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Publication: Liu, Shao Ying, Zhi Yu Sun, Yang Liu, Hao Wang, Peng Guo, and Robert W. Murphy. 2012. A new vole from Xizang, China and the molecular phylogeny of the genus Neodon (Cricetidae: Arvicolinae). Zootaxa, issue 3235. 1-22.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Blanfordimys juldaschi (Severtzov, 1879) -- valid
  Lasiopodomys fuscus (Büchner, 1889) -- invalid -- Plateau Vole, Smokey Vole
  Neodon fuscus (Büchner, 1889) -- valid
  Neodon irene (Thomas, 1911) -- valid -- Chinese Scrub Vole, Irene's Mountain Vole
  Neodon juldaschi (Severtzov, 1879) -- invalid -- Juniper Mountain Vole, Juniper Vole
  Neodon leucurus (Blyth, 1863) -- valid
  Neodon linzhiensis Liu, Sun, Liu, Wang, Guo and Murphy, 2012 -- valid
  Neodon sikimensis Hodgson, 1849 -- valid -- Sikkim Mountain Vole, Sikkim Vole
  Phaiomys Blyth, 1863 -- invalid
  Phaiomys leucurus Blyth, 1863 -- invalid -- Blyth's Mountain Vole, Blyth's Vole

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