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Publication: Banks, Richard C., and Carla J. Dove. 1992. The generic name for Caracaras (Aves: Falconidae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, vol. 105, no. 3. 420-425.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Caracara Merrem, 1826 -- valid -- Caracaras, Crested Caracaras
  Caracara cheriway audubonii (Cassin, 1865) -- invalid
  Caracara plancus (J. F. Miller, 1777) -- valid -- Caracara quebrantahuesos, Crested Caracara, Southern Caracara, Southern Crested Caracara
  Polyborus Vieillot, 1816 -- invalid -- Caracaras
  Polyborus plancus (J. F. Miller, 1777) -- invalid -- Crested Caracara
  Polyborus plancus audubonii Cassin, 1865 -- invalid -- Audubon's Crested Caracara

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