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Publication: Brakoniecki, T. F. 1986. A Generic Revision of the Family Loliginidae (Cephalopoda; Myopsida) Based Primarily on the Comparative Morphology of the Hectocotylus. Dissertation, University of Miami. 163.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Afrololigo Brakoniecki, 1986 -- invalid
  Loligidae D'Orbigny, 1848 in Férussac and D'Orbigny, 1834-1848 -- invalid
  Loliginidae Lesueur, 1821 -- valid
  Loligoidea Lesueur, 1821 -- invalid
  Lolliguncula tydeus Brakoniecki, 1980 -- invalid

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