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Publication: Munroe, Thomas, A. / Collette, Bruce B., and Grace Klein-MacPhee, eds. 2002. Herrings: Family Clupeidae. Bigelow and Schroeder's Fishes of the Gulf of Maine, Third Edition. 111-160.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Alosa aestivalis (Mitchill, 1814) -- valid -- alose d'été, blueback herring, blueback shad
  Alosa mediocris (Mitchill, 1814) -- valid -- bonejack, fall herring, freshwater taylor, hickory jack, hickory shad, shad herring
  Alosa pseudoharengus (Wilson, 1811) -- valid -- alewife, bigeye herring, branch herring, freshwater herring, gaspareau, gray herring, grayback, kyak, sawbelly, white herring
  Alosa sapidissima (Wilson, 1811) -- valid -- alose savoureuse, American shad, Atlantic shad, common shad, sábalo americano, white shad
  Brevoortia tyrannus (Latrobe, 1802) -- valid -- alose tyran, Atlantic menhaden, bugfish, bunker, fatback, menhaden, mossbunker
  Clupea harengus Linnaeus, 1758 -- valid -- Atlantic herring, Baltic herring, hareng atlantique, herring
  Etrumeus teres (DeKay, 1842) -- valid -- Atlantic red herring, Maray, red-eye round herring, round herring, sardina canalera, sardina japonesa
  Opisthonema oglinum (Lesueur, 1818) -- valid -- Atlantic thread herring, machuelo, sardina vivita de hebra
  Pomolobus aestivalis (Mitchill, 1814) -- invalid
  Pomolobus mediocris (Mitchill, 1814) -- invalid

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