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Expert: Laurence J. Dorr

ITIS records citing expert
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abelmoschus Medik. -- accepted -- okra
  Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench -- accepted -- gumbo, lady's finger, okra
  Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik. -- accepted -- sunset muskmallow
  Abelmoschus moschatus Medik. -- accepted -- musk okra
  Abutilon Mill. -- accepted -- Indian mallow
  Abutilon abutiloides (Jacq.) Garcke ex Hochr. -- accepted -- shrubby Indian mallow
  Abutilon auritum (Wall. ex Link) Sweet -- accepted -- Asian Indian mallow
  Abutilon berlandieri A. Gray ex S. Watson -- accepted -- Berlandier's Indian mallow
  Abutilon coahuilae Kearney -- accepted
  Abutilon eremitopetalum Caum -- accepted -- hiddenpetal Indian mallow
  Abutilon fruticosum Guill. & Perr. -- accepted -- pelotazo, Texas Indian mallow
  Abutilon glabriflorum Hochr. -- accepted
  Abutilon grandifolium (Willd.) Sweet -- accepted -- hairy Indian mallow
  Abutilon hirtum (Lam.) Sweet -- accepted -- Florida Keys Indian mallow
  Abutilon hulseanum (Torr. & A. Gray) Torr. ex A. Gray -- accepted -- mauve
  Abutilon hypoleucum A. Gray -- accepted -- whiteleaf Indian mallow
  Abutilon incanum (Link) Sweet -- accepted -- Indian mallow, pelotazo chico, shrubby Indian mallow
  Abutilon indicum (L.) Sweet -- accepted -- monkeybush, pelotazo chico
  Abutilon malacum S. Watson -- accepted -- yellow Indian mallow
  Abutilon mauritianum (Jacq.) Medik. -- accepted
  Abutilon megapotamicum (A. Spreng.) A. St.-Hil. & Naudin -- accepted -- trailing abutilon
  Abutilon menziesii Seem. -- accepted -- ko'oloa'ula
  Abutilon mollicomum (Willd.) Sweet -- accepted -- pintapán cimarrón, Sonoran Indian mallow
  Abutilon mollissimum (Cav.) Sweet -- accepted
  Abutilon palmeri A. Gray -- accepted -- Palmer's Indian mallow
  Abutilon parishii S. Watson -- accepted -- Parish's Indian mallow
  Abutilon parvulum A. Gray -- accepted -- dwarf abutilon, dwarf Indian mallow
  Abutilon pauciflorum A. St.-Hil. -- accepted
  Abutilon permolle (Willd.) Sweet -- accepted -- coastal Indian mallow, velvety abutilon
  Abutilon pictum (Gillies ex Hook. & Arn.) Walp. -- accepted -- painted Indian mallow
  Abutilon reventum S. Watson -- accepted -- yellowflower Indian mallow
  Abutilon sandwicense (O. Deg.) Christoph. -- accepted -- greenflower Indian mallow
  Abutilon theophrasti Medik. -- accepted -- butterprint, buttonweed, China jute, Indian hemp, Indian mallow, pie-marker, velvetleaf, velvetleaf Indian mallow
  Abutilon trisulcatum (Jacq.) Urb. -- accepted -- anglestem Indian mallow
  Abutilon wrightii A. Gray -- accepted -- Wright's abutilon, Wright's Indian mallow
  Adansonia L. -- accepted
  Adansonia digitata L. -- accepted -- baobab
  Aetoxylon (Airy Shaw) Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Aetoxylon sympetalum (Steenis & Domke) Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Alcea L. -- accepted -- hollyhock
  Alcea pallida (Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd.) Waldst. & Kit. -- accepted
  Alcea rosea L. -- accepted -- common hollyhock, hollyhock, rose trémière
  Alcea rugosa Alef. -- accepted -- Russian hollyhock
  Allosidastrum (Hochr.) Krapov., Fryxell & D.M. Bates -- accepted -- mock fanpetals
  Allosidastrum pyramidatum (Cav.) Krapov., Fryxell & D.M. Bates -- accepted -- mock fanpetals
  Allowissadula D.M. Bates -- accepted -- false Indianmallow
  Allowissadula holosericea (Scheele) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- Chisos Mountain false Indianmallow
  Allowissadula lozanii (Rose) D.M. Bates -- not accepted -- Lozano's false Indianmallow
  Althaea L. -- accepted -- guimauve, marshmallow
  Althaea cannabina L. -- accepted -- hemp-leaved marshmallow, palmleaf marshmallow
  Althaea hirsuta L. -- accepted -- hairy marshmallow, rough marshmallow
  Althaea officinalis L. -- accepted -- common marsh-mallow, common marshmallow, guimauve officinale
  Amyxa Tiegh. -- accepted
  Amyxa pluricornis (Radlk.) Domke -- accepted
  Anisodontea C. Presl -- accepted
  Anisodontea capensis (L.) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- Cape African-queen
  Anoda Cav. -- accepted
  Anoda abutiloides A. Gray -- accepted -- Indian anoda
  Anoda acerifolia Cav. -- accepted
  Anoda crenatiflora Ortega -- accepted -- Pintapán del monte, thicket anoda
  Anoda cristata (L.) Schltdl. -- accepted -- crested anoda, spurred anoda, violeta
  Anoda lanceolata Hook. & Arn. -- accepted -- lanceleaf anoda
  Anoda pentaschista A. Gray -- accepted -- field anoda
  Anoda reticulata S. Watson -- accepted -- netted anoda
  Anoda thurberi A. Gray -- accepted -- Arizona anoda
  Apeiba Aubl. -- accepted
  Apeiba schomburgkii Szyszyl. -- accepted
  Apeiba tibourbou Aubl. -- accepted
  Aquilaria Lam. -- accepted
  Aquilaria apiculata Merr. -- accepted
  Aquilaria baillonii Pierre ex Lecomte -- accepted
  Aquilaria banaensis P.H. Ho -- accepted
  Aquilaria beccariana Tiegh. -- accepted
  Aquilaria brachyantha (Merr.) Hallier f. -- accepted
  Aquilaria caudata (Gilg) Hallier f. -- not accepted
  Aquilaria citrinicarpa (Elmer) Hallier f. -- accepted
  Aquilaria crassna Pierre ex Lecomte -- accepted
  Aquilaria cumingiana (Decne.) Ridl. -- accepted
  Aquilaria filaria (Oken) Merr. -- accepted
  Aquilaria hirta Ridl. -- accepted
  Aquilaria khasiana Hallier f. -- accepted
  Aquilaria malaccensis Lam. -- accepted
  Aquilaria microcarpa Baill. -- accepted
  Aquilaria parvifolia (Quisumb.) Ding Hou -- accepted
  Aquilaria rostrata Ridl. -- accepted
  Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Spreng. -- accepted
  Aquilaria subintegra Ding Hou -- accepted
  Aquilaria urdanetensis (Elmer) Hallier f. -- accepted
  Aquilaria yunnanensis S.C. Huang -- accepted
  Argyrodendron (Endl.) Klotzsch -- accepted
  Argyrodendron actinophyllum (F.M. Bailey) Edlin -- accepted
  Ayenia L. -- accepted
  Ayenia ardua Cristóbal -- accepted -- wing-stem ayenia, wingstem ayenia
  Ayenia compacta Rose -- accepted -- California ayenia, compact ayenia
  Ayenia euphrasiifolia Griseb. -- accepted -- dwarf ayenia, eyebright ayenia
  Ayenia filiformis S. Watson -- accepted -- Trans-Pecos ayenia
  Ayenia glabra S. Watson -- accepted -- smooth ayenia
  Ayenia insulicola Cristóbal -- accepted -- dwarf ayenia
  Ayenia limitaris Cristóbal -- accepted -- kidney petal, Rio Grande ayenia, Tamaulipan kidney petal, Texas ayenia
  Ayenia microphylla A. Gray -- accepted -- dense ayenia, little-leaf ayenia, shrubby ayenia
  Ayenia pilosa Cristóbal -- accepted -- dwarf ayenia, hairy ayenia
  Bastardia Kunth -- accepted
  Bastardia bivalvis (Cav.) Kunth ex Griseb. -- accepted -- escoba babosa
  Bastardia viscosa (L.) Kunth -- accepted -- viscid mallow
  Bastardiopsis (K. Schum.) Hassl. -- accepted
  Bastardiopsis eggersii (Baker f.) Fuertes & Fryxell -- accepted -- Jost Van Dyke's Indian mallow
  Batesimalva Fryxell -- accepted -- Bates's mallow, gaymallow
  Batesimalva violacea (Rose) Fryxell -- accepted -- purple gay-mallow, purple gaymallow
  Berrya Roxb. -- accepted
  Berrya cordifolia (Willd.) Burret -- accepted
  Billieturnera Fryxell -- accepted -- false fanpetals
  Billieturnera helleri (Rose ex A. Heller) Fryxell -- accepted -- copper sida, coppery false fanpetals
  Bombax L. -- accepted -- cottontree
  Bombax ceiba L. -- accepted -- red silk cottontree
  Brachychiton Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Brachychiton acerifolius (A. Cunn. ex G. Don) Macarthur -- accepted -- flame bottletree
  Brachychiton populneum (Schott & Endl.) R. Br. -- not accepted -- whiteflower kurrajong
  Callirhoe Nutt. -- accepted -- polly mallow, poppymallow, wild hollyhock, wine cup
  Callirhoe alcaeoides (Michx.) A. Gray -- accepted -- light poppymallow, pale poppy mallow, plains poppymallow, plains wine cup
  Callirhoe bushii Fernald -- accepted -- Bush's poppymallow
  Callirhoe digitata Nutt. -- accepted -- finger poppy mallow, fringed poppy mallow, winecup
  Callirhoe involucrata (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- low poppymallow, purple poppy mallow, purple poppymallow, winecup
  Callirhoe involucrata var. involucrata (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- buffalo rose, low poppy mallow, purple poppy mallow, purple poppymallow
  Callirhoe involucrata var. lineariloba (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- cowboy rose, purple poppymallow
  Callirhoe leiocarpa R.F. Martin -- accepted -- annual wine cup, tall poppymallow, tall wine cup
  Callirhoe papaver (Cav.) A. Gray -- accepted -- woodland poppymallow, woods poppymallow
  Callirhoe pedata (Nutt. ex Hook.) A. Gray -- accepted -- palmleaf poppymallow
  Callirhoe scabriuscula B.L. Rob. -- accepted -- Texas poppy mallow
  Callirhoe triangulata (Leavenw.) A. Gray -- accepted -- clustered poppy mallow, clustered poppymallow, sand poppy, triangular-leaf mallow
  Ceiba Mill. -- accepted
  Ceiba aesculifolia (Kunth) Britten & Baker f. -- accepted -- pochote
  Ceiba insignis (Kunth) P.E. Gibbs & Semir -- accepted -- white silk floss tree
  Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn. -- accepted -- kapoktree, silk cotton tree, white silk-cotton tree
  Ceiba speciosa (A. St.-Hil.) Ravenna -- accepted -- silk-floss tree
  Chiranthodendron Cerv. ex Cav. -- accepted
  Chiranthodendron pentadactylon Larreat. -- accepted -- Mexican-hat-plant
  Cienfuegosia Cav. -- accepted -- flymallow
  Cienfuegosia drummondii (A. Gray) Lewton -- accepted -- sulphur mallow, yellow flymallow, yellow fugosia
  Cienfuegosia heterophylla (Vent.) Garcke -- accepted -- variableleaf flymallow
  Cienfuegosia yucatanensis Millsp. -- accepted -- Yucatan flymallow
  Clappertonia Meisn. -- accepted
  Clappertonia ficifolia (Willd.) Decne. -- accepted -- bolo bolo
  Clappertonia polyandra (K. Schum. ex Sprague) Bech. -- accepted
  Cola Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Cola acuminata (P. Beauv.) Schott & Endl. -- accepted -- abata cola
  Cola anomala K. Schum. -- accepted -- anomalous cola
  Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Cola pachycarpa K. Schum. -- accepted -- cola
  Cola verticillata (Thonn.) Stapf ex A. Chev. -- accepted -- cola
  Columbia Pers. -- accepted
  Columbia burretii Kaneh. -- accepted
  Corchorus L. -- accepted
  Corchorus aestuans L. -- accepted -- East Indian mallow, jute, West African mallow
  Corchorus capsularis L. -- accepted -- jute
  Corchorus hirsutus L. -- accepted -- cadillo, jackswitch, mallet, woolly corchorus
  Corchorus hirtus L. -- accepted -- Orinoco jute, red jute
  Corchorus olitorius L. -- accepted -- nalta jute
  Corchorus orinocensis Kunth -- not accepted -- red jute
  Corchorus siliquosus L. -- accepted -- broomweed, slippery burr
  Corchorus torresianus Gaudich. -- accepted
  Corchorus tridens L. -- accepted -- horn-fruited jute, wild jute
  Corchorus trilocularis L. -- accepted -- threelocule corchorus
  Dombeya Lam. -- accepted
  Dombeya burgessiae Gerrard ex Harv. & Sonder -- accepted
  Dombeya wallichii (Lindl.) Baill. -- accepted
  Durio Adans. -- accepted
  Durio zibethinus Murray -- accepted -- durian
  Entelea R. Br. -- accepted
  Entelea arborescens R. Br. -- accepted
  Eremalche Greene -- accepted -- desert mallow
  Eremalche exilis (A. Gray) Greene -- accepted -- white mallow, white-mallow
  Eremalche parryi (Greene) Greene -- accepted -- Parry's mallow
  Eremalche parryi ssp. kernensis (C.B. Wolf) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- Kern mallow
  Eremalche parryi ssp. parryi (Greene) Greene -- accepted -- Parry's mallow
  Eremalche rotundifolia (A. Gray) Greene -- accepted -- desert five-spot, desert fivespot
  Fioria Mattei -- accepted -- fanleaf
  Fioria vitifolia (L.) Mattei -- accepted -- tropical fanleaf
  Firmiana Marsili -- accepted -- parasoltree
  Firmiana simplex (L.) W. Wight -- accepted -- Chinese bottle tree, Chinese parasoltree, Japanese varnish tree, sycamore-leaf sterculia
  Fremontodendron Coville -- accepted -- flannelbush
  Fremontodendron californicum (Torr.) Coville -- accepted -- California flannelbush, California fremontia, flannelbush
  Fremontodendron decumbens R.M. Lloyd -- accepted -- Pine Hill flannelbush
  Fremontodendron mexicanum Davidson -- accepted -- Mexican flannelbush, Mexican fremontia
  Fryxellia D.M. Bates -- accepted -- fryxellwort
  Fryxellia pygmaea (Correll) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- small fryxell wort, small fryxellwort
  Gonystylus Teijsm. & Binn. -- accepted
  Gonystylus acuminatus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus aerolatus Domke ex Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus affinis Radlk. -- accepted
  Gonystylus affinis var. affinis Radlk. -- accepted
  Gonystylus affinis var. elegans Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus augescens Ridl. -- accepted
  Gonystylus bancanus (Miq.) Kurz -- accepted
  Gonystylus borneensis (Tiegh.) Gilg -- accepted
  Gonystylus brunnescens Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus calophylloides Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus calophyllus Gilg -- accepted
  Gonystylus confusus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus consanguineus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus costalis Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus decipiens Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus eximius Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus forbesii Gilg -- accepted
  Gonystylus glaucescens Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus keithii Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus lucidulus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus macrocarpus C.T. White -- accepted
  Gonystylus macrophyllus (Miq.) Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus maingayi Hook. f. -- accepted
  Gonystylus micranthus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus nervosus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus nobilis Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus othmanii Tawan -- accepted
  Gonystylus pendulus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus punctatus A.C. Sm. -- accepted
  Gonystylus reticulatus Merr. -- accepted
  Gonystylus spectabilis Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus stenosepalus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus velutinus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gonystylus warburgianus Gilg ex Domke -- accepted
  Gonystylus xylocarpus Airy Shaw -- accepted
  Gossypium L. -- accepted -- cotton
  Gossypium arboreum L. -- accepted -- tree cotton
  Gossypium armourianum Kearney -- accepted -- wild cotton
  Gossypium barbadense L. -- accepted -- Creole cotton
  Gossypium herbaceum L. -- accepted -- Levant cotton
  Gossypium hirsutum L. -- accepted -- algodón, upland cotton
  Gossypium sturtianum J.H. Willis -- accepted -- Sturt's desert rose
  Gossypium thurberi Tod. -- accepted -- Thurber's cotton, wild cotton
  Gossypium tomentosum Nutt. ex Seem. -- accepted -- Hawai'i cotton, Hawaiian cotton, mao
  Grewia L. -- accepted
  Grewia asiatica L. -- accepted -- phalsa
  Grewia avellana Hiern -- accepted
  Grewia biloba G. Don -- accepted -- bilobed grewia
  Grewia crenata (J.R. Forst.) Schinz & Guillaumin -- accepted
  Grewia flava DC. -- accepted
  Grewia flavescens Juss. -- accepted
  Grewia hexamita Burret -- accepted
  Grewia hornbyi Wild -- accepted
  Grewia occidentalis L. -- accepted -- crossberry
  Grewia pachycalyx K. Schum. -- accepted
  Grewia retinervis Burret -- accepted
  Grewia schinzii K. Schum. -- accepted
  Grewia similis K. Schum. -- accepted
  Grewia stolzii Ulbr. -- accepted
  Grewia sulcata Mast. -- accepted
  Grewia villosa Willd. -- accepted
  Guazuma Mill. -- accepted
  Guazuma ulmifolia Lam. -- accepted -- bastardcedar
  Gyrinops Gaertn. -- accepted
  Gyrinops caudata (Gilg) Domke -- accepted
  Gyrinops decipiens Ding Hou -- accepted
  Gyrinops ledermanii Domke -- accepted
  Gyrinops moluccana (Miq.) Baill. -- accepted
  Gyrinops podocarpus (Gilg) Domke -- accepted
  Gyrinops salicifolia Ridl. -- accepted
  Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg) Domke -- accepted
  Gyrinops walla Gaertn. -- accepted
  Helicteres L. -- accepted
  Helicteres jamaicensis Jacq. -- accepted -- screwtree
  Heliocarpus L. -- accepted
  Heliocarpus americanus L. -- accepted
  Herissantia Medik. -- accepted
  Herissantia crispa (L.) Brizicky -- accepted -- bladder-mallow, bladdermallow
  Heritiera Aiton -- accepted
  Heritiera littoralis Dryand. -- accepted
  Heritiera longipetiolata Kaneh. -- accepted -- ufa-halomtano
  Hermannia L. -- accepted -- burstworts
  Hermannia pauciflora S. Watson -- accepted -- hierba del soldado, Santa Catalina burstwort
  Hermannia texana A. Gray -- accepted -- Texas burstwort, Texas hermannia
  Hibiscadelphus Rock -- accepted
  Hibiscadelphus bombycinus C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus crucibracteatus Hobdy -- accepted -- lava hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus distans L.E. Bishop & D.R. Herbst -- accepted -- Kauai hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus giffardianus Rock -- accepted -- hau kuahiwi, Kilauea hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus hualalaiensis Rock -- accepted -- hau kuahiwi, Hualalai hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus wilderianus Rock -- accepted -- Maui hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus woodii Lorence & W.L. Wagner -- accepted -- hau kuahiwi, Wood's hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscadelphus X puakuahiwi K. Baker & S. Allen -- accepted
  Hibiscus L. -- accepted -- rose-mallow, rosemallow
  Hibiscus acetosella Welw. ex Hiern. -- accepted -- African rose-mallow, African rosemallow, cranberry hibiscus, false roselle, red-leaf hibiscus
  Hibiscus aculeatus Walter -- accepted -- comfort-root, comfortroot, pineland hibiscus
  Hibiscus arnottianus A. Gray -- accepted -- white rosemallow
  Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. arnottianus A. Gray -- accepted -- white rosemallow
  Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. immaculatus (M.J. Roe) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- koki'o ke'oke'o, white rosemallow
  Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. punaluuensis (Skottsb.) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- punaluu rosemallow
  Hibiscus bifurcatus Cav. -- accepted -- fork-bracted rosemallow, forkleaf rosemallow
  Hibiscus biseptus S. Watson -- accepted -- Arizona rose-mallow, Arizona rosemallow
  Hibiscus brackenridgei A. Gray -- accepted -- Brackenridge's rosemallow, ma'o hau hele
  Hibiscus brackenridgei ssp. brackenridgei A. Gray -- accepted -- Brackenridge's rosemallow
  Hibiscus brackenridgei ssp. mokuleianus (M.J. Roe) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- Mokulei rosemallow
  Hibiscus brackenridgei ssp. molokaianus (Rock ex Caum) F.D. Wilson -- accepted -- ma'o hau hele
  Hibiscus calyphyllus Cav. -- accepted -- lemonyellow rosemallow
  Hibiscus cannabinus L. -- accepted -- brown Indianhemp
  Hibiscus clayi O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- accepted -- Clay's hibiscus, red Kauai rosemallow
  Hibiscus clypeatus L. -- accepted -- Congo mahoe
  Hibiscus coccineus Walter -- accepted -- scarlet rose-mallow, scarlet rosemallow
  Hibiscus coulteri Harv. ex A. Gray -- accepted -- Coulter's hibiscus, desert rose-mallow, desert rosemallow
  Hibiscus dasycalyx S.F. Blake & Shiller -- accepted -- Neches River rose-mallow
  Hibiscus denudatus Benth. -- accepted -- desert hibiscus, paleface, paleface rose-mallow, rock hibiscus
  Hibiscus elatus Sw. -- accepted -- mahoe
  Hibiscus furcellatus Lam. -- accepted -- lindenleaf rosemallow
  Hibiscus furcellatus var. youngianus (Gaudich. ex Hook. & Arn.) Hochr. -- accepted -- lindenleaf rosemallow
  Hibiscus grandiflorus Michx. -- accepted -- swamp rose-mallow, swamp rosemallow
  Hibiscus kokio Hillebr. ex Wawra -- accepted -- koki'o 'ula'ula, red rosemallow
  Hibiscus kokio ssp. kokio Hillebr. ex Wawra -- accepted -- red rosemallow
  Hibiscus kokio ssp. saintjohnianus (Roe) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- St. John's rosemallow
  Hibiscus laevis All. -- accepted -- halberd-leaved rose-mallow, halberdleaf rosemallow, military hibiscus, scarlet rosemallow, smooth rose-mallow, sweating-weed
  Hibiscus lunariifolius Willd. -- accepted -- hibiscus
  Hibiscus macrophyllus Roxb. ex Hornem. -- accepted -- largeleaf rosemallow
  Hibiscus makinoi Jotani & Ohba -- accepted
  Hibiscus martianus Zucc. -- accepted -- heartleaf rose-mallow, heartleaf rosemallow, mountain rosemallow
  Hibiscus moscheutos L. -- accepted -- common rose-mallow, crimsoneyed rosemallow, swamp rosemallow
  Hibiscus moscheutos ssp. lasiocarpos (Cav.) O.J. Blanch. -- accepted -- crimsoneyed rosemallow, woolly rose-mallow
  Hibiscus moscheutos ssp. moscheutos L. -- accepted -- crimsoneyed rosemallow
  Hibiscus mutabilis L. -- accepted -- changeable-rose, confederate-rose, Dixie rosemallow
  Hibiscus ovalifolius (Forssk.) Vahl -- accepted
  Hibiscus phoeniceus Jacq. -- accepted -- Brazilian rosemallow
  Hibiscus poeppigii (Spreng.) Garcke -- accepted -- Poeppig's rose-mallow, Poeppig's rosemallow
  Hibiscus radiatus Cav. -- accepted -- monarch rose-mallow, monarch rosemallow
  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. -- accepted -- Chinese hibiscus, shoe-black plant
  Hibiscus sabdariffa L. -- accepted -- roselle
  Hibiscus schizopetalus (Dyer) Hook. f. -- accepted -- fringed hibiscus, fringed rosemallow
  Hibiscus striatus Cav. -- accepted -- striped rose-mallow, striped rosemallow
  Hibiscus striatus ssp. lambertianus (Kunth) O.J. Blanch. -- accepted -- striped rosemallow
  Hibiscus syriacus L. -- accepted -- althea, Korean hibiscus, rose of Sharon, Rose-of-Sharon, shrub althea
  Hibiscus trilobus Aubl. -- accepted -- threelobe rosemallow
  Hibiscus trionum L. -- accepted -- bladder ketmia, flower of an hour, flower-of-an-hour, ketmie trilobée, rosemallow, Venice mallow
  Hibiscus waimeae A. Heller -- accepted -- white Kauai rosemallow
  Hibiscus waimeae ssp. hannerae (O. Deg. & I. Deg.) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- koki'o ke'oke'o, white Kauai rosemallow
  Hibiscus waimeae ssp. waimeae A. Heller -- accepted -- white Kauai rosemallow
  Hoheria A. Cunn. -- accepted
  Hoheria populnea A. Cunn. -- accepted -- lacebark
  Horsfordia A. Gray -- accepted -- velvet mallow, velvetmallow
  Horsfordia alata (S. Watson) A. Gray -- accepted -- big feltplant, pink velvetmallow
  Horsfordia newberryi (S. Watson) A. Gray -- accepted -- Newberry's velvetmallow, yellow feltplant
  Iliamna Greene -- accepted -- globe mallow, wild hollyhock
  Iliamna bakeri (Jeps.) Wiggins -- accepted -- Baker's globemallow, Baker's wild hollyhock, wild hollyhock
  Iliamna crandallii (Rydb.) Wiggins -- accepted -- Crandall's wild hollyhock
  Iliamna grandiflora (Rydb.) Wiggins -- accepted -- large-flowered wild hollyhock, largeflower wild hollyhock, wild hollyhock
  Iliamna latibracteata Wiggins -- accepted -- California wild hollyhock
  Iliamna longisepala (Torr.) Wiggins -- accepted -- long-sepal globemallow, long-sepal wild hollyhock, longsepal wild hollyhock
  Iliamna remota Greene -- accepted -- Kankakee globe-mallow, Kankakee mallow
  Iliamna rivularis (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene -- accepted -- streambank globe-mallow, streambank wild hollyhock
  Iliamna rivularis var. diversa (A. Nelson) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- streambank wild hollyhock
  Iliamna rivularis var. rivularis (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene -- not accepted -- Peter's mountain mallow, streambank wild hollyhock
  Kleinhovia L. -- accepted
  Kleinhovia hospita L. -- accepted -- guest tree
  Kokia Lewton -- accepted -- treecotton
  Kokia cookei O. Deg. -- accepted -- Cooke's kokio, Molokai treecotton
  Kokia drynarioides (Seem.) Lewton -- accepted -- hau-hele'ula, Hawai'i treecotton, Hawaii tree cotton, koki'o
  Kokia kauaiensis (Rock) O. Deg. & Duvel -- accepted -- Kauai treecotton, koki'o
  Kokia lanceolata Lewton -- accepted -- koki'o, Wailupe Valley treecotton
  Kosteletzkya C. Presl -- accepted
  Kosteletzkya depressa (L.) O.J. Blanch., Fryxell & D.M. Bates -- accepted -- stinging mallow, white fen-rose, white fenrose
  Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (L.) Ledeb. -- accepted -- fen-rose, saltmarsh mallow, seashore mallow, seaside mallow, Virginia saltmarsh mallow
  Krapovickasia Fryxell -- accepted
  Krapovickasia physaloides (C. Presl) Fryxell -- accepted
  Lagunaria (DC.) Rchb. -- accepted -- cow itch tree, Norfolk Island hibiscus
  Lagunaria patersonii (Andrews) G. Don -- not accepted -- cow itch tree
  Lavatera L. -- accepted -- rose mallow, tree mallow
  Lavatera olbia L. -- accepted -- tree lavatera, tree mallow
  Lavatera thuringiaca L. -- accepted -- tree lavatera
  Lavatera trimestris L. -- accepted -- annual mallow
  Luehea Willd. -- accepted
  Luehea divaricata Mart. -- accepted
  Luehea seemannii Planch. & Triana -- accepted
  Luehea speciosa Willd. -- accepted -- luehea
  Malachra L. -- accepted -- leafbract
  Malachra alceifolia Jacq. -- accepted -- yellow leafbract
  Malachra capitata (L.) L. -- accepted -- malva de caballo
  Malachra fasciata Jacq. -- accepted -- roadside leafbract
  Malachra radiata L. -- accepted -- tropical leafbract
  Malachra urens Poit. ex Ledeb. & Alderstam -- accepted
  Malacothamnus Greene -- accepted -- bushmallow, chaparral mallow
  Malacothamnus abbottii (Eastw.) Kearney -- accepted -- Abbot's bush-mallow, Abbot's bushmallow
  Malacothamnus aboriginum (B.L. Rob.) Greene -- accepted -- Gray bushmallow, Indian Valley bushmallow
  Malacothamnus clementinus (Munz & I.M. Johnst.) Kearney -- accepted -- San Clemente Island bush-mallow, San Clemente Island bushmallow
  Malacothamnus davidsonii (B.L. Rob.) Greene -- accepted -- Davidson's bush-mallow, Davidson's bushmallow
  Malacothamnus densiflorus (S. Watson) Greene -- accepted -- dense-flowered bushmallow, yellowstem bushmallow
  Malacothamnus fasciculatus (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) Greene -- accepted -- chaparral bushmallow, Mendocino bushmallow
  Malacothamnus foliosus (S. Watson) Kearney -- accepted -- monarch bushmallow
  Malacothamnus fremontii (Torr. ex A. Gray) Torr. ex Greene -- accepted -- Fremon's bushmallow
  Malacothamnus jonesii (Munz) Kearney -- accepted -- Jones's bushmallow, San Luis Obispo, slender bushmallow
  Malacothamnus marrubioides (Durand & Hilg.) Greene -- accepted -- pink-flowered bushmallow, pinkflowered bushmallow
  Malacothamnus palmeri (S. Watson) Greene -- accepted -- Palmer's bushmallow, Santa Lucia bushmallow
  Malva L. -- accepted -- cheeseweed, mallow
  Malva alcea L. -- accepted -- hollyhock, mauve alcée, vervain mallow
  Malva arborea (L.) Webb & Berthel. -- accepted -- tree mallow
  Malva assurgentiflora (Kellogg) M.F. Ray -- accepted -- island mallow
  Malva brasiliensis Desr. -- accepted -- Brazilian mallow
  Malva moschata L. -- accepted -- mauve musquée, musk mallow
  Malva multiflora (Cav.) Soldano, Banfi & Galasso -- accepted
  Malva neglecta Wallr. -- accepted -- buttonweed, cheeseplant, cheeseweed, common mallow, dwarf mallow, roundleaf mallow
  Malva nicaeensis All. -- accepted -- bull mallow
  Malva occidentalis (S. Watson) M.F. Ray -- accepted
  Malva pacifica M.F. Ray -- accepted
  Malva parviflora L. -- accepted -- cheeseweed, cheeseweed mallow, mauve parviflore, small-flowered mallow, small-whorl mallow
  Malva pusilla Sm. -- accepted -- low mallow
  Malva sylvestris L. -- accepted -- garden mallow, high mallow
  Malva verticillata L. -- accepted -- Chinese mallow, cluster mallow, clustered mallow, curled mallow, mauve verticillée, whorled mallow
  Malvaceae -- accepted -- mallows, mauves
  Malvastrum A. Gray -- accepted -- cheeseweed, false mallow
  Malvastrum americanum (L.) Torr. -- accepted -- American false mallow, Indian Valley false mallow
  Malvastrum aurantiacum (Scheele) Walp. -- accepted -- Texas false mallow, Wright's false mallow
  Malvastrum bicuspidatum (S. Watson) Rose -- accepted -- shrubby false mallow, Sonoran Desert false mallow
  Malvastrum corchorifolium (Desr.) Britton ex Small -- accepted -- Caribbean false mallow, false mallow
  Malvastrum coromandelianum (L.) Garcke -- accepted -- common false mallow, threelobe false mallow
  Malvastrum hispidum (Pursh) Hochr. -- accepted -- hispid false mallow
  Malvaviscus Fabr. -- accepted -- turk's-cap, wax mallow
  Malvaviscus arboreus Cav. -- accepted -- turk's-cap, wax mallow
  Malvaviscus arboreus var. arboreus Cav. -- accepted -- wax mallow
  Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii (Torr. & A. Gray) Schery -- accepted -- wax mallow
  Malvaviscus penduliflorus DC. -- accepted -- mazapan
  Malvella Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- mallow
  Malvella lepidota (A. Gray) Fryxell -- accepted -- scurfy mallow, scurfymallow
  Malvella leprosa (Ortega) Krapov. -- accepted -- alkali mallow, dollar-weed, oreja de ratón, scurfy sida
  Malvella sagittifolia (A. Gray) Fryxell -- accepted -- arrowleaf mallow
  Melochia L. -- accepted -- broom-wood
  Melochia corchorifolia L. -- accepted -- chocolate weed, chocolateweed, hirsute melochia, redweed
  Melochia nodiflora Sw. -- accepted -- bretonica prieta
  Melochia pyramidata L. -- accepted -- pyramid bush, pyramidflower
  Melochia spicata (L.) Fryxell -- accepted -- bretonica peluda
  Melochia tomentosa L. -- accepted -- teabush, woolly pyramid bush
  Melochia umbellata (Houtt.) Stapf -- accepted -- hierba del soldado
  Melochia villosissima (C. Presl) Merr. -- accepted
  Melochia villosissima var. compacta (Hochr.) Fosberg -- accepted
  Melochia villosissima var. villosissima (C. Presl) Merr. -- accepted
  Meximalva Fryxell -- accepted
  Meximalva filipes (A. Gray) Fryxell -- accepted -- Texas-fan
  Modiola Moench -- accepted -- bristlemallow
  Modiola caroliniana (L.) G. Don -- accepted -- Carolina bristlemallow, Carolina modiola
  Napaea L. -- accepted
  Napaea dioica L. -- accepted -- glade mallow, glademallow
  Ochroma Sw. -- accepted
  Ochroma pyramidale (Cav. ex Lam.) Urb. -- accepted -- balsa, bois flot, West Indian balsa
  Pachira Aubl. -- accepted
  Pachira aquatica Aubl. -- accepted -- Guiana-chestnut
  Pachira insignis (Sw.) Sw. ex Savigny -- accepted -- wild chestnut
  Pavonia Cav. -- accepted -- swampmallow
  Pavonia burchellii (DC.) R.A. Dyer -- accepted
  Pavonia corymbosa (Sw.) Willd. -- accepted -- tight-flower swampmallow
  Pavonia fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- anamu
  Pavonia hastata Cav. -- accepted -- pale pavonia, pink pavonia, spearleaf swampmallow
  Pavonia lasiopetala Scheele -- accepted -- rose pavonia, Texas rock rose, Texas swampmallow, Wright's pavonia
  Pavonia paludicola Nicolson ex Fryxell -- accepted -- mangrove mallow, swampbush
  Pavonia paniculata Cav. -- accepted -- cadillo anaranjado
  Pavonia spinifex (L.) Cav. -- accepted -- gingerbush
  Pentapetes L. -- accepted
  Pentapetes phoenicea L. -- accepted -- flor impia
  Phymosia Desv. ex Ham. -- accepted
  Phymosia umbellata (Cav.) Kearney -- accepted
  Pimelea Banks ex Gaertn. -- accepted
  Pimelea physodes Hook. -- accepted
  Pseudabutilon R.E. Fr. -- accepted
  Pseudabutilon stuckertii R.E. Fr. -- accepted -- velvetleaf Indian mallow
  Pseudabutilon thurberi (A. Gray) Fryxell -- accepted -- Thurber's Indian mallow
  Pseudabutilon umbellatum (L.) Fryxell -- accepted -- umbrella Indian mallow
  Pseudobombax Dugand -- accepted
  Pseudobombax ellipticum (Kunth) Dugand -- accepted -- shavingbrush tree
  Pseudobombax maximum A. Robyns -- accepted
  Pterygota Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Pterygota alata (Roxb.) R. Br. -- accepted
  Pterygota excelsa (Standl. & L.O. Williams) Kosterm. -- accepted
  Quararibea Aubl. -- accepted
  Quararibea turbinata (Sw.) Poir. -- accepted -- swizzlestick tree
  Rhynchosida Fryxell -- accepted
  Rhynchosida physocalyx (A. Gray) Fryxell -- accepted -- beaked sida, buffpetal
  Sida L. -- accepted -- fanpetals
  Sida abutifolia Mill. -- not accepted -- procumbent sida, prostrate sida, spreading fanpetals
  Sida acuta Burm. f. -- accepted -- common wireweed
  Sida aggregata C. Presl -- accepted -- savannah fanpetals
  Sida antillensis Urb. -- accepted -- Antilles fanpetals, West Indian sida
  Sida ciliaris L. -- accepted -- bracted fanpetals, bracted sida, fringed sida, salmon sida
  Sida cordata (Burm. f.) Borss. Waalk. -- accepted -- heartleaf fanpetals
  Sida cordifolia L. -- accepted -- `ilima, great-leaved sida
  Sida elliottii Torr. & A. Gray -- accepted -- Elliott's fanpetals, Elliott's sida
  Sida elliottii var. elliottii Torr. & A. Gray -- accepted -- Elliott's fanpetals
  Sida elliottii var. parviflora Chapm. -- accepted -- pineland fanpetals
  Sida fallax Walp. -- accepted -- yellow `ilima
  Sida floridana Siedo -- not accepted
  Sida glabra Mill. -- accepted -- smooth fanpetals, sticky sida
  Sida glomerata Cav. -- accepted -- clustered fanpetals
  Sida glutinosa Comm. ex Cav. -- not accepted -- sticky fanpetals
  Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby -- accepted -- Virginia fanpetals, Virginia mallow
  Sida jamaicensis L. -- accepted -- Jamaican fanpetals
  Sida javensis Cav. -- accepted
  Sida lindheimeri Engelm. & A. Gray -- accepted -- Lindheimer's sida, showy fanpetals
  Sida linifolia Cav. -- accepted -- flaxleaf fanpetals
  Sida longipes A. Gray -- accepted -- long-stalked sida, stockflower fanpetals
  Sida neomexicana A. Gray -- accepted -- New Mexico fanpetals, New Mexico sida
  Sida repens Dombey ex Cav. -- accepted -- Javanese fanpetals
  Sida rhombifolia L. -- accepted -- arrowleaf sida, axocatzín, Cuba jute, Cuban jute, Cuban-jute, escobilla, huinar
  Sida rubromarginata Nash -- accepted -- red-margin fanpetals, redleaf sida
  Sida salviifolia C. Presl -- accepted -- escoba parada
  Sida santaremensis Monteiro -- accepted -- Brazilian sida, moth fanpetals
  Sida spinosa L. -- accepted -- false mallow, Indian mallow, prickly fanpetals, prickly mallow, prickly sida
  Sida tragiifolia A. Gray -- accepted -- catnip noseburn, earleaf fanpetals, noseburn-leaf sida, tuberous sida
  Sida ulmifolia Mill. -- accepted -- broom weed, broomweed, common wire-weed, escobilla, southern sida
  Sida urens L. -- accepted -- bristly sida, tropical fanpetals
  Sidalcea A. Gray -- accepted -- checkerbloom, checkermallow
  Sidalcea asprella Greene -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea asprella ssp. asprella Greene -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea asprella ssp. nana (Jeps.) S.R. Hill -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea calycosa M.E. Jones -- accepted -- annual checkerbloom, hog-walla checkerbloom, vernal-pool checkerbloom
  Sidalcea calycosa ssp. calycosa M.E. Jones -- accepted -- annual checkerbloom, hog-walla checkerbloom, vernal-pool checkerbloom
  Sidalcea calycosa ssp. rhizomata (Jeps.) Munz -- accepted -- Point Reyes checkerbloom, Pt. Reyes checkerbloom
  Sidalcea campestris Greene -- accepted -- meadow checkerbloom, meadow checkermallow
  Sidalcea candida A. Gray -- accepted -- white checkerbloom, white checkermallow
  Sidalcea celata (Jepson) S.R. Hill -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom, redding checkerbloom
  Sidalcea covillei Greene -- accepted -- Owens Valley checkermallow, Owens Valley sidalcea
  Sidalcea cusickii Piper -- accepted -- Cusick's checkerbloom
  Sidalcea diploscypha (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- fringed checkerbloom
  Sidalcea elegans Greene -- accepted -- Del Norte checkerbloom, dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea gigantea G. Clifton -- accepted -- giant checkerbloom
  Sidalcea glaucescens Greene -- accepted -- waxy checkerbloom, waxy checkermallow
  Sidalcea hartwegii A. Gray ex Benth. -- accepted -- Hartweg's checkerbloom, valley checkerbloom
  Sidalcea hendersonii S. Watson -- accepted -- Henderson's checkerbloom, Henderson's checkermallow
  Sidalcea hickmanii Greene -- accepted -- chaparral checkerbloom
  Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. anomala C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Cuesta Pass checkerbloom, Cuesta Pass sidalcea
  Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. hickmanii Greene -- accepted -- Hickman's checkerbloom, Hickman's sidalcea
  Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. napensis S.R. Hill -- accepted -- Napa checkerbloom
  Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. parishii (B.L. Rob.) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Parish's checkerbloom
  Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. pillsburiensis S.R. Hill -- accepted -- Lake Pillsbury checkerbloom
  Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. viridis C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Marin checkerbloom, Marin checkermallow
  Sidalcea hirsuta A. Gray -- accepted -- hairy checkerbloom
  Sidalcea hirtipes C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- bristly-stemmed checkerbloom, bristlystem checkerbloom
  Sidalcea keckii Wiggins -- accepted -- Keck's checker-mallow, Keck's checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malachroides (Hook. & Arn.) A. Gray -- accepted -- maple-leaved checkerbloom, mapleleaf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora (DC.) A. Gray ex Benth. -- accepted -- California checkerbloom, dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. californica (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- California checkerbloom, chaparral checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. dolosa C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Bear Valley checkerbloom, dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. laciniata C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom, geranium-leaved checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. malviflora (DC.) A. Gray ex Benth. -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. patula C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Siskiyou checkerbloom, spreading checkerbloom, torch-flowered checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. purpurea C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom, purple checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. rostrata (Eastw.) Wiggins -- accepted -- dwarf checkerbloom, sea-cliff checkerbloom
  Sidalcea multifida Greene -- accepted -- cut-leaf checkerbloom, cutleaf checkerbloom
  Sidalcea nelsoniana Piper -- accepted -- Nelson's checker-mallow, Nelson's checkerbloom
  Sidalcea neomexicana A. Gray -- accepted -- New Mexico checkerbloom, New Mexico checkermallow, salt-spring checkerbloom
  Sidalcea oregana (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- Oregon checkerbloom, Oregon checkermallow
  Sidalcea oregana ssp. eximia (Greene) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- coast checkerbloom, Humboldt checkerbloom
  Sidalcea oregana ssp. hydrophila (A. Heller) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- meadow checkerbloom, Oregon checkerbloom, water-loving checkermallow
  Sidalcea oregana ssp. oregana (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- Oregon checkerbloom, Oregon checkermallow
  Sidalcea oregana ssp. spicata (Regel) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- spicate checkerbloom, spiked checkerbloom
  Sidalcea oregana ssp. valida (Greene) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Kenwood Marsh checkerbloom, Kenwood Marsh checkermallow
  Sidalcea pedata A. Gray -- accepted -- bird-foot checkerbloom, birdfoot checkerbloom, pedate checker-mallow
  Sidalcea ranunculacea Greene -- accepted -- big tree checkerbloom, marsh checkerbloom
  Sidalcea reptans Greene -- accepted -- Sierra checkerbloom
  Sidalcea robusta A. Heller ex Roush -- accepted -- Butte County checkerbloom, Butte County sidalcea
  Sidalcea setosa C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- bristly-fruited checkerbloom, Edgewood checkerbloom, Edgewood checkermallow
  Sidalcea sparsifolia (C.L. Hitchc.) S.R. Hill -- accepted -- southern checkerbloom
  Sidalcea stipularis J.T. Howell & G.H. True -- accepted -- Scadden Flat checkerbloom, Scadden Flat checkermallow
  Sidalcea virgata Howell -- accepted -- rose checkerbloom, virgate checkerbloom
  Sidastrum Baker f. -- accepted -- sandmallow
  Sidastrum micranthum (A. St.-Hil.) Fryxell -- accepted -- dainty sandmallow
  Sidastrum multiflorum (Jacq.) Fryxell -- accepted -- manyflower sandmallow
  Sidastrum paniculatum (L.) Fryxell -- accepted -- cadillo liso, panicled sandmallow
  Sphaeralcea A. St.-Hil. -- accepted -- globemallow
  Sphaeralcea ambigua A. Gray -- accepted -- apricot mallow, desert globemallow
  Sphaeralcea ambigua ssp. ambigua A. Gray -- not accepted -- apricot globemallow
  Sphaeralcea ambigua ssp. monticola Kearney -- not accepted -- desert globemallow
  Sphaeralcea ambigua ssp. rosacea (Munz & I.M. Johnst.) Kearney -- not accepted -- rose globemallow
  Sphaeralcea ambigua ssp. rugosa Kearney -- not accepted -- desert globemallow
  Sphaeralcea angustifolia (Cav.) G. Don -- accepted -- copper globemallow, narrow-leaved globemallow, narrowleaf desertmallow, narrowleaf globemallow
  Sphaeralcea bonariensis (Cav.) Griseb. -- accepted -- Latin globemallow
  Sphaeralcea caespitosa M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Jone's globemallow, Jones' globe-mallow, tufted globemallow
  Sphaeralcea caespitosa var. caespitosa M.E. Jones -- accepted -- tufted globemallow
  Sphaeralcea caespitosa var. williamsiae N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- Railroad Valley globemallow
  Sphaeralcea coccinea (Nutt.) Rydb. -- accepted -- copper mallow, orange globemallow, red falsemallow, scarlet globemallow
  Sphaeralcea coccinea ssp. coccinea (Nutt.) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Sphaeralcea coccinea ssp. elata (Baker f.) Kearney -- not accepted -- scarlet globemallow
  Sphaeralcea coulteri (S. Watson) A. Gray -- accepted -- annual globemallow, Coulter's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea digitata (Greene) Rydb. -- accepted -- juniper globemallow, slippery globemallow
  Sphaeralcea digitata ssp. digitata (Greene) Rydb. -- not accepted -- juniper globemallow
  Sphaeralcea digitata ssp. tenuipes (Wooton & Standl.) Kearney -- not accepted -- juniper globemallow
  Sphaeralcea emoryi Torr. ex A. Gray -- accepted -- Emory's desertmallow, Emory's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea fendleri A. Gray -- accepted -- Fendler's globemallow, thicket globe-mallow
  Sphaeralcea fendleri ssp. albescens Kearney -- not accepted -- thicket globemallow
  Sphaeralcea fendleri ssp. elongata Kearney -- not accepted -- thicket globemallow
  Sphaeralcea fendleri ssp. fendleri A. Gray -- not accepted -- Fendler's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea fendleri ssp. tripartita (Wooton & Standl.) Kearney -- not accepted -- thicket globemallow
  Sphaeralcea fendleri ssp. venusta Kearney -- not accepted -- thicket globemallow
  Sphaeralcea gierischii N.D. Atwood & S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Gierisch mallow
  Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia (Hook. & Arn.) Rydb. -- accepted -- currant-leaf globemallow, gooseberry-leaf globemallow, gooseberryleaf globemallow
  Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia ssp. grossulariifolia (Hook. & Arn.) Rydb. -- not accepted -- gooseberryleaf globemallow
  Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia ssp. pedata (Torr. ex A. Gray) Kearney -- not accepted -- gooseberryleaf globemallow
  Sphaeralcea hastulata A. Gray -- accepted -- spear globemallow, spreading globemallow
  Sphaeralcea incana Torr. ex A. Gray -- accepted -- gray globemallow, soft globe-mallow
  Sphaeralcea incana ssp. cuneata Kearney -- not accepted -- soft globemallow
  Sphaeralcea incana ssp. incana Torr. ex A. Gray -- not accepted -- gray globemallow
  Sphaeralcea janeae (S.L. Welsh) S.L. Welsh -- not accepted -- Jane's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea laxa Wooton & Standl. -- accepted -- Caliche globemallow
  Sphaeralcea leptophylla (A. Gray) Rydb. -- accepted -- scaly globemallow
  Sphaeralcea lindheimeri A. Gray -- accepted -- woolly globemallow
  Sphaeralcea munroana (Douglas ex Lindl.) Spach ex A. Gray -- accepted -- Munro's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea munroana ssp. munroana (Douglas ex Lindl.) Spach ex A. Gray -- not accepted -- Munro's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea munroana ssp. subrhomboidea (Rydb.) Kearney -- not accepted -- whitestem globemallow
  Sphaeralcea orcuttii Rose -- accepted -- Carrizo Creek globemallow
  Sphaeralcea parvifolia A. Nelson -- accepted -- palmleaf globemallow, small-leaf globemallow, smallflower globemallow
  Sphaeralcea pedatifida (A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- palmleaf globemallow
  Sphaeralcea polychroma La Duke -- accepted -- hot springs globemallow
  Sphaeralcea procera Ced. Porter -- accepted -- Luna County globemallow
  Sphaeralcea psoraloides S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- psoralea globemallow
  Sphaeralcea rusbyi A. Gray -- accepted -- cutleaf globemallow, Rusby's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea rusbyi ssp. eremicola (Jeps.) Kearney -- not accepted -- Rusby's desert-mallow, Rusby's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea rusbyi ssp. gilensis Kearney -- not accepted -- Gila globemallow
  Sphaeralcea rusbyi ssp. rusbyi A. Gray -- not accepted -- Rusby's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea wrightii A. Gray -- accepted -- Wright's globemallow
  Sterculia L. -- accepted
  Sterculia apetala (Jacq.) H. Karst. -- accepted -- Panama tree
  Sterculia ceramica R. Br. -- accepted
  Sterculia foetida L. -- accepted -- hazel sterculia
  Sterculia setigera Delile -- accepted
  Sterculia tragacantha Lindl. -- accepted -- sterculia
  Sterculia urens Roxb. -- accepted -- sterculia
  Talipariti Fryxell -- accepted
  Talipariti tiliaceum (L.) Fryxell -- accepted
  Talipariti tiliaceum var. pernambucense (Arruda) Fryxell -- accepted
  Theobroma L. -- accepted
  Theobroma angustifolium Moc. & Sessé ex DC. -- accepted -- theobroma
  Theobroma bicolor Humb. & Bonpl. -- accepted -- theobroma
  Theobroma cacao L. -- accepted -- cacao
  Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) K. Schum. -- accepted -- theobroma
  Theobroma mammosum Cuatrec. & J. León -- accepted -- theobroma
  Theobroma simiarum Donn. Sm. -- accepted -- theobroma
  Thespesia Sol. ex Corrêa -- accepted
  Thespesia grandiflora DC. -- accepted -- maga
  Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex Corrêa -- accepted -- cork-tree, majagua, portia tree, seaside mahoe, Spanish cork
  Tilia L. -- accepted -- basswood, lime tree, linden, tilleul
  Tilia americana L. -- accepted -- American basswood
  Tilia americana var. americana L. -- not accepted -- American basswood
  Tilia americana var. caroliniana (Mill.) Castigl. -- not accepted -- Carolina basswood
  Tilia americana var. heterophylla (Vent.) Louden -- not accepted -- American basswood
  Tilia cordata Mill. -- accepted -- littleleaf linden
  Tilia japonica (Miq.) Simonk. -- accepted -- Japanese lime, Japanese linden
  Tilia petiolaris DC. -- accepted -- pendent silver linden
  Tilia platyphyllos Scop. -- accepted -- largeleaf linden
  Tilia tomentosa Moench -- accepted
  Tilia X euchlora K. Koch -- accepted -- Caucasian lime, Crimean linden
  Tilia X europaea L. (pro. sp.) -- accepted -- common linden, European linden
  Tilia X flavescens A. Braun ex Döll -- accepted
  Tilia X moltkei Spath ex C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Trichospermum Blume -- accepted
  Trichospermum ledermannii Burret -- accepted
  Trichospermum richii (A. Gray) Seem. -- accepted
  Triumfetta L. -- accepted -- burbark, burrbark
  Triumfetta bogotensis DC. -- accepted -- parquet bur, parquet burr
  Triumfetta cordifolia A. Rich. -- accepted -- cordleaf burbark, cordleaf burrbark
  Triumfetta lappula L. -- accepted -- grandcousin
  Triumfetta pentandra A. Rich. -- accepted -- five stamen burrbark, fivestamen burbark
  Triumfetta procumbens G. Forst. -- accepted
  Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq. -- accepted -- burr bush, Chinese burr, dadangsi, diamond burbark, diamond burrbark, masiksik lahe, mo'osipo, paroquet bur
  Triumfetta semitriloba Jacq. -- accepted -- burweed, dadangsi, masiksik lahe, mosote, Sacramento burbark, Sacramento burrbark
  Triumfetta tomentosa Bojer -- accepted -- tomentose burbark, tomentose burrbark
  Urena L. -- accepted
  Urena lobata L. -- accepted -- aramina, bur-mallow, Caesar weed, Caesarweed, chosuched e kui, common urena, Congo jute, dadangsi apaka, hibiscus burr, jute africain
  Urena sinuata L. -- accepted -- bur mallow, burrmallow
  Waltheria L. -- accepted
  Waltheria calcicola Urb. -- accepted -- raichie
  Waltheria detonsa A. Gray -- accepted
  Waltheria indica L. -- accepted -- basora-prieta, hierba del soldado, malva blanca, malva del monte, sleepy morning, uhaloa
  Wissadula Medik. -- accepted
  Wissadula amplissima (L.) R.E. Fr. -- accepted -- big yellow velvetleaf
  Wissadula contracta (Link) R.E. Fr. -- accepted -- contracted velvetleaf
  Wissadula hernandioides (L'Hér.) Garcke -- accepted
  Wissadula parviflora (A. St.-Hil.) R.E. Fr. -- accepted
  Wissadula periplocifolia (L.) C. Presl ex Thwaites -- accepted -- white velvetleaf

A gray bar