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Publication: Burns, John M. 1994. Genitalia at the generic level: Atrytone restricted, Anatrytone resurrected, new genus Quasimellana - and yes! we have no Mellanas (Hesperiidae). Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society, vol. 48, no. 4. 273-337.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Anatrytone Dyar, 1905 -- valid
  Anatrytone logan (W. H. Edwards, 1863) -- valid -- Delaware Skipper
  Anatrytone mazai (H. Freeman, 1969) -- valid -- Glowing Skipper
  Atrytone arogos (Boisduval and Le Conte, 1837) -- valid -- Arogos Skipper
  Quasimellana Burns, 1994 -- valid
  Quasimellana eulogius (Plötz, 1882) -- valid -- Common Mellana
  Quasimellana mexicana (E. Bell, 1942) -- valid

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