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Publication: Andersen, N. Møller. 1977. A new and primitive genus and species of Hydrometridae (Hemiptera, Gerromorpha) with a cladistic analysis of relationships within the family. Entomologica Scandinavica, vol. 8. 301-316.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Heterocleptinae Villiers, 1948 -- valid
  Hydrobatodinae China and Usinger, 1949 -- invalid
  Hydrometridae Billberg, 1820 -- valid -- marsh treaders, water measurers, water treaders
  Hydrometrinae Billberg, 1820 -- valid
  Limnobatodinae Esaki, 1927 -- valid
  Veliometra Andersen, 1977 -- valid
  Veliometra schuhi Andersen, 1977 -- valid

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