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Publication: Fourtanier, Elisabeth, and J. Patrick Kociolek 1999 Catalogue of the Diatom Genera Diatom Research, vol. 14, no. 1 1-190

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Acanthoceras Honigmann -- accepted
  Achnanthes Bory de Saint-Vincent -- accepted
  Achnanthidium Kützing -- accepted
  Actinella Lewis -- accepted
  Actinella punctata Lewis -- accepted
  Amphipleura Kützing -- accepted
  Amphora Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Aneumastus Mann and Stickle in Round, Crawford and Mann -- accepted
  Anomoeoneis Pfitzer -- accepted
  Astartiella Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot and Metzeltin in Moser , Lange-Bertalot and Metzeltin -- accepted
  Asterionella Hassall -- accepted
  Aulacoseira Thwaites -- accepted
  Auriculopsis Hendey -- accepted
  Bacillaria Gmelin -- accepted
  Bacteriosira Gran -- not accepted
  Bacterosira Gran -- accepted
  Bennettella Holmes -- accepted
  Brachysira Kütz. -- accepted
  Caloneis Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis amphisbaena (Bory) Cleve -- accepted
  Campylodiscus Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Capartogramma Kufferath -- accepted
  Catacombus Williams and Round -- not accepted
  Cavinula D.G. Mann and Stickle in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Chaetoceros Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chamaepinnularia Lange-Bertalot and Krammer in Lange-Bertalot and Metzeltin -- accepted
  Cocconeis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Cosmioneis D.G. Mann and Stickle in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Craspedodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Craticula Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclostephanos Round ex Round in Theriot, Hakannson, Kociolek, Round and Stoermer -- accepted
  Cyclotella (Kützing) de Brebisson -- accepted
  Cylindropyxis Hendey -- accepted
  Cymatopleura Smith -- accepted
  Cymbella Agardh -- accepted
  Cymbellonitzschia Hustedt in Schmidt et al -- accepted
  Denticula Kützing -- accepted
  Diadesmis Kützing -- accepted
  Diatoma Bory de Saint-Vincent -- accepted
  Dickieia Berkeley ex Kützing -- accepted
  Didymosphenia Schmidt in Schmidt et al., 1899 -- accepted
  Diploneis Ehrenberg ex Cleve -- accepted
  Ditylium J. W. Bailey -- not accepted
  Ditylum J. W. Bailey -- accepted
  Ellerbeckia Crawford -- accepted
  Encyonema Kützing -- accepted
  Entomoneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Epipellis Holmes -- accepted
  Epithemia Kützing -- accepted
  Eucocconeis Cleve ex Meister -- accepted
  Eunotia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Fallacia Stickle and D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fragilaria Lyngbye -- accepted
  Fragilariforma Williams and Round -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis Hustedt in Schmidt et al. -- accepted
  Frustulia Rabenhorst -- accepted
  Geissleria Lange-Bertalot and Metzeltin -- accepted
  Gomphoneis Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphonema Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Gonioceros H. Peragallo in H. Peragallo and M. Peragallo -- not accepted
  Gossleriella Schütt -- accepted
  Gossleriella tropica Schütt, 1893 -- accepted
  Groentvedia Hendey -- accepted
  Gyrosigma Hassall -- accepted
  Hannaea Patrick -- accepted
  Hantzschia Grunow -- accepted
  Hippodonta Lange-Bertalot, Witkowski and Metzeltin -- accepted
  Hyalosynedra Williams and Round -- accepted
  Karayevia Round and Bukhtiyarova ex Round -- accepted
  Kobayasia Lange-Bert. -- accepted
  Kolbesia Round and Bukhtiyarova ex Round -- accepted
  Krasskella Ross and Sims -- accepted
  Lemnicola Round and Basson -- accepted
  Luticola D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Martyana Round -- accepted
  Mastogloia Thwaites in W. Smith -- accepted
  Melosira Agardh -- accepted
  Meridion Agardh -- accepted
  Microsiphona Weber -- accepted
  Navicula Bory -- accepted
  Navicula amphisbaena Bory -- not accepted
  Naviculadicta Lange-Bertalot in Lange-Bertalot and Gerd Moser -- accepted
  Neidium Pfitzer -- accepted
  Neocalyprella Hernàndez-Becerril -- accepted
  Nitzschia Hassall -- accepted
  Oestrupia Heiden ex Hustedt -- accepted
  Okedenia Eulenstein ex De Toni -- accepted
  Opephora Petit -- accepted
  Peronia Brébisson and Arnott ex Kitton -- accepted
  Pinnularia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Placoneis Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Plagiotropis Pfitzer -- accepted
  Planothidium Round and Bukhtiyarova -- accepted
  Pleurosigma Smith -- accepted
  Pleurosira (Meneghini) Trevisan di San Leon -- accepted
  Psammothidium Bukhtiyarova and Round -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia H. Peragallo in H. Peragallo and M. Peragallo -- accepted
  Pseudoeunotia Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Pseudohimantidium Hustedt and Krasske -- accepted
  Pseudonitzschia H. Perag. in H. Perag. and Perag. -- not accepted
  Pseudonitzschia australis Freng. -- not accepted
  Pseudonitzschia delicatissima (Cleve) Heiden in Heiden and Kolbe -- not accepted
  Pseudonitzschia multiseries (Hasle) Hasle -- not accepted
  Pseudonitzschia pseudodelicatissima (Hasle) Hasle -- not accepted
  Pseudonitzschia pungens (Grunow ex Cleve) Hasle -- not accepted
  Pseudosolenia Sundström -- accepted
  Pseudostaurosira (Grunow) Williams and Round -- accepted
  Reimeria Kociolek and Stoermer -- accepted
  Rhizosolenia Brightwell -- accepted
  Rhoiconeis Grunow -- not accepted
  Rhoicosphenia Grunow -- accepted
  Rhopalodia Müller -- accepted
  Rossithidium Round and Bukhtiyarova -- accepted
  Schroederella Pavillard -- accepted
  Scoliopleura Grunow -- accepted
  Sellaphora Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Skeletonema Greville -- accepted
  Stauroneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Stauropsis Meunier, 1910 -- not accepted
  Staurosira (Ehrenberg) Williams and Round -- accepted
  Staurosirella Williams and Round -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Surirella Turpin -- accepted
  Synedra Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Tabellaria Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Tabularia (Kützing) Williams and Round -- accepted
  Terpsinoe Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Tetracyclus Ralfs -- accepted
  Thalassiocyclus Håkansson and Mahood -- accepted
  Thalassiosira Cleve -- accepted
  Tryblionella W. Smith -- accepted
  Urosolenia Round and Crawford -- accepted

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