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Publication: Bradbury, Margaret G. 1980. A revision of the fish genus Ogcocephalus with descriptions of new species from the western Atlantic Ocean (Ogcocephalidae; Lophiiformes). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences (Series 4), vol. 42, no. 7. 229-285.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Ogcocephalus corniger Bradbury, 1980 -- valid -- longnose batfish, pez diablo narizón
  Ogcocephalus cubifrons (Richardson, 1836) -- valid -- murciélago diablo, polka-dot batfish
  Ogcocephalus declivirostris Bradbury, 1980 -- valid -- murciélago inclinado, slantbrow batfish
  Ogcocephalus pantostictus Bradbury, 1980 -- valid -- murciélago manchado, spotted batfish
  Ogcocephalus pumilus Bradbury, 1980 -- valid
  Ogcocephalus radiatus (Mitchill, 1818) -- invalid -- polka-dot batfish, spotted batfish
  Ogcocephalus rostellum Bradbury, 1980 -- valid -- palefin batfish

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