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Publication: Harding, Larisa E., and Felisa A. Smith. 2009. Mustela or Vison? Evidence for the taxonomic status of the American mink and a distinct biogeographic radiation of American weasels. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, vol. 52, no. 3. 632-642.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Grammogale Cabrera, 1940 -- invalid
  Mustela Linnaeus, 1758 -- valid -- ermines, ferrets, minks, weasels
  Mustela vison Schreber, 1777 -- valid -- American Mink, mink, vison d'Amérique
  Mustela vison vison Schreber, 1777 -- valid
  Neovison Baryshnikov and Abramov, 1997 -- invalid
  Vison Gray, 1843 -- invalid

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