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Taxon author: Seymour

ITIS records citing taxon author "Seymour"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Harpacticella lacustris Seymour-sewell, 1924 -- valid
  Nitokra spinipes orientalis Seymour-sewell, 1924 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Ammophila champlainensis Seymour -- not accepted -- Champlain beachgrass
  Aronia arbutifolia var. atropurpurea (Britton) Seymour -- not accepted
  Aronia arbutifolia var. nigra (Willd.) Seymour -- not accepted
  Lechea pulchella var. moniliformis (E.P. Bicknell) Seymour -- accepted -- Leggett's pinweed
  Solidago bicolor var. lanata (Hook.) Seymour -- not accepted
  Spiraea alba var. septentrionalis (Fernald) Seymour -- not accepted

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