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Publication: Sato, Tomoyasu, and Tetsuji Nakabo. 2002. Two New Species of Paraulopus (Osteichthyes: Aulopiformes) from New Zealand and Eastern Australia, and comparisons with P. nigripinnis. Species Diversity, vol. 7, no. 4. 393-404.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Chlorophthalmus nigripinnis GŁnther, 1878 -- invalid -- cucumberfish
  Paraulopidae -- valid
  Paraulopus filamentosus (Okamura in Okamura, Amaoka and Mitani, 1982) -- valid
  Paraulopus nigripinnis (GŁnther, 1878) -- valid -- cucumberfish
  Paraulopus novaeseelandiae Sato and Nakabo, 2002 -- valid
  Paraulopus okamurai Sato and Nakabo, 2002 -- valid

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