterlily
  Nymphaea odorata ssp. odorata Aiton -- accepted -- American white waterlily, waterlily
  Nymphozanthus advena (Aiton) Fernald -- not accepted
  Oclemena nemoralis (Aiton) Greene -- accepted -- bog aster
  Ocotea foetens (Aiton) Baill. -- accepted
  Oenothera grandiflora L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- largeflower evening primrose, largeflower evening-primrose
  Oenothera rosea L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- rose evening primrose, rose evening-primrose, rose eveningprimrose
  Ornithogalum caudatum Aiton -- accepted -- false seaonion
  Ornithogalum ixioides W.T. Aiton -- not accepted
  Oxycoccus macrocarpus (Aiton) Pursh -- not accepted
  Passiflora ciliata Aiton -- accepted -- fringed passionflower
  Pelargonium L'Hér. ex Aiton -- accepted -- geranium
  Penstemon laevigatus Aiton -- accepted -- eastern smooth beardtongue
  Petasites frigidus ssp. palmatus (Aiton) Cody -- not accepted
  Petasites frigidus var. palmatus (Aiton) Cronquist -- accepted -- arctic sweet coltsfoot, arctic sweet-colt's-foot
  Petasites palmatus (Aiton) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Phalaris paniculata Aiton -- not accepted
  Physostegia denticulata sensu Fernald, non (Aiton) Britton -- not accepted
  Physostegia denticulata (Aiton) Britton -- not accepted
  Picea nigra (Aiton) Link -- not accepted
  Pinus divaricata (Aiton) Sudw. -- not accepted
  Pinus pinaster Aiton -- accepted -- cluster pine, maritime pine
  Pinus resinosa Aiton -- accepted -- Norway pine, red pine
  Pitcairnia angustifolia Aiton -- accepted -- pina cortadora
  Pitcairnia latifolia Aiton -- not accepted
  Pittosporum tobira (Thunb.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- Japanese cheesewood
  Platanus acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. -- accepted
  Platanus X acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. (pro sp.) -- not accepted -- London planetree
  Podocarpus elongatus (Aiton) L'Hér. ex Pers. -- accepted
  Pollichia Aiton -- accepted
  Pollichia campestris Aiton -- accepted
  Populus alba var. canescens Aiton -- not accepted
  Populus alba var. nivea Aiton -- not accepted
  Populus angulata Aiton -- not accepted
  Populus balsamifera var. candicans (Aiton) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Populus candicans Aiton -- not accepted
  Populus deltoides ssp. monilifera (Aiton) Eckenw. -- accepted -- eastern cottonwood, plains cottonwood
  Populus deltoides var. angulata (Aiton) Sarg. -- not accepted
  Populus dilatata Aiton -- not accepted
  Populus monilifera Aiton -- not accepted
  Populus tacamahaca var. candicans (Aiton) Stout -- not accepted
  Populus tacanahaca var. candicans (Aiton) Stout -- not accepted
  Populus X canescens (Aiton) Sm. (pro sp.) -- accepted -- gray poplar
  Potentilla tridentata Aiton -- not accepted
  Prunus americana var. nigra (Aiton) Waugh -- not accepted
  Prunus caroliniana (Mill.) Aiton -- accepted -- Carolina laurelcherry
  Prunus nigra Aiton -- accepted -- black plum, Canadian plum
  Prunus persica var. nectarina (Aiton) Maxim. -- not accepted
  Psoralea leporina Aiton -- not accepted
  Pyrus angustifolia Aiton -- not accepted
  Pyrus coronaria var. angustifolia (Aiton) Wenz. -- not accepted -- sweet crab apple
  Quercus nigra var. heterophylla (Aiton) Ashe -- not accepted
  Rhapis L.f. ex Aiton -- accepted
  Rhododendron bicolor (Aiton) Sweet -- not accepted
  Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (Aiton) Hassk. -- accepted -- downy myrtle, rose myrtle
  Rhodomyrtus tomentosus (Aiton) Hassk. -- not accepted -- downy myrtle, downy rosemyrtle, isenberg bush, rose myrtle
  Rhus aromatica Aiton -- accepted -- fragrant sumac
  Rhus aromatica var. aromatica Aiton -- accepted -- fragrant sumac, sumac aromatique variété aromatique
  Rhynchospora fusca (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- brown beaksedge
  Rosa blanda Aiton -- accepted -- smooth rose
  Rosa blanda var. blanda Aiton -- not accepted -- smooth rose
  Rosa centifolia var. muscosa (Aiton) Ser. -- not accepted
  Rubus villosus Aiton -- not accepted
  Rudbeckia fulgida Aiton -- accepted -- orange coneflower
  Rudbeckia fulgida var. fulgida Aiton -- accepted -- orange coneflower
  Rumex giganteus W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- pawale
  Salix humilis var. tristis (Aiton) Griggs -- accepted -- prairie willow
  Salix tristis Aiton -- not accepted
  Senna stipulacea (Aiton) H.S. Irwin & Barneby -- accepted
  Sibbaldiopsis tridentata (Aiton) Rydb. -- accepted -- shrubby fivefingers, shrubby-fivefingers
  Silene stellata (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- whorled catchfly, widowsfrill
  Sisyrinchium californicum (Ker Gawl.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- golden blue-eyed grass
  Solanum auriculatum Aiton -- not accepted
  Solanum laciniatum Aiton -- accepted
  Solanum muricatum Aiton -- accepted -- pepino
  Solanum vespertilio Aiton -- accepted
  Solidago altissima var. procera (Aiton) Fernald -- not accepted
  Solidago arguta Aiton -- accepted -- Atlantic goldenrod
  Solidago arguta ssp. arguta Aiton -- accepted
  Solidago arguta var. arguta Aiton -- accepted -- Atlantic goldenrod
  Solidago aspera Aiton -- not accepted
  Solidago elliptica Aiton -- not accepted
  Solidago gigantea Aiton -- accepted -- giant goldenrod
  Solidago juncea Aiton -- accepted -- early goldenrod
  Solidago juncea var. juncea Aiton -- not accepted -- early goldenrod
  Solidago multiradiata Aiton -- accepted -- arctic goldenrod, manyray goldenrod, mountain goldenrod, Rocky Mountain goldenrod
  Solidago multiradiata var. multiradiata Aiton -- not accepted -- Rocky Mountain goldenrod
  Solidago nemoralis Aiton -- accepted -- dyersweed goldenrod, gray goldenrod
  Solidago nemoralis ssp. nemoralis Aiton -- accepted -- gray goldenrod
  Solidago nemoralis var. nemoralis Aiton -- not accepted -- gray goldenrod
  Solidago odora Aiton -- accepted -- anise-scented goldenrod, fragrant goldenrod
  Solidago odora ssp. odora Aiton -- accepted -- anise-scented goldenrod
  Solidago odora var. odora Aiton -- not accepted
  Solidago petiolaris Aiton -- accepted -- downy goldenrod, downy ragged goldenrod
  Solidago petiolaris var. petiolaris Aiton -- not accepted -- downy ragged goldenrod
  Solidago rugosa ssp. aspera (Aiton) Cronquist -- accepted -- wrinkled goldenrod, wrinkleleaf goldenrod
  Solidago serotina Aiton non Retz. -- not accepted
  Solidago stricta Aiton -- accepted -- wand goldenrod
  Solidago stricta ssp. stricta Aiton -- accepted
  Sophora flavescens Aiton -- accepted -- shrubby sophora
  Sophora microphylla Aiton -- accepted -- kowhai
  Spartina juncea var. patens (Aiton) St.-Yves -- not accepted
  Spartina patens (Aiton) Muhl. -- accepted -- marshhay cordgrass, salt meadow cordgrass, saltmeadow cordgrass
  Spiraea alba var. latifolia (Aiton) H.E. Ahles -- accepted -- white meadowsweet
  Spiraea latifolia (Aiton) Borkh. -- not accepted
  Strelitzia Aiton -- accepted -- bird-of-paradise
  Strelitzia reginae Aiton -- accepted -- bird-of-paradise
  Streptopus lanceolatus (Aiton) Reveal -- accepted -- twistedstalk
  Streptopus lanceolatus var. lanceolatus (Aiton) Reveal -- accepted -- twistedstalk
  Styrax grandifolia Aiton -- not accepted -- bigleaf snowbell
  Styrax grandifolius Aiton -- accepted -- bigleaf snowbell
  Symphyotrichum patens (Aiton) G.L. Nesom -- accepted -- late purple aster
  Symphyotrichum patens var. patens (Aiton) G.L. Nesom -- accepted -- late purple aster
  Taxodium distichum var. nutans (Aiton) Sweet -- not accepted
  Taxus elongata Aiton -- not accepted
  Teesdalia W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- shepherdscress
  Teesdalia nudicaulis (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- barestem teesdalia
  Tephrosia piscatoria (Aiton) Pers. -- not accepted
  Tilia pubescens Aiton -- not accepted
  Tithymalus balsamifer (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Tithymalus laetus (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Tithymalus melliferus (Aiton) Moench -- not accepted
  Tithymalus piscatorius (Aiton) Haw. -- not accepted
  Tithymalus prostratus (Aiton) Samp. -- not accepted
  Triteleia ixioides (W.T. Aiton) Greene -- accepted -- prettyface
  Triteleia ixioides ssp. ixioides (W.T. Aiton) Greene -- accepted -- golden brodiaea
  Urtica dioica ssp. gracilis (Aiton) Selander -- accepted -- California nettle, stinging nettle
  Urtica dioica var. gracilis (Aiton) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Urtica gracilis Aiton -- not accepted
  Vaccinium amoemum Aiton -- not accepted
  Vaccinium amoenum Aiton -- not accepted
  Vaccinium angustifolium Aiton -- accepted -- lowbush blueberry, sweet lowbush blueberry
  Vaccinium corymbosum var. amoenum (Aiton) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Vaccinium corymbosum var. pallidum (Aiton) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Vaccinium fuscatum Aiton -- not accepted -- black highbush blueberry
  Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton -- accepted -- American cranberry, cranberry, large cranberry
  Vaccinium pallidum Aiton -- accepted -- Blue Ridge blueberry, hillside blueberry
  Vaccinium tenellum Aiton -- accepted -- small black blueberry, southern blueberry
  Vaccinium virgatum Aiton -- not accepted -- smallflower blueberry
  Validallium tricoccum (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Veratrum virginicum (L.) W.T. Aiton -- accepted -- Virginia bunchflower
  Veratrum viride Aiton -- accepted -- green false hellebore
  Veratrum viride ssp. viride Aiton -- not accepted -- American false hellebore
  Veronica decussata auct. non Aiton -- not accepted
  Viburnum cassinoides var. nitidum (Aiton) McAtee -- not accepted
  Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum Aiton -- not accepted -- southern arrowwood
  Viburnum grandifolium Aiton -- not accepted
  Viburnum nitidum Aiton -- not accepted
  Viburnum opulus var. americanum Aiton -- accepted -- American cranberrybush, mooseberry
  Viburnum pubescens (Aiton) Pursh -- not accepted
  Viola cucullata Aiton -- accepted -- marsh blue violet
  Viola pubescens Aiton -- accepted -- downy yellow violet
  Viola pubescens var. pubescens Aiton -- accepted -- downy yellow violet, smooth yellow violet
  Viola sagittata Aiton -- accepted -- arrow-leaved violet, arrowleaf violet, violette sagittée
  Viola sagittata var. sagittata Aiton -- accepted -- arrowleaf violet
  Viola striata Aiton -- accepted -- striped cream violet
  Viorna ochroleuca (Aiton) Small -- not accepted
  Virgulus patens (Aiton) Reveal & Keener -- not accepted

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