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Publication: Staples, G. W., C. T. Imada, W. J. Hoe, and C. W. Smith 2004 A revised checklist of Hawaiian mosses Tropical Bryology, vol. 25 35-69

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acroporium fuscoflavum (Paris) Broth. -- accepted
  Aerobryopsis M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Aerobryopsis wallichii (Brid.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Amphidium lapponicum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- Lapland amphidium moss
  Amphidium tortuosum (Hornsch.) Cufod. -- accepted
  Andreaea acutifolia Hook. f. & Wilson -- accepted
  Andreaea rupestris Hedw. -- accepted
  Anoectangium aestivum (Hedw.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Anomobryum angustirete Broth. -- accepted
  Baldwiniella M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Baldwiniella kealeensis (Reichardt) E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Barbellopsis Broth. -- accepted
  Barbellopsis trichophora (Mont.) W.R. Buck -- accepted
  Barbula indica (Hook.) Spreng. -- accepted
  Bartramia baldwinii Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Bartramia halleriana Hedw. -- accepted -- Haller's bartramia moss
  Brachymenium exile (Dozy & Molk.) Bosch & Sande Lac. -- not accepted
  Brachymenium indicum (Dozy & Molk.) Bosch & Sande Lac. -- accepted
  Brachythecium hawaiicum E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Brachythecium lamprocarpum (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Breutelia (Bruch & Schimp.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Breutelia affinis (Hook.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Breutelia arundinifolia (Duby) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Breutelia crassicaulis (Müll. Hal.) Paris -- accepted
  Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) Chen -- not accepted
  Bryopsida -- accepted
  Bryum argenteum Hedw. -- accepted -- silvergreen bryum moss
  Bryum argenteum var. lanatum (P. Beauv.) Hampe -- not accepted
  Bryum atrovirens Brid. -- accepted
  Bryum baldwinii Broth. -- accepted
  Bryum caespiticium Hedw. -- not accepted -- dry calcareous bryum moss
  Bryum chrysoneuron Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Bryum conicum Hornsch. -- accepted
  Bryum flavituber R. Wilczek & Demaret -- accepted
  Bryum hawaiicum Hoe -- accepted
  Bryum klinggraeffii Schimp. -- not accepted -- Klinggraeff's bryum moss
  Bryum lisae var. cuspidatum (Bruch & Schimp.) Margad. -- not accepted
  Bryum mildeanum Jur. -- not accepted
  Bryum pseudocapillare Besch. -- not accepted
  Bryum radiculosum Brid. -- not accepted
  Buckiella draytonii (Sull.) Ireland -- accepted
  Calymperes fasciculatum Dozy & Molk. -- accepted
  Calymperes tenerum Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Camptochaete pulvinata (Hook. f. & Wilson) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Campylopodium (Müll. Hal.) Besch. -- accepted
  Campylopodium medium (Duby) Giese & J.-P. Frahm -- accepted
  Campylopus exasperatus (Nees & Blume) Brid. -- accepted
  Campylopus fragilis (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- fragile campylopus moss
  Campylopus hawaiicus (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Campylopus hawaiicus var. densifolius (Ångstr.) J.-P. Frahm -- accepted
  Campylopus hawaiicus var. hawaiicoflexuosus (Müll. Hal.) J.-P. Frahm -- accepted
  Campylopus hawaiicus var. hawaiicus (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Campylopus incurvatus J.-P. Frahm & Hoe -- accepted
  Campylopus laxitextus Sande Lac. -- accepted
  Campylopus praemorsus (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Campylopus schmidii (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Campylopus umbellatus (Arn.) Paris -- accepted
  Campylopus wheeleri (Müll. Hal.) Paris -- accepted
  Ceratodon purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Ceratodon purpureus ssp. purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Chenia leptophylla (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Claopodium prionophyllum (Müll. Hal.) Broth. -- accepted
  Claopodium whippleanum (Sull.) Renauld & Cardot -- accepted -- Whipple's claopodium moss
  Clastobryopsis M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Clastobryopsis robusta (Broth.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Ctenidium elegantulum Broth. -- accepted
  Cyrtopus (Brid.) Hook. f. -- accepted
  Cyrtopus setosus (Hedw.) Hook. f. -- accepted
  Daltonia baldwinii Broth. -- accepted
  Daltonia contorta Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Daltonia pseudostenophylla E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Daltonia rufescens Broth. -- accepted
  Dicranella exilis Sull. -- accepted
  Dicranella hawaiica (Müll. Hal.) Broth. -- accepted
  Dicranella hochreutineri Cardot -- accepted
  Dicranella integrifolia E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Dicranella rigidula E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Dicranodontium denudatum (Brid.) E. Britton -- accepted -- denuded dicranodontium moss
  Dicranodontium falcatum Broth. -- accepted
  Dicranodontium porodictyon Cardot & Thér. -- accepted
  Dicranoloma (Renauld) Renauld -- accepted
  Dicranoloma gracile Broth. ex E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Dicranoweisia cirrata (Hedw.) Lindb. ex Milde -- accepted
  Dicranum speirophyllum Mont. -- accepted
  Didymodon insulanus (De Not.) M.O. Hill -- not accepted
  Didymodon vinealis var. flaccidus (Bruch & Schimp.) R.H. Zander -- not accepted
  Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Distichophyllum freycinetii (Schwägr.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Distichophyllum paradoxum (Mont.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Ectropothecium arcuatum Mitt. -- accepted
  Ectropothecium decurrens (Sull.) Nishimura -- accepted
  Ectropothecium sandwichense (Hook. & Arn.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Ectropothecium tutuilum (Sull.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Ectropothecium zollingeri (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Encalypta ciliata Hedw. -- accepted -- fringed candle snuffer moss
  Encalypta rhabdocarpa Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Encalypta sandwicensis Sull. -- accepted
  Entodon plicatus Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Entodon subcuspidatus (Müll. Hal.) E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Entodontopsis anceps (Bosch & Sande Lac.) W.R. Buck & Ireland -- accepted
  Entosthodon subintegrus (Broth.) H.A. Mill., H. Whittier & B. Whittier -- accepted
  Fabronia ciliaris (Brid.) Brid. -- accepted
  Fissidens aphelotaxifolius Pursell -- accepted
  Fissidens bryoides Hedw. -- accepted -- bryoid fissidens moss
  Fissidens delicatulus Ångstr. -- accepted
  Fissidens elegans Brid. -- accepted
  Fissidens hoei Pursell -- accepted
  Fissidens kilaueae Hoe & H.A. Crum -- accepted
  Fissidens lancifolius E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Fissidens lindbergii Mitt. -- accepted
  Fissidens nothotaxifolius Pursell & Hoe -- accepted
  Fissidens pacificus Ångstr. -- accepted
  Fissidens submarginatus Bruch -- accepted
  Fissidens taxifolius Hedw. -- accepted
  Floribundaria M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Floribundaria floribunda (Dozy & Molk.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. -- accepted
  Garovaglia Endl. -- accepted
  Garovaglia powellii Mitt. -- accepted
  Glossadelphus M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Glossadelphus acutifolius E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Glossadelphus limnobioides Broth. -- accepted
  Glossadelphus mauiensis Broth. -- accepted
  Glossadelphus ogatae Broth. & Yasuda -- accepted
  Grimmia anodon Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- grimmia dry rock moss
  Grimmia laevigata (Brid.) Brid. -- accepted -- grimmia dry rock moss
  Grimmia longirostris Hook. -- accepted
  Grimmia mauiense Greven -- accepted
  Grimmia maunakeaense Greven -- accepted
  Grimmia pulvinata (Hedw.) Sm. -- accepted -- pulvinate dry rock moss
  Grimmia trichophylla Grev. -- accepted -- grimmia dry rock moss
  Hageniella micans (Mitt.) B.C. Tan & Y. Jia -- accepted
  Haplocladium microphyllum (Hedw.) Broth. -- accepted
  Haplohymenium triste (Ces.) Kindb. -- accepted
  Heterophyllium subauriculatum (Müll. Hal.) Broth. -- accepted
  Holomitrium Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Holomitrium seticalycinum Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Holomitrium squarrifolium E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Homaliodendron M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Homaliodendron flabellatum (Sm.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Hookeria acutifolia Hook. & Grev. -- accepted -- sharpleaf hookeria moss
  Hymenostylium recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dixon -- accepted
  Hymenostylium recurvirostrum var. cylindricum (E.B. Bartram) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Hymenostylium recurvirostrum var. recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dixon -- accepted
  Hyophila involuta (Hook.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Hypnum plumiforme Wilson -- not accepted
  Hypopterygium sandwicense Broth. -- accepted
  Isopterygium albescens (Hook.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Isopterygium vineale E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedw.) Wilson -- accepted
  Leptodontium flexifolium (Dicks.) Hampe -- accepted
  Leucobryum gracile Sull. -- accepted
  Leucobryum gracile var. gracile Sull. -- accepted
  Leucobryum gracile var. hamatum E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Leucobryum pachyphyllum Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Leucobryum seemannii Mitt. -- accepted
  Leucobryum seemannii var. fumarioli (Müll. Hal.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Leucobryum seemannii var. seemannii Mitt. -- accepted
  Leucobryum seemannii var. solfatarae (Müll. Hal.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Leucoloma Brid. -- accepted
  Leucoloma molle (Müll. Hal.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Leucoloma scaberulum E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Leucophanes Brid. -- accepted
  Leucophanes glaucum (Schwägr.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Limbella tricostata (Sull.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Macrocoma tenue ssp. sullivantii (Müll. Hal.) Vitt -- not accepted
  Macromitrium brevisetum Mitt. -- accepted
  Macromitrium emersulum Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Macromitrium microstomum (Hook. & Grev.) Schwägr. -- accepted
  Macromitrium piliferum Schwägr. -- accepted
  Macrothamnium M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Macrothamnium macrocarpum (Reinw. & Hornsch.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Microdus hillebrandii (Müll. Hal.) Paris -- not accepted
  Mniobryoides Hörmann -- accepted
  Mniobryoides degeneriae Hörmann -- accepted
  Mnium marginatum (Dicks. ex With.) P. Beauv. -- accepted -- olivegreen calcareous moss
  Neckera hawaiicopennata Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Neckeropsis lepineana (Mont.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Neckeropsis obtusata (Mont.) Broth. -- accepted
  Octoblepharum albidum Hedw. -- accepted
  Orthodontium pellucens (Hook.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Orthotrichum alpestre Hornsch. ex Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Orthotrichum alpestre var. berggrenii (E.B. Bartram) Lewinsky -- accepted
  Orthotrichum diaphanum Brid. -- accepted
  Orthotrichum hawaiicum Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Orthotrichum incrassatum Lewinsky -- not accepted
  Orthotrichum lyellii Hook. & Taylor -- not accepted -- Lyell's orthotrichum moss
  Orthotrichum rupestre Schleich. ex Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Oxyrrhynchium vagans (A. Jaeger) Ignatova & Huttunen -- accepted
  Oxystegus tenuirostris var. gemmiparus (Schimp.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Palamocladium wilkesianum (Sull.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Pelekium Mitt. -- accepted
  Pelekium versicolor (Hornsch. ex Müll. Hal.) Touw -- accepted
  Philonotis falcata (Hook.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Philonotis hastata (Duby) Wijk & Margad. -- accepted
  Philonotis hawaica (Müll. Hal.) Broth. -- accepted
  Philonotis turneriana (Schwägr.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Pilotrichella (Müll. Hal.) Besch. -- accepted
  Pilotrichella mauiensis (Sull.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Plagiomnium rostratum (Schrad.) T.J. Kop. -- accepted
  Plagiopus oederiana (Sw.) H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson -- not accepted -- Oeder's plagiopus moss
  Plagiothecium cavifolium (Brid.) Z. Iwats. -- accepted
  Plagiothecium denticulatum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- toothed plagiothecium moss
  Plagiothecium mauiense Broth. -- accepted
  Platyhypnidium muelleri (A. Jaeger) M. Fleisch. -- not accepted
  Pogonatum tahitense Schimp. ex Besch. -- accepted
  Pohlia baldwinii (Broth. ex E.B. Bartram) W. Schultze-Motel -- accepted
  Pohlia cruda (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Pohlia flexuosa Hook. -- accepted
  Pohlia mauiensis (Broth. ex E.B. Bartram) W. Schultze-Motel -- accepted
  Polytrichum commune Hedw. -- accepted
  Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw. -- accepted -- juniper polytrichum moss
  Polytrichum piliferum Hedw. -- accepted
  Pseudoscleropodium purum (Hedw.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Pseudosymblepharis Broth. -- accepted
  Pseudosymblepharis angustata (Mitt.) Hilp. -- accepted
  Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Brid.) Z. Iwats. -- accepted -- elegant pseudotaxiphyllum moss
  Ptychomitrium lepidomitrium (Müll. Hal.) Schimp. ex Besch. -- accepted
  Pylaisiadelpha opaeodon (Sull.) W.R. Buck -- accepted
  Pyrrhobryum spiniforme (Hedw.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Racomitrium crispulum (Hook. f. & Wilson) Hook. f. & Wilson -- accepted
  Racomitrium fasciculare var. erosum Broth. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Racopilum cuspidigerum (Schwägr.) Ångstr. -- accepted
  Radulina W.R. Buck & B.C. Tan -- accepted
  Radulina hamata (Dozy & Molk.) W.R. Buck & B.C. Tan -- accepted
  Remyella Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Remyella hawaica Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Rhabdoweisia crenulata (Mitt.) H. Jameson -- accepted -- crenulate rhabdoweisia moss
  Rhabdoweisia crispata (Dicks. ex With.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Rhaphidostichum M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Rhaphidostichum pustulatum Hoe -- accepted
  Rhizogonium Brid. -- accepted
  Rhizogonium pungens Sull. -- accepted
  Rhodobryum giganteum (Schwägr.) Paris -- accepted
  Rhynchostegium celebicum (Sande Lac.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Rhynchostegium gaudichaudii (Mont.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Rhynchostegium selaginellifolium Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Rosulabryum billardierei (Schwägr.) J.R. Spence -- accepted -- Billarder's bryum moss
  Rosulabryum capillare (Hedw.) J.R. Spence -- accepted
  Saelania glaucescens (Hedw.) Broth. -- accepted
  Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Schistidium strictum (Turner) Loeske ex Martensson -- accepted
  Schizymenium campylocarpum (Hook. & Arn.) A.J. Shaw -- accepted
  Schizymenium nealiae (E.B. Bartram) A.J. Shaw -- accepted
  Schizymenium pulvinatum (Müll. Hal.) A.J. Shaw -- accepted
  Scopelophila infericola Hoe -- accepted
  Sematophyllum hawaiiense (Broth.) Broth. -- accepted
  Sematophyllum subpinnatum (Brid.) E. Britton -- accepted
  Sphagnum palustre L. -- accepted -- prairie sphagnum
  Sphagnum wheeleri Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Splachnobryum obtusum (Brid.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Streptopogon Mitt. -- accepted
  Streptopogon erythrodontus (Taylor) Wilson -- accepted
  Symphyodon Mont. -- accepted
  Symphyodon pygmaeus (Broth.) S. He & Snider -- accepted
  Symphyodontaceae -- accepted
  Syntrichia fragilis (Taylor) Ochyra -- accepted
  Syntrichia princeps (De Not.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Syrrhopodon armatus Mitt. -- accepted
  Syrrhopodon hawaiicus Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Syrrhopodon prolifer Schwägr. -- accepted
  Syrrhopodon semiliber (Mitt.) Besch. -- accepted
  Taxiphyllum laevifolium (Mitt.) W.R. Buck -- accepted
  Taxiphyllum torrentium (Besch.) W.R. Buck -- accepted
  Taxithelium mundulum (Sull.) E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Tayloria sandwicensis (Müll. Hal.) Broth. -- accepted
  Thamniopsis (Mitt.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Thamniopsis speciosum (Broth.) Hoe -- accepted
  Thamniopsis utacamundiana (Mont.) W.R. Buck -- accepted
  Thuidium cymbifolium (Dozy & Molk.) Dozy & Molk. -- accepted
  Timmia megapolitana ssp. bavarica (Hessl.) Brassard -- accepted
  Tortella fragilis var. tortelloides (S.W. Greene) R.H. Zander & Hoe -- not accepted
  Tortella humilis (Hedw.) Jenn. -- accepted
  Tortella tortuosa (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted -- tortured tortella moss
  Tortula atrovirens (Sm.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Trachyloma Brid. -- accepted
  Trachyloma indicum Mitt. -- accepted
  Trachypodopsis M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Trachypodopsis auriculata (Mitt.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Trachypodopsis serrulata (P. Beauv.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Trachypus Reinw. & Hornsch. -- accepted
  Trachypus bicolor Reinw. & Hornsch. -- accepted
  Trachypus humilis Lindb. -- accepted
  Trematodon latinervis Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Trichostomum brachydontium Bruch -- accepted
  Trichostomum crispulum Bruch -- accepted
  Ulota cervina Hoe & H.A. Crum -- accepted
  Vesicularia inflectens (Brid.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Vesicularia perviridis (Ångstr.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Weissia controversa Hedw. -- accepted -- controverial weissia moss
  Weissia ovalis (R.S. Williams) E.B. Bartram -- accepted
  Zygodon reinwardtii (Hornsch.) A. Braun -- accepted -- Reinwardt's zygodon moss
  Zygodon rubrigemmius (Hoe & H.A. Crum) R.H. Zander & Vitt -- accepted
  Zygodon tetragonostomus A. Braun ex Bruce & Schimp. -- accepted

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