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Publication: Michalczyk, Lukasz, and Lukasz Kaczmarek. 2006. Revision of the Echiniscus bigranulatus group with a description of a new species Echiniscus madonnae (Tardigrada: Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae) from South America. Zootaxa, issue 1154. 1-26.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Echiniscus bigranulatus Richters, 1908 -- valid
  Echiniscus madonnae Michalczyk and Kaczmarek, 2006 -- valid
  Echiniscus ollantaytamboensis Nickel, Miller and Marley, 2002 -- valid
  Echiniscus ranzii Ramazzotti, 1964 -- valid

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