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Publication: Wallach, Van, and Rainer GŁnther. 1998. Visceral anatomy of the Malaysian snake genus Xenophidion, including a cladistic analysis and allocation to a new family (Serpentes: Xenophidiidae). Amphibia-Reptilia, vol. 19, no. 4. 385-404.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Xenophidiidae Wallach and GŁnther, 1998 -- valid -- Spine-jawed Snakes
  Xenophidion GŁnther and Manthey, 1995 -- valid
  Xenophidion acanthognathus GŁnther and Manthey, 1995 -- valid -- Bornean Spine-jawed Snake
  Xenophidion schaeferi GŁnther and Manthey, 1995 -- valid -- Malayan Spinejaw Snake

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