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Publication: Diersing, Victor E., and Don E. Wilson. 1980. Distribution and Systematics of the Rabbits (Sylvilagus) of West-Central Mexico. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, no. 297. iii + 34.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Sylvilagus audubonii goldmani (Nelson, 1904) -- valid
  Sylvilagus audubonii parvulus (J. A. Allen, 1904) -- valid
  Sylvilagus cunicularius insolitus (J. A. Allen, 1890) -- valid
  Sylvilagus floridanus holzneri (Mearns, 1896) -- invalid
  Sylvilagus floridanus macrocorpus Diersing and Wilson, 1980 -- invalid
  Sylvilagus floridanus orizabae (Merriam, 1893) -- invalid
  Sylvilagus graysoni badistes Diersing and Wilson, 1980 -- valid
  Sylvilagus graysoni graysoni (J. A. Allen, 1877) -- valid

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